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England International Football / Re: PHIL NEVILLE - England Manager?
« Last post by Cabbages on Today at 06:37:48 PM »
he doesnt fit the FA”s own job description and this smacks of desperation - we can assume that no one else applied and they approached him
Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: 16up
« Last post by croc on January 22, 2018, 11:24:31 AM »
Hi thanks.  Yes it's for a few players I coach, I don't think any would be good enough to look at wsl reserve sides or even top WPl reserve sides but straight away either due to fitness or confidence/experience but potentially they could go a bit further with the right environment.   

I guess I'm asking if WPL reserve leagues are of a standard to make them worth going for over say Warwickshire u18s or a senior womens team at say regional level?  For players who want to improve and take it seriously but aren't looking on making it a career. 
Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: 16up
« Last post by Welsh May on January 20, 2018, 02:42:47 PM »
I think it really depends on your daughter. Last year when players from the RTC moved on. Some went locally to the WPL team. Those (I really think this is the key) were extremely fit and made the first team. Others who did not fit the 'mould' for their position and were not fit enough didn't. Bit of to-ing an fro-ing but generally the rtc girls are in the reserves. Other players decided to try others less popular teams and have found their niche and place in poorer WPL teams. So it depends. Some chose WSL and have had mixed results but all are in the devt squads even though have England and England camp experience. Depends on the quality of the first team. The exceptional players make the first teams at WSL1 and the fit ones/play safe football, in WSL2 from my assessment. If your daughter wants match time and to be match fit she has to be willing to work hard and be spotted immediately, otherwise she may find herself benched or having a lesser experience. Then aim lower, she can develop from there. Senior football suits some but not others as it is physical and rough again back t being fit and ready. Personally I don't think u18s is what's needed unless you live in Warwickshire as it doesn't toughen em up enough. But you cannot just do one training session wherever you'll need to supplement if so. Trial more than one place. Whatever you are promised may not be what happens, and definitely players are taken on as fillers and to avoid them going elsewhere but most coaches I think know who they're going to have as the starting line up whatever they say. I personally think match time matters and being game fit. If you sit on the bench you may be fit but not match fit ............ so aim lower and develop, there's plenty of time and don't rush to be in WSL1. Having said all that there is no question that any player with an England tag of any type gets precedence over others however good they are? I am so glad Jodie Taylor is older and finding her flow .... a great incentive to any young player ............... there's time if they want it enough?.
England International Football / Re: PHIL NEVILLE - England Manager?
« Last post by law10 on January 20, 2018, 12:34:01 AM »
Never been a head coach, never coached a women's team, never worked with women.

Who in their right mind would call that the best choice?
Girl's Centres of Excellence / 16up
« Last post by croc on January 19, 2018, 02:17:46 PM »
From personal experiences what would people recommend for a player wanting to carry on improving but not aiming at getting into the paid ranks.   

Options likely to be decent u18 side in strong u18 league (warwickshire),  Development/reserve side in WPL development division, first team in county or regional league team? 

England International Football / Re: PHIL NEVILLE - England Manager?
« Last post by croc on January 17, 2018, 11:26:36 AM »
From his TV persona I like the guy but we were told there weren't many if any women qualified for the job, it now turns out qualified means a high media profile. 

I'll back him if and only if he can get them playing good football, by which I mean football which is both attractive and successful.   Most of the womens games I watch from WSl to grass roots to RTC and County youth games are direct football - there are exceptions but if the game is to grow it needs to be worth watching.   
England International Football / Re: PHIL NEVILLE - England Manager?
« Last post by buzzbee on January 16, 2018, 10:30:39 AM »
It now looks like Neville will get the job

He lacks coaching experience, but despite this, I think he will be a good appointment! I think he has good knowledge, communicates well and I think players will really like him and want to perform for him. He will also help raise the profile of the national team and in turn the womens game

Mo has a wealth of experience by comparison, so I don't know why, but I feel we will move forward more under Neville than we would under Mo. I think Mo would be good enough to keep the team at the high level they are at, but I think Neville will take the team on even further

I hope that mo is retained as part of the set up. If she really wanted the job and was not selected, I just hope that she doesn't choose to leave

Neville's appointment won't be universally popular, but I will be right behind him and wishing him every success
England International Football / Re: PHIL NEVILLE - England Manager?
« Last post by croc on January 12, 2018, 10:57:06 PM »
So there is a shortage of qualified women but Phil Neville is qualified ?    Sorry but that is absolute bullxxxx.   Maybe I should put my hat in the ring at least I've managed a team!
England International Football / PHIL NEVILLE - England Manager?
« Last post by buzzbee on January 12, 2018, 12:24:13 PM »
The Telegraph is reporting that Phil Neville is a leading candidate for the England job. What do people think of this?

I think it would be a decent appointment. Above all, I think it would be good for publicity, but I also think he would make a good coach

Chelsea Ladies / Re: Emma Hayes, Chelsea's other Special One
« Last post by the-lone-voyageur on January 11, 2018, 03:12:56 PM »
Eddie Wolecki Black  and Emma Black nee Fernon got into a player-coach relationship a number of years ago at Glasgow City FC. When it happened they immediately disclosed it to the club and all the players in the locker room. Both parties at the time were adults of legal age (no minors were involved so it was  not a safe guarding issue). The relationship was consensual and  there was no coercion involved. Additionally, the player did not receive any favouritism from the coach. To me, if Hayes could  make similar disclosures and assurances then her resume/application for the England job should not be dismissed solely  because she is in a player-coach relationship.
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