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Are England Lionesses the only national team in the history of men's or women's football, to knock THEMSELVES out of three competitions, in as many years?

2015: Laura Basset own goal knocks England out of WC semi-final
2017: Fara Williams back-header, AND Millie Bright own goal, knocks England out of EC semi-final
2018: Millie Bright own goal loses England an almost certain trophy in the SheBelieves Cup

Has any national team, ever, done this? Or is this a world record in the sport?

And I was a big fan of Millie Bright, but she has knocked England out of two consecutive international tournaments now. Has this ever happened before, or is Millie Bright the all-time mens and womens record-holder in the sport...

It's a really quite extraordinary feat, and in all my years of watching the mens game, I dont recall this level of self-sabotage consistency by a single team. Though Daley Blind for Manchester United has come very close at league level..

After looking around my notes during the SheBelieves Cup, I found a study that I made to find the consistently best players that I saw throughout the tournament. The following players were those who didn't just do something very well, but did it consistently - for the most part, over multiple matches.

On the strength of their consistently quality performances during the tournament, the following players are who I would consider among the very best out there.

Top 9:
Stine Larsen - Danmark
Millie Bright - England
Ekaterina Sochneva - Russia
Andrea Pereira - Spain
Fanndis Fridriksdottir - Iceland
Jordan Nobbs - England
Sara Dabritz - Germany
Almuth Schult - GK, Germany
Hedvig Lindahl - GK, Sweden

The best of the rest of the best:
Jodie Taylor - England
Kristine Minde - Norway
Lena Goessling - Germany
Sanne Troelsgaard - Danmark
Isabel Kerschowski - Germany
Lina Magull - Germany
Babett Peter - Germany
Theresa Nielsen - Danmark
Toni Duggan - England
Fran Kirby - England

With honourable mentions for:

Holmfridur Magnusdottir - Iceland
Anna Kozhnikova - Russia
Steph Houghton - England

And of course, several other excellent players didn't make the list, either because I only saw them once, or didn't see them at all.

Who did you think were the most consistent individual players? Bear in mind that I didn't let the hype sway me. I only went for the best performances that I saw - not the ones that the media yaps on about. Some of the players in the tournament blew me away, and I look forward to seeing a name or two repeat in the SheBelieves Cup.

On that note, if I were to add a name from the US (the fourth nation in the tournament), on the basis of her 2017 performances, it would be the sublime Rose Lavelle. Izzy has done excellently as per usual, and Melissa Lawley looks to be England's best new player. If I were to sign a foreign player based on her 2017 international performances, it would be Spain's Andrea Pereira.

The FA WSL / Where to watch the matches - please contribute!
« on: January 06, 2018, 05:22:09 PM »
Hello Jadies and Lentilmen,

I live abroad, and even if I lived in England I would probably find it very hard to watch the games. Maybe you guys do too, or maybe Im just not in the loop. I dont have any TV subscriptions, and I would like to know what you do to watch the matches - where you go online i.e. websites, searches,  tricks you use, etc. Im not planning on buying a subscription, and pirate sites usually only show me male football.

In the past I have used online site ATDHE (rarely have the games), a reddit link to Bristol City's channel, another youtube link, and something linked to MCTV. This changes all the time, and for most part it seems it just isnt being filmed.

Right now, one of my favourite fixtures is starting. (Bristol City Women vs Everton). So timely help would be fantastic in telling me where/how you watch it. And where to watch other WSL fixtures in future.

Thank you for helping me follow womens football!


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