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I wondered how your daughters are finding trials at the senior level as this year the girls are a year younger than before. How have the supposed pathways worked for you?. Having watched trials now, in some ways the younger RTC girls appear to do very well as they have strong technique mostly and are energetic. On the other hand it also can get quite physical in a way that's not been apparent before... partly because RTC games rarely produced yellow cards, some of the older girls are rough rather than skilled, there's a worldly wiseness to some of the older players and I think this makes the younger players look young ........ are there expectations that RTC players should make the pathway into WPL, WSL etc clubs over more experienced not necessarily better players ...... 50 triallists at clubs for one team, is that a lot? Will clubs take xx players, what's the norm?, we felt informed about RTC processes but this is vague?, should we be asking what gaps there are and what positions?, Would appreciate some thoughts on what you're watching.... why you've taken the route you've chosen .....  So many questions ...... Thanks 

Girl's Centres of Excellence / Girls u16s FA Cup
« on: October 24, 2016, 05:55:58 PM »
Why is it that for 3 years all of the CoE Cup games were one step onwards from the first picks, the first set of games ie the winners of game 1 played the winners of game 2 and so on and so forth, until the final. AND then this year, it appears the teams have been picked out of a hat for this most recent round, which significantly changes the dynamics. My daughters team now are pitted against one of the favourites instead of an equal team which meant they could have got through another round?. And this is what was expected? So why the changes? Does anyone know?

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