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Girl's Centres of Excellence / London Bees Academy Shambles
« on: September 10, 2018, 11:50:27 AM »
So the new girls Academy level setup at London Bees has imploded before the season has even begun.
The positive outcome is that, through the dedication of the U16 and U12 coaches, these teams are likely to continue the season but the U10 and U14 squads will not exist.
Having extensively trialled and offered places to girls in all age groups it appears that a funding shortfall meant that the Academy model they originally planned could not go ahead and they tried to shift the cost to parents, asking for £520 per player for the season.
Whilst a number of suggestions were offered by the Bees to work towards a reduction in these fees no specific plans were offered and many parents were unable/unwilling to trust the club management any longer. The U14 squad started pre season training without a coach and no qualified coach was appointed, instead relying on one of the London Bees players to cover the position.
So now there are players who have no club to train with and have been offered no support from the Bees to help with the situation, despite the fact that some of these girls turned down offers from other RTC's to start with London Bees, a WSL team that is supposed to have a training academy as part of their FA Womens Championship license.
Some girls have managed to return to local teams and some others have been re-trialling at other clubs with available spaces, but the experience has to reflect poorly on the London Bees and their management as well as the Womens FA.
The facilities and Championship status should have provided a welcome addition to the N/NW London area since the demise of the Middlesex Centre of Excellence but, sadly, it seems the London Bees are not yet up to the challenge of running a full academy facility.

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