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Women's Football / USA v New Zealand live stream
« on: February 11, 2012, 09:42:02 PM »

About 10 minutes in.  Wambach just sold the keeper but missed a PK off the post.

First 10 were all in the Kiwi end but Ferns almost just took the lead on a counter.

0-0 at half-time.  Not too great for the fans, but forty-seven players behind the ball works well for the Ferns.

European Women's Football / Stabæk - Røa [R]
« on: April 13, 2009, 03:03:43 PM »
A great 45.  Stabæk unlucky not to be ahead but will have to rely on more than luck.  I thought Mykjåland was the best player on the pitch.  In the middle the entire Stabæk midfield was brilliant.  At the other end Christensen's height was pretty dominant.  Both teams could use more gambling with the ball at their feet in the attack.

What I would do if I was managing both teams:

Stabæk: they are dominating the middle with their one/two touch triangles.  Røa are chasing them in circles.  They are relying on penetrating balls into the box and it's not working because Røa are sitting players there and Christensen is winning most.  They need to move the triangles up to the top of the Røa box and try to release players on the dribble from there.

Røa: Stabæk cannot deal with Mykjåland's pace.  I would use the wingers to drive inward and pull defenders wide to isolate Mykjåland and give her room to work with.  Playing Stabæk as a mid is a workout and then some.  I would give them all another 15-20 and then look for signs of fatigue and bring in fresh legs.  Defensively they are sitting their defenders back deep and Stabæk are winning possession cheaply in front of them.  They need to push one or two players up to pressure them.

Can't wait for the restart...

European Women's Football / Sandviken
« on: April 07, 2009, 05:18:53 PM »
Seems like they had a tough go down South.  I wonder how those games went, whether they were back on their heels defending for 90 or it they had much play in the other teams final third?  Was it green strikers or a defensive 4-5-1?  Do they attack or try and hold you 0-0?  And what will it take for them to stay up this year?

European Women's Football / World "class"
« on: October 27, 2008, 01:21:42 PM »
Marta is a world class player, but the problem is it's 100% skill and 0% class.  I knew that watching her play many, many years ago before anyone knew who she was.  Another great highlight of her career yesterday with a 6 goal performance.  Manon Melis isn't playing on the other side of the field, she's in the stands with a wired jaw, and Marta proceeds to show Melis respect for her horrifying injury and great year by scoring 6 and trying to get the 7th to take her scoring title away.  What a star.  What a great athlete.  If I was playing defender for Bälinge, and she started to run up the score and try and take something away from a teammate of mine who's face was wired shut in the stands and couldn't defend herself, I can guarantee you I would have told her she would be wise to stop or I would personally not only stop her, but show her what respect was.  And then walk off the field and serve my suspension without ever once in my lifetime losing a minutes sleep.

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