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Non WSL UK Women’s Football / Grimsby Town Women
« on: October 15, 2019, 07:31:13 PM »
Doing really well. A newly formed team backed completely by Grimsby Town Football Club

Played a fixture at Blundell Park in front of over 500 supporters recently. That was a bigger crowd than every match in the 6 divisions of the FA Women's National League apart from one

Women's Football / Grimsby Town Women
« on: May 23, 2019, 03:55:41 PM »
Great to see that Lincolnshire and Humberside is going to be having a brand new Women's team. League 2 Grimsby Town are launching a team for the first time

Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: RTC 3 year Licence
« on: December 10, 2018, 10:51:48 AM »
I am informed that the FA are sending out an announcement this afternoon (10 December) regarding the plans for RTC's for the 2019/20 season onwards.

I am not aware if this is an announcement to existing RTC's first, followed by a general PR release. Or if this will just go global in one announcement.

Either way, it will be good to know what the plans are moving forward.

Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: England’s squad/camps
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:57:47 AM »
Some very interesting comments on here, but many of them are inaccurate, especially with regards to selection and technical matters. Some of the comments have made me chuckle a bit.

I can offer you some comment on this as my daughter was recently selected for the England National Performance Camp at Under 14's.

First of all the first inclusion for camps is Under 14's, but the second year of Under 14's considering RTC's operate two year age groups. So this years Under 14's attending camps will be 2005 born. Next season it will be 2006 born.

Initial selection for the camps is on the recommendation of the Regional Talent Technical Coach. Whichever RTC your daughter is at will have one that covers all of the RTC's in that region.

In the case of the region that our RTC is in, the Talent Technical Coach held a 2005 born training day at a regional venue. This was made up of players selected from RTC's by the Talent Technical Coach, but also with some discussion and recommendation with the RTC's. She also attends fixtures to monitor the progress of all players as well as periodically turning up at RTC's to take a look, even on occasions delivering training sessions.

There are 8 camps per season the first one was in August. But there are two squads at Under 14's, one one week and the other the week after. So I guess it's actually 4 camps a year on that basis.

Each squad on a camp consists of 24 players. So there was 24 players on the squad for the three days my daughter was there, and a different 24 players the week after. But there is also a decent size standby list of players (12 I think on the last camp) in case of people being unable to attend or getting injured during the camp. Sadly two girls had to go home injured on day 2 of my daughters camp, and 2 players from the standby list were quickly drafted in.

My daughter got so much out of the camp and it was a truly fantastic life experience. The level of coaching was immense and the professionalism delivered was unreal, from the first moment we arrived, to the moment we had to go and pick her up. They really do get to experience the England international treatment.

From memory, there was a head coach, three or four other coaches, 2 goalkeeper coaches, 2 physios, 2 welfare officers, a kit manager and a camp event manager, all in attendance. May have been one or two more even. I do know that also Regional Talent Technical Coach's atttended. Well ours did anyway.

I've read people comment that they are only really looking for certain types of players in terms of size, athleticism and technical ability etc. I can honestly say that in our experience, this was not the case. There was a great mix of players with different attributes.

I will add that there has been a common thread given to us from the very first moment that we was considered at the initial 2005 born training day. That being the message that "de-selection does not mean no re-selection". They explained that not every girl will attend every camp, because there are a lot girls out there that show signs of having "elite potential". So they asked every player and parent not to panic if they are not included in the next squads, as they really do need to take a look at other players.

Whatever the outcome for my daughter, it has been a fantastic life experience, full of enrichment, and we hope of course that she will be included in some of the future camps too.

I hope this clarifies some of the questions regarding players first inclusions in camps. I am sure though that once the England playing squad ages are reached at Under 15's, that maybe camps might look a bit different and selection might also be different by then. Not sure about that.

Girl's Centres of Excellence / RTC Goalkeepers Required
« on: August 10, 2017, 12:52:25 PM »
Boston United Girls Regional Talent Club are looking for goalkeepers for the Under 12's and Under 16's teams.

To qualify within the age requirements you need to be currently playing Under 11's, Under 12's Under 15's or Under 16's.

We will consider also looking at girls for other age groups.

If you are interested in this, then please contact Holly Maidens at Boston United on 01205 364406 or email

Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: RTC's
« on: July 31, 2016, 09:18:00 PM »
within the RTCs I think there seems to be different approach at the younger age groups as to whether they are actually playing in boys leagues or not as well.

There isn't any choice. 10's and 12's have to play in mixed grassroots leagues

Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: RTC's
« on: July 06, 2016, 08:14:40 PM »
So many factors and a lot of disappointed girls. Sometimes wonder if age is a factor. If 2 players of equal ability are in the frame and 1 is younger, is that a consideration. Heard a story recently of a player being released after 5 years because they weren't tough enough! A lame excuse. Maybe need to look beyond the centres because there are a lot of good players and teams out there at grass roots level not to mention some very good and motivated coaches.

I've heard the opposite of this. Someone was saying that because each squad is essentially 2 school years, they need to ensure a fairly equal split on age.

If they had a squad full of 2nd year under 12's, what do they do the following year when all of those girls become too old and are moving up to under 14's?  They are then in trouble as won't have enough under 12's in that next season as they all become too old.

Someone was alluding to them nearly always having an equal split of school year 7 & 6 girls at under 12's and the same sort of split throughout the age groups

Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: RTC's
« on: July 04, 2016, 03:45:47 PM »
I think that it is important that we remember that RTC is elite level just like boys elite academy.

You know even if you consider the number of boys academy options, the age groups available etc and you equate that to the number of boys playing football that would like a place, then girls are far better off because of the RTC system. There are far less girls playing football and 34 RTC's. So that's a pretty fair ratio of girls to places compared with boys to places.

Then of course there are ACC's that don't exist in boys football.

So if unfortunately your daughter hasn't been deemed at elite level and hasn't been offered a place, then don't despair. Get them into your local grassroots girls team or even a mixed girls/boy team. But for Christ sake don't let them fall out of love with football and keep them playing. Just remember there are a huge amount of boys playing grassroots football and a smaller amount of girls too. Just because you didn't get into an RTC, don't stop playing and having fun.

What age group is your daughter in Lincsdad?   My friends daughter has been invited back for another trial at Boston on Tuesday night.  I am new to the whole process but interested to see how the girls get on against the boys teams.

She is in the under twelves.

Haven't heard anything about trials on Tuesday night though. We got an email offering a place.
Got me worried now. Hope I'm not missing anything

My daughter has been offered a place with Boston.
Delighted especially since there was even more girls at the second trial and the standard looked very high.

From talking to other parents there on Saturday, it sounds as though word is getting around at just how well organised it is at Boston. That plus fear of not getting in elsewhere.

Very relieved

If it were me I'd accept the offer and then if another offer comes in just say you've changed your mind after all.   If they are going to act like that they don't deserve you to act with any honour in return.   

Sounds like the people at Leicester need a reality check - they are dealing with children here and the RTCs should be working together to get the best outcome for the players not trying to empire build by grabbing the best players by pressuring youngsters into going there instead of elsewhere.


I thought football was supposed to be moving on these days. Not putting pressure on kids.

When all is said and done the clubs should have a responsibility to allow girls to trials wherever they want to in their catchment area, so the kid can make up their mind if they are going somewhere that they can be happy.

It's not even as though their ladies team is anywhere near decent or playing at a high level.
I think parents need to understand this is Leicester Girls RTC, not the men's team or boys academy. I am not sure that the parents have got their heads around this and have an unrealistic perception of the kudos

Hearing that Leicester City are insisting that girls accept or decline offers by Sunday.

Who do they think they are? Totally unacceptable when other RTC trials are still in progress.

I think they might be getting above their station

If there are any updates on the final trial outcomes, numbers, general quality etc. then please share.

are all the trials not complete. on the basis people sign on 30th june I thought they would all be done and dusted

No, Boston United are still advertising and taking bookings for their last trial date on that link I have posted.

Thanks lincsdad that's confirmed it for me and then, fingers crossed for an offer from the RTC tomorrow or Friday then. It's good to have the other as a plan b then if she's not offered a place. I'll look up the Boston one on the RAC route planner to see how far away it is, we are in Rutland so central to a few places  :)

Rutland is good for Boston.

Have sent you a PM

So confused, my 11yr old daughter has been told she's in the ACC this year and has been asked to be in Peterborough United's elite centre which she can do both at the same time as grassroots. She has made it to closed trials at an RTC too and if she gets through whether it's extended trials or on a contract she doesn't know what is considered better for her to progress. Any advice? She like all your kids wants to play professionally one day.

If I was you I wouldn't hesitate to accept an offer at an RTC since that is really the sound route on the England Talent Pathway. It's officially licenced by the FA and whilst your daughter is there the FA will receive information about your daughter etc as she develops. Through the RTC she will also be eligible to be selected if recommended to the England Regional Excellence Camps and the National Performance Camp once she is of the right age.

ACC's aren't a patch on RTC's. The ACC is more about giving grassroots players additional coaching for small numbers of weeks in addition to still playing for their grassroots clubs. Or to fill the void in areas where RTC licensed clubs don't exist.

The Peterborough Elite offering really isn't elite. Certainly not licensed elite level football for girls and neither comparable to the boys Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP Academys). They are using the word "elite" in respect of girls very loosely which is a bit naughty really. If it was truly Elite level then they would have applied for and been given an RTC license. RTC's are really the only elite level provisions for girls now.

Whilst mentioning Peterborough I have had a thought for you. All RTC under 10's and 12's teams now have to play in their local boys/mixed Charter Standard grassroots leagues, until they step up to under 14's. Boston have told us that they have registered their U10 and U12 teams into the Peterborough Junior Alliance League. So if Peterborough is convenient to you then you might consider trialling at Boston United which appears to be a great set up. Here is a link to their website for trials.

i would say there must have been 40+ for our trial. But this was for both under 10's and under 12's.

Looked like a lot of under 14's and 16's turning up for the afternoon session. Some very familiar and still wearing their old green Lincs FA kit. But a lot of new faces there too.

They said the numbers registered for their second trial date are bigger. We have since registered for this too as I want to maximise the chances of my daughter getting in. Not taking anything for granted. Bit worried also that once the word gets around, the numbers showing interest in Boston will increase. Sort of thinking that most will be looking at the household name clubs. As soon as they find out how professional Boston is run, I reckon numbers will come knocking on their door. Especially after what I have read about big numbers trialling for a small number of places elsewhere

Got to say that the organisation at Boston was superb. Registration was well organised. Brief presentation and introduction of the technical director, coaches and staff to parents and players.
Then the girls took part in four activities on four different pitches, all with a different coaches.

Some good  girls turning up in addition to a lot of the Lincoln ones.  I've been told that when training starts that they will actually be training in the Boston United stadium on the pitch until the new stadium and training facilities are finished.

Very impressed so far.

Looking forward to our first trial day for Boston United Girls Regional Talent Club tomorrow.

It isn't too late to register for our second trial date. Here is a link.

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