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The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Conti Cup 2013
« on: May 03, 2013, 04:36:29 PM »
I would say it's almost a 'must win' for Arsenal as well... if Birmingham and Lincoln win, then it would give those two a chance to play for a 'draw' in their respective game.. and Arsenal would be knocked out of the competition. (or am I counting the games wrong).
Nice to have bit of uncertainty with the 'Arsenal domination' for the season...

The FA WSL / Re: FAWSL 2013 Game day 1
« on: April 15, 2013, 07:07:00 PM »
Well, having heard the result of teh FA Cup game.. I was apprehensive in going to Chelsea vs Birmingham.
But what a game.. Williams' goal probably a contender for the "Goal of the Season"...
Birmingham showed some of the class that made them challenge Arsenal over the past two seasons.. and gave hope that despite the poor result of FA Cup game, they will still be a force to be dealt with.
Chelsea looked different class as well, given time (to intergrate the foreign players) they will be playing some attractive football later on this season.. only question is, is the season too short in the WSL for them to 'gel' together?
Linnett and Lawley brought something very different to Birmingham's game.. and really hope (not just for the players sake) that they stay healthy .. as they are two really exciting talents!! Izzy also seems to have found an extra gear of speed.. possibly the most lively player for visitors in teh opening 45 minutes!
Few pictures for those interested...
(and there will be more of BCLFC images there during the season...)
Great to have WSL back.. and so happy to be covering the games again :-)

The FA WSL / Re: Birmingham in the Champions League
« on: August 30, 2012, 11:21:03 AM »
Looking at men's teams fixtures... home games 22/09 and next one 06/10. So you can't tell me there would not be availability in between those??
But.. guess is that it is the costs that are the issue here.
It would have been interesting to see how playing at St Andrews would affect the crowds.... even offer season ticket holders tickets for half price or something...
With the venue/kick-off time, my uneducated guess is a crowd of around 500 for the game in Stratford....

The FA WSL / Re: Birmingham in the Champions League
« on: August 30, 2012, 09:08:54 AM »
A 2pm kick-off in Italy would have been great for the few traveling fans... you could have flown to Italy in teh morning.. and be back in the UK by evening.
Although a 2pm kick-off time is a pretty crap mid-week time to play a game.. and a shame for the first Champions League game for Birmingham.
Not sure on how things work.. but wouldn't the Birmingham parent club been able to give St Andrews for the Women's Champions League game???

Away leg at a Serie A stadium.. home game at DSC Stadium.. worlds apart :-)

Oh well - I'll be at the home leg snapping my pictures... away leg.. not quite sure about that. There is ZERO interest in the game from Birmingham papers, so might not be worth the journey :-(

The FA WSL / Fixture list - run in
« on: August 30, 2012, 09:03:33 AM »
Just looked at the Birmingham City's last SIX fixtures of the season, and they only have ONE game at home.
Do you think it is because of venue issues that the games/fixtures have been home heavy in the start of the season.. imagine any other league where a possible (pre-season) title contender would play 5 of their last 6 games away from home..
And then when you look earlier on in the season.. there's three home games in row in ten days..
In my humble opinion this isn't the greatest way to keep fans interested in the team all season long.. games come in a big bunch.. then we wait for six weeks for the next...
But.. as said, I don't know the in's and out's of this .. just thought to ask what others think about it.

The FA WSL / Re: Television deal
« on: June 17, 2012, 08:31:41 AM »
With the way SKY broadcasted the Women's FA Cup Final.. I wouldn't be running over to them to cover more of the game..
Not sure of the figures of £ that we talk about in TV deals for Women's sport.. but terrestrial channel would suit much better to give it more exposure.
Whether it is on Sky, ESPN, BT.. or any other service you pay for.. the amount of games shown isn't sufficient for me to spend £30/month to see a game or two..

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Tyre cup final round robin games
« on: June 10, 2012, 10:21:53 AM »
This makes things interesting - with Lincoln winning group 2.

Today Birmingham MIGHT have a chance to play a tactical game and see how things go at Everton.
Let's say Bristol are up by 2 with 10 minutes to go.. and it's a one goal game at Birmingham - Doncaster..???
Would either team in Group 1 want to avoid Arsenal/Chelsea in the Semi-Final??

Not saying anything like that will happen - but would be good if games like these were played at the same time in each group - to avoid a situation where by losing a game you might get a more favourable opponent in the next round...

But now that sun is shining at Midlands - I have to amend that my prediction for :
Birmingham - Doncaster  is..... 4 - 1

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Tyre cup final round robin games
« on: June 08, 2012, 02:03:55 PM »
ol 3-1
Arsenal - Chelsea 2-2

Birmingham - Doncaster P-P (due to waterlogged pitch - two days of torrential rain now and 3 inches promised for Saturday, chances look poor for a game!!)
Everton - Bristol 1-2

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Day 3
« on: June 03, 2012, 09:26:29 AM »
Will Birmingham vs Bristol be called off AGAIN!! Once again rain is threatening the fixture...

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Day 6
« on: June 01, 2012, 10:09:48 PM »
Pictures from the Birmingham vs Chelsea game :

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Day 6
« on: May 31, 2012, 11:51:42 PM »
Well deserved win for Birmingham - brilliant start with 2-0 in 10 minutes..
Credit for Chelsea for coming back to 2-2.. and really having control of the game...
But to concede the 3-2 goal with-in minutes of drawing level.. it hurt.
Potter's freekick was ever going into one place.. with the 'Johnny Wilkinson' style preparations..

Good crowd of almost 800 on a Thursday evening.. 'in the middle of nowhere Stratford'

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Day 6
« on: May 28, 2012, 06:43:50 PM »
Hoping the free entry will encourage a big crowd for Thursday!
And as said, great gesture from the team towards their fans.

Apart from the Lincoln game - I see three very closely matched games this mid-week.

And once again - those not following my Twitter, etc..
Here's a link to my photo-selection from the game in Bristol..

Err it is well known fact that Carney and Aluko are local to Birmingham and proud of their roots.

Also Rachel Unitt started her career in the Midlands and move to Blues allows her to be closer to friends/family..
I am sure that the fact that Birmingham are in the Champions League has also been a draw to some players...
And as for Rebecca Spencer - no playing time at Arsenal.. moving to France and now to Blues has given her that.. and FA Cup winners medal :-)

In Women's football I think most of the money has to be generated in ways that fans are not seeing, let's face it - no club affords their wages on the gate receipts!!
So most of us have no idea how much sponsorship deals are worth, etc.. maybe some clubs are better at negotiating these than others??

It was quite a game - and had everything in it..
Refreshing to see two teams playing like that - Birmingham had the early game under control and Chelsea rarely saw the Blues goal..
Carney scored.. was it off-side? REferee seemed to think so..
Then Chelsea went close - top save from Spencer first and then the post denied the Chelsea..

Second half - once again a great shot to get Chelsea the 1-0 lead, but you never felt that Birmingham were out of it..
IF anything, they will create chances.. Williams gets the goal to level with not much time on the added time.. heartbreak for Chelsea.. momentum Birmingham..

Extra time.. WHAT WAS BIRMINGHAM DEFENCE THINKING!! probably more lack of thinking.. to gift a goal like that on extra time at FA Cup Final..
But - once again they fight back to level the game.. by this time you started to think maybe the stars were at the right position for Blues and wrong for Chelsea..
When Susi got the ball and ran at Blues goal.. you thought.. this couldn't happen could it??

Penalties - as so often.. the team that misses first.. goes on to win the game (look at Champions League!!).

Disappointed with the crowd.. yes! Especially with over 11.000 tickets sold.. and only 8.800 turning up.
Hopefully more central location for next season.. and I bet it was hard for some fans to get to Bristol for the kick-off time from elsewhere in teh country.
Not sure what the journey times by public transport would have been from London/Manchester/Newcastle..
Back to Midlands next season FA??  Also - get the game on BBC even if they would pay less.. at least people who watch it would see the WHOLE game without having to resort to Red Button!

End of a long week this for me - could only say things from Birmingham point of view.. :-)
It will always be easier to talk after the game - but despite Chelsea beating Arsenal to get to the Final.. I might still have to go with Birmingham being the slight favourites..
The way they play - if they get an early goal .. it could be one way traffic for a most of the game.. no goals in the first half.. then things might get interesting.

Pitch was in great condition yesterday.. change from the normal Bristol games I've covered when it is a field of mud.
So there should be no excuse for passing football .. unlike some grounds where WSL games are played at.

Crowd - think there's been talk of 15.000-17.000 tickets sold for it (or that's what I remember hearing somewhere).
Think the venue was reduced in size from last year due to Ricoh Arena being so empty for last seasons Final.. but would maybe have made more sense to have it at W.B.A or something closer to Birmingham for people to be able to make it better for a noon kick-off.

But - let's put all little niggling bits a side for a while and look fwd to a good advertisement for Women's Football today.. and may the best team win!! (and by that I mean that we don't want penalties!!)

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Day 5
« on: May 22, 2012, 10:16:10 AM »
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Saturday in Bristol..
But does sound rather strange what you mentioned there.. don't know many WSL teams with three goalies in match day roster..
Some don't even have two ;-)

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Day 5
« on: May 21, 2012, 04:44:57 PM »
Arsenal are leaking goals this season.. well, more than previously maybe ;-)
If only the defense was the problem, it would be easy to solve  ;)

You saying that Arsenal aren't the 'invincible' team this season?
Suppose that would make the league more interesting..  
YOu have mentioned something about the goalkeeping situation as well in Arsenal...

And while I am posting here - for those who don't follow my Twitter/Facebook, here's a link to the pictures I took from the game :

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Day 5
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:24:14 AM »
Arsenal are leaking goals this season.. well, more than previously maybe ;-)
Lincoln is a place where only few teams will come away with something - but also Lincoln are a team that doesn't travel too well..

Birmingham put in a solid performance against Liverpool - and had chances to score at least another three but as is the habit, wasteful finishing at the end of the goal..

Both FA Cup Finalist put in a 3-1 performance to prepare for the big game.. that game will be tough to call.

The FA WSL / Re: FA WSL Day 3
« on: April 28, 2012, 02:35:00 PM »
Pitch inspection for Birmingham vs Bristol game tomorrow at 9.30am.
Good that the teams are so close to each other - so still time for both to make the journey if games goes on..

My guess - looking at the weather outside and forecast for next 20 hours.. 30% chance of game going ahead (but, that just my personal opinion!!)

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