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Title: Sprinter (man) v long-distance woman
Post by: Alan on October 22, 2013, 12:42:47 PM
Two of Norway's champion athletes met in a personal duel at the weekend.  Jaysuma Saidy Ndure is the sprint champion of Norway, while Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal is a top distance runner.  

"You are going to get beaten! I'm not going to lose", said Ndure (29), smiling at 23-year-old Grøvdal minutes before the start.  They had challenged each other to a duel with other top Norwegian athletes as witnesses - javelin champion Andreas Torkildsen and sprinter Ezinne Okparaebo.  Who would be the quickest round the three-kilometre circumference of Sognsvann?

"I have said before that I have run round Sognsvann in 9 minutes 50, but no-one believed me.  She has a 9-50 personal best, so that's why we have to have a duel", said 'Jays' to NRK.  There has been a running war of words between the two ever since the World championships in Moscow in August.

Grøvdal's personal best time round the lake is a Norwegian record for women, but Ndure was bubbling over with self confidence before the start.  "Obviously I will win, you don't need to ask the question", he said.  "It's an easy match".  Grøvdal was impressed that the star agreed to the race.  "It's really cool that he turned out.  Everyone can see he's nervous", she smiled.

Honour but also thousands of kroner were riding on the contest.  And when the starting gun went off, it was clear that Ndure had every reason to be nervous.  The sprinter kept up with Grøvdal for 200-300 yards but then he began to fall behind, to laughter from the spectators.

A little while later Grøvdal jogged in with a time of 10.18.  "This was the win of the year, definitely! now I won't hear any more from that braggart", she said at the finishing-line.  Four minutes later Ndure arrived.  "I started so fast I couldn't keep up", said a disappointed Ndure as he gasped for breath at the finishing line.  Being beaten by Grøvdal was one thing, but he also had to kiss goodbye to ten thousand kroner (£1100).  

"What does it feel like to lose?", asked Ezinne Okparaebo.  She had staked 2500 kroner on Grøvdal, the same as Grøvdal herself.  "Karoline and I bet 5000 kroner altogether.  So now we are going to have a little trip to Bogstadveien (Oslo's Oxford Street)", said Okparaebo.  Andreas Torkildsen had bet 5000 kroner on the woman runner.  

"It isn't a good feeling", said Ndure.  "I have got a big mouth, you could say".  

Article and video: http://www.nrk.no/sport/1.11308756
A video of Grøvdal's struggles with injury: http://www.nrk.no/sport/far-samme-hjelp-som-bolt-1.11300843