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Title: Under-23 team
Post by: Alan on October 15, 2013, 09:28:21 AM
Stine Reinås is in Norway's Under-23 squad for a home friendly against Sweden on October 30.  The match will be played in Tønsberg at 19.00.

Hilde Gunn Olsen, Røa (GK)  
Maria Javery, LSK Kvinner (GK)
Cecilie B. Liane, Kolbotn IL
Ina Gausdal, Kolbotn IL  
Anne M. Stenstvedt, LSK Kvinner  
Anette Tengesdal, Klepp IL  
Stine P. Reinås, Stabæk  
Mali Lilleås Næss, Trondheims-Ørn
Melissa Bjånesøy, IL Sandviken
Ingrid Moe Wold, LSK Kvinner    
Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg, Kopparbergs-Göteborg FC
Emilie Haavi, LSK Kvinner  
Hege Hansen, Arna-Bjørnar  
Oda Fugelsnes, LSK Kvinner  
Victoria Ludvigsen, Medkila IL  
Andrea Thun, IL Sandviken

Two more players will be announced later.


LSK Kvinner 5, Sandviken 2, Kolbotn 2, Stabæk 1, Arna-Bjørnar 1, Medkila 1, KGFC 1, Trondheims-Ørn 1, Røa 1, Klepp 1.

LSK Kvinner's reserve keeper Maria Javery has performed well while Tinja Riika Korpela has been injured.  Hilde Gunn Olsen has also been performing well in her first season for Røa.  Most of the rest have had several seasons in the Toppserien and have moved up from the Under-19s.  Some of the players like Emile Haavi and Melissa Bjånesøy have experience with the A-team as well.  Oda Fugelsnes played in the U-19s as an 18-year-old but then missed a year with an ACL injury that seriously interrupted her international career.   Reinås has been a regular in the back four at league champions Stabæk all season allowing Trine Rønning to go into the midfield.  Victoria Ludvigsen has done well at Medkila in their first season after promotion, while Andrea Thun has been scoring in division-1 and the Toppserien this year.                  
Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: Alan on October 29, 2013, 08:29:38 AM
Quote from: Alan link=topic=7752.msg75390#msg75390

Two more players will be announced later.                  
Camilla Christensen of Kolbotn has joined the squad, as well as Guro Reiten of Trondheims-Ørn who has transferred over from the A-team.

Norway-Sweden Under-23 match, October 30 19.00 at Tønsberg.
Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: Andreas Kolle on October 30, 2013, 08:35:08 PM
Norway won 1-0 courtesy of a Oda Fugelsnes goal.
Title: Fugelsnes matchwinner in her last U-23 match
Post by: Alan on October 30, 2013, 10:38:55 PM
A perfect moment from Oda Fugelsnes sank the Swedes on Wednesday and made her the matchwinner.

After losing twice to Sweden this year Norway's Under-23s celebrated a win over the neighbours.  "It was my last match for the Under-23s so I was very pleased to score.  It was a perfect ending", Fugelsnes told fotball.no.  The goal came after Hege Hansen got loose on the right wing and sent a cross in.  "It was perhaps the only time we sent Hege up the right wing.  When she crossed the ball over to me I managed to put it in the net", she said.

It was no chance-bonanza for the big crowd of over a thousand at Tønsberg stadium. Norway started best and Melissa Bjånesøy jumped highest to a corner, but her header was cleared off the line.  The only goal came after 22 minutes.  The second half produced very few chances until Sweden created a couple at the end, and until then Norway kept good control over the play.  Andrea Thun also had a good chance after a good attack but her header went just wide.  "At times in the first half we played very well.  Then Sweden came into the match more, before and after half time.  It was a good effort by us to stand firm and take the win", said Oda Fugelsnes.  

With three others in the squad she reaches the age-limit at the end of this year and the work starts to find a place with the seniors.  "The A-team is definitely the goal.  I don't know how far off I am, but I just have to perform at my club and show that I am good enough.  It's great to play with the flag on your shirt so I hope I can make it", said the LSK Kvinner player, originally from Trondheims-Ørn.

With four of the players leaving, Gøril Kringen is happy that another five made their debut in the match.  Maria Javery, Stine Pettersen Reinås, Mali Lilleås Næss, Guro Reiten and Andrea Thun were all given a chance for the first time.  All but Javery have been regulars in the U-19s.  "We had two debutantes in the back-four plus one in goal and two others.  They showed that they belong at this level.  It was a good, even, team performance", said the trainer.

She was not entirely pleased with the match.  "We played a good first half, solid in defence and some good attacking.  We lost the ball too much going forward, especially playing up the central area.  We aimed to put that right in the second half but were not able to", she said.  "What I am most pleased about is that Sweden created very few chances.  We are glad about that although we hoped to play better football".

At the weekend the Toppserien will finish after a long season and many matches.  "It will be a welcome holiday.  We have done a lot recently so I know we need a break, mentally and physically", said Oda Fugelsnes.

It was for that reason that Kringen was happy with the match.  "They deserve a lot of credit for standing up all the way and taking the win.  The result doesn't really mean very much except that we always want to win.  It's also good experience to hold on to a lead.  It's been good for us to finish with a win", she said.

The single goal also gladdened the trainer.  "It was a very nice goal, a good attack with a fine run by Hege and a good touch by Oda in front of goal.  The high-point of the day", smiled Gøril Kringen.

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2013/Norge---Sverige/

Norway-Sweden 1-0 (1-0), U-23 friendly, Tønsberg 30-10-2013
Spectators: 1112
Yellow cards: Melissa Bjånesøy, Elin Bragnum
Goal: Oda Fugelsnes 22 min.

Hilde Gunn Olsen (Maria Elizabeth Javery 46)-
Cecilie B. Liane (Mali Lilleås Næss 73), Ina Gausdal, Anne M. Stenstvedt (Anette Tengesdal 88), Stine Pettersen Reinås -  
Melissa Linn Berman Bjånesøy, Ingrid Moe Wold, Guro Reiten (Camilla Christensen 73) -
Oda Bolkan Fugelsnes (Victoria Ludvigsen 73), Hege Hansen (Andrea Segtnan Thun 63), Emilie Bosshard Haavi.

Match photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.590996830968293.1073741962.158611120873535&type=3
Title: Strong Under-23 team to La Manga
Post by: Alan on February 14, 2014, 09:11:51 AM
Gøril Kringen has picked the squad to go to La Manga in the period February 27 to March 6 for a six-nations tournament.

Nora Gjøen  -  LSK Kvinner      
Josefine Ervik  -  Vålerenga
Cecilie B. Liane  -  Kolbotn IL  
Ina Gausdal  -  Kolbotn IL  
Ida Fjordbakk  -  Avaldsnes IL  
Anette Tengesdal  -  Klepp IL
Eirin B. Kleppa  -  Kolbotn IL
Mali Lilleås Næss  -  Trondheims-Ørn
Anja Sønstevold  -  Kolbotn IL  
Guro Reiten  -  Trondheims-Ørn  
Melissa Bjånesøy  -  Stabæk  
Cathrine Dekkerhus  -  Stabæk
Andrine Hegerberg  -  Kopparbergs Gøteborg FC
Emile Bosshard Haavi  -  LSK Kvinner  
Martine Flakk  -  Trondheims-Ørn
Camilla Christensen  -  Vålerenga
Victoria Ludvigsen  -  Medkila IL  
Andrea Thun  -  IL Sandviken  
Lisa Marie Karlseng Utland  -  Trondheims-Ørn  
Marita Holmen Iversen  -  Medkila IL  

1/3  Norway - Germany, 15.00
3/3  Japan - Norway, 13.00
5/3  Norway - USA, 13.00


This is a strong U-23 team with six seniors in it with a good chance to try their skills against the top nations in the world.
Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: Alan on February 28, 2014, 06:50:14 PM
A short video from Vålerenga international Under-23 players in La Manga: http://www.vif-fotball.no/news/article/ztcx3y0k5f0311alflkoxpild/title/u-23-jentene-pa-la-manga
Title: Germany-Norway 3-2
Post by: Alan on March 01, 2014, 10:32:20 PM
Effective German play punished the Norwegians in Saturday's Under-23 match and a late goal secured a win for the Germans.

The Under-23 tournament in La Manga started with a match that would have been a draw had the Germans not scored right at the end.  "This was a match we definitely should have taken a point from.  Germany were effective and scored from three of their five chances.  We had a goal disallowed and two hits on the posts.  We should have led by more than 1-0 at half time", said trainer Gøril Kringen to fotball.no.

Victoria Ludvigsen scored the first goal in the first half.  "Emilie Haavi made a good buildup to that goal and showed her quality.  She also had a shot on the crossbar", said the trainer.  Germany turned the match round in the second half but Andrine Hegerberg equalised to 2-2 twelve minutes before the end.  With the clock showing 89 minutes Germany took the winning goal.

"We had a bad start to the second half.  They took charge and we were a bit naive.  Instead of bringing down the tempo we chose to play quickly.  In addition we conceded twice from corners", said Kringen.

She was however pleased with the first half.  "There was a lot of good play.  We controlled most of it.  There was good individual defending which gave us a lot of breakouts.  Also in formal attacks we were good and varied the play.  The margins were not with us in front of goal, which was a pity".

"We have things that need correcting but there were also positives to build on.  Individual players showed up well.  Ida Fjordbakk was good in central defence.  Andrine Hegerberg did a lot of good things.  Emilie Haavi was good.  Victoria Ludvigsen had flashes of brilliance.  There were many who worked hard", said Kringen.

On Monday Norway will meet Japan.  "They are a quick and a footballing team.  They give away a lot of space so we must be good in the first phase when we win the ball.  The USA used a lot of time to get the upper hand over them in today's match, so I hope we can manage more quickly", said Norway's trainer Gøril Kringen.    

Germany-Norway 3-2, La Manga, 01-03-2014
Spectators: 50
Yellow cards: Manjoue Wilde, Louisa Lagaris, Germany
Goals: 0-1 Victoria Ludvigsen 22, 1-1 Pauline Bremer 53, 2-1 Lena Peterman 66, 2-2 Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg 78, 3-2 Peterman 89.

Guro Pettersen -
Mali Lilleås Næss, Ina Gausdal, Ida Fjordbakk, Eirin B. Kleppa -
Melissa Bjånesøy (Marita Holmen Iversen 87), Guro Reiten, Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg -  
Victoria Ludvigsen, Andrea Thun, Emilie Bosshard Haavi (Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland 69).

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2014/Slik-stiller-U23-landslaget-mot-Tyskland/

Photo: Andrine Hegerberg in her place on the left wing in Germany's half.  She arrived in La Manga from the Kopparbergs-Göteborg trip to Gran Canaria, where she scored a goal in the 7-0 win over Gran Canaria's national team.  With today's goal she has five from her last four matches.

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Title: Japan-Norway 2-1
Post by: Alan on March 03, 2014, 02:00:06 PM
On Monday, once again Norway's Under-23s led the match in La Manga but then conceded, to lose the match by one goal.  On Saturday the opposing team was Germany, today it was Japan.

The first goal came to Norway after twenty minutes with an own-goal by a Japanese player.  But in the second half Japan scored two goals in two minutes, which Norway could not answer and Japan won 2-1.

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2014/Slik-stiller-U23-landslaget-mot-Japan/
Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: law10 on March 04, 2014, 01:44:41 AM
That's two pretty fine results in succession.
Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: Alan on March 04, 2014, 05:30:59 AM
That's two pretty fine results in succession.
Not bad when they are in that company at La Manga :)  USA next . .
Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: law10 on March 04, 2014, 12:58:43 PM
Tomorrow at 1:00pm local.

Not the strongest American side by a longshot.  US Soccer has youtube'd a highlight package of every game there so there will be at least some video, although it won't be the Norwegian highlights :)
Title: Japan-Norway 2-1
Post by: Alan on March 04, 2014, 04:24:03 PM
Norway led at half time in Monday's match but two goals in the second half gave them their second straight defeat at La Manga.

"We met a team that was very secure with the ball and very mobile, that played well collectively and individually.  At times we were severely challenged and were taught a lesson in football.  In the first half we did a good job, but after half time we were pressurised for 20 minutes", said the trainer Gøril Kringen to fotball.no.

Norway had a good start to the match and after twenty minutes a Japanese player put the ball in her own net.  "We got the breakthrough we wanted and set up several good attacks.  We took the lead after a counterattack and allowed only one chance against us.  I am very pleased", said Kringen to fotball.no.

In the second half the match turned round quickly.  "It was not just a momentary lapse.  In the first fifteen minutes the Japanese pressed very hard.  We pulled together and raised our game after that but were never close to claiming a point", said the trainer.

Although the Norwegians were disappointed after another loss there was a lot of good experience for them in the match.  "I hope the players see what extreme individualists can do.  It's a really good experience to meet a team like Japan, that plays slightly different football from what we are used to.  A new and important experience to take forward for them to progress towards A-team level", said Kringen.

"It's good for the players to understand the demands.  Our biggest challenge today was that we did not manage to establish our own game when we won the ball.  We gave it away too easily", she continued.

On Wednesday the tournament finished for Norway against the USA.  "We are in progress with five very demanding days.  There is no time to sit back.  Now we have to analyse the video together at a meeting before the next match, find out what went wrong and learn the lessons.  A win against the USA would be very nice", said Gøril Kringen.
Japan-Norway 2-1 (0-1), training match, La Manga, 03-03-14
Spectators: 50
Yellow card: Ida Fjordbakk, Natsuki Yoshimi
Goals: 0-1 og 19, 1-1 Chiaki Shimada 53, 2-1 Chinatsu Kira 54.

Josefine Ervik -
Cecilie B. Liane, Ina Gausdal, Ida Fjordbakk, Mali Næss -
Marita Holmen Iversen (Ina Skaug 64), Guro Reiten, Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg -
Andrea Thun (Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland 87), Melissa Bjånesøy (Victoria Ludvigsen 64), Camilla Christensen (Martine Johannessen Flakk 87).

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2014/Slik-stiller-U23-landslaget-mot-Japan/
Title: Another one-goal defeat
Post by: Alan on March 05, 2014, 06:13:57 PM
Norway's Under-23s lost 1-2 to the USA today.  Trainer Gøril Kringen saw a lot of positives in the match but thinks the performance at La Manga was a little uneven.

"Obviously there's nothing great in losing by a goal three times even though today we played a good match and did a lot of things right", said the trainer.  At half time the Americans led 1-0 after Maya Hayes put the ball in the net in the last minute of play.  A second goal went to the USA when Katie Stengel scored in the 75th minute.  New hope came for Norway when substitute Victoria Ludvigsen made it 1-2 but the Norwegians could not find an equaliser.

"We stayed in our formation today.  The tactics were good in defence and in deciding where we should attack, but unfortunately it was a bit uneven.  The USA created chances in the second half after errors by us.  Against teams as good as this you are punished for those", said Kringen.

"The first part of the second half was bad by us.  We made trouble for ourselves.  Apart from the we did a lot that was good.  In the last half-hour the play was more even and we created several chances.  We could easily have finished 2-2", said Kringen.  She was impressed that the Norwegians came back into the match.  "When USA have a 2-0 lead they try to control the play, but we managed to break through", she said.

Keeper Guro Pettersen got a good mark from the trainer.  "Guro made some very good saves and she also had a good day in setting attacks going", said Kringen.  The tournament has ended in three narrow defeats for Norway against the three nations right at the top of world women's football.  "This is very important experience for the players to take away with them.  It's important that they use it to develop.  Where we have most to learn is in understanding the use of the spaces.  I think the players have seen that", she said.  

"Now we have three months to prepare for matches against Sweden and England.  It's all about them doing a good job back at their clubs", said Gøril Kringen.

Emilie Haavi, Guro Reiten and Melissa Bjånesøy have already left to join the A-team at the Algarve Cup.

USA-Norway 2-1 (1-0), training match, La Manga, 05-03-2014
Spectators: 50
Cards: none
Goals: 1-0 Maya Hayes 44, 2-0 Katie Stengel 64, 2-1 Victoria Ludvigsen 79.

Guro Pettersen -
Cecilie B. Liane, Ina Gausdal, Ida Jeanette Fjordbakk (Eirin B. Kleppa 59), Mali Næss (Anette Tengesdal 46) -
Marita Holmen Iversen (Tonje Pedersen 71), Ina Skaug -
Martine Flakk (Victoria Ludvigsen 77), Andrine Hegerberg, Camilla Christensen -
Lisa Marie Utland (Andrea Segtnan Thun 67).    

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2014/Slik-stiller-U23-jentene-mot-USA/
Title: Ida Fjordbakk portrait
Post by: Alan on March 05, 2014, 06:27:36 PM
Norway has just lost 1-2 to the USA in La Manga, and Ida Jeanette Fjordbakk played her third full match for the Under-23s.  She was substituted in the second half after strong performances in all three matches.  Fjordbakk is a typical leader-type who has a good oversight of the play and gives everything when out on the pitch.  Strong in tackles, good in the air and and an all-rounder in central defence.

The 22-year-old has grown up quickly as a footballer during 72 matches for Medkila, the last two seasons as a captain in the Toppserien, but in the winter she was head-hunted by Avaldsnes and is now a full-time player.  Trainer Arne Møller will be able to get the best from the strong and clever defender who is used to leading her team into battle.  

Ida has not played much for Norway but has made a lot of progress in the last year and is now a permanent member of the Under-23 squad.  

Title: U-23 squad for matches in June
Post by: Alan on June 03, 2014, 10:42:06 PM
Gøril Kringen has picked the squad for the Under-23 matches coming up this month in Sweden.

Nora Neset Gjøen - LSK Kvinner
Hildegunn Olsen - AIK
Cecilie Brattland Liane - Kolbotn
Ina Gausdal - Kolbotn  
Stine Pettersen Reinås - Stabæk
Mali Lilleås Næss - Trondheims-Ørn
Ida Jeanett Fjordbakk - Avaldsnes
Eirin Bjerkreim Kleppa - Kolbotn
Maria Dybwad Brochmann - Arna-Bjørnar
Cathrine Høegh Dekkerhus - Stabæk
Anja Sønstevold - Kolbotn
Camilla Christensen - Vålerenga
Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg - Kopparbergs Gøteborg
Melissa Linn Berman Bjånesøy - Stabæk
Andrea Haugstøyl - Trondheims-Ørn
Tonje Pedersen - Grand Bodø
Andrea Thun - Sandviken
Victoria Ludvigsen - Medkila

June 14: Sweden-Norway, Gröndals IP, 15.00
June 18: England-Norway, Gröndals IP, 12.00

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2014/U23-tropp-mot-Sverige-og-England/
Title: JR proud
Post by: Alan on June 05, 2014, 08:28:33 AM
I must be allowed to be proud of my dear Cecci, and congratulate her on being picked for the Under-23s today.

She has represented Norway 50 times, scored 5 goals, travelled the world round, and as a 22-year-old she has played over 130 elite matches in Norway.  Full of pride about my only child, what's wrong with that?

A bit better than a father who went no higher than division-3 :)

Jan Reidar Vågsdalen on FB

Here she is, taking the ball past a couple of Stabæk aces:

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Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: law10 on June 05, 2014, 10:49:17 AM
Queue the bunad!

http://goo.gl/VPXqWX (http://goo.gl/VPXqWX)
Title: Norway-Sweden this afternoon
Post by: Alan on June 14, 2014, 02:21:31 PM
Sweden v Norway Under-23 in Kalmar with a 15.00 kickoff;

Norway 4-4-1-1:
Nora Gjøen -
Cecilie Bratteland Liane, Ina Gausdal, Stine Reinås, Eirin B. Kleppa -
Andrea Thun, Anja Sønstevold, Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg, Camilla Christensen -
Victoria Ludviksen -
Melissa Bjånesøy (capt).
Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: law10 on June 14, 2014, 05:07:42 PM
A good day for all the senior teams - down 0-1 80 minutes in and up 2-1 on 84 and holding for the win. 
Title: Late win over Sweden
Post by: Alan on June 15, 2014, 04:30:33 PM
Two goals in four minutes secured a win for Norway over Sweden on Saturday after they were a goal down.  Andrine Hegerberg scored the winner in the 84th minute.  

The Under-23 women met Sweden in Kalmar, the town where the populace welcomed and supported Norway's A-team at the European Cup last year.  "We were good for the first 45 minutes.  We succeeded with high pressure as we had agreed beforehand.  We created some chances but it was a very even match.  The girls responded well with the things we had worked on in training", said trainer Gøril Kringen to fotball.no.  "After the break we were a bit tired and did not move well enough.  The result was that Sweden created more.  We were good at times but were too often impatient and played long when we should have built up and moved people forward".

Sweden took the lead.  "They played through on our left, went up to the by line and played back at 45 degrees to Pauline Hammarlund who scored from six yards.  We weren't good enough to stop the cross and take out the attackers in the box", said Kringen.

The goal came twenty minutes from the end and Sweden continued with more chances, but it was Norway that scored two goals in the last ten minutes.  "For the first one we combined in the centre before Andrea Thun received the ball at a corner of the box.  She passed a player and put the ball towards the back post where Melissa Bjånesøy was all alone.  On the way the ball deflected off a Swedish player into the net.  It was a good attack and we combined well with good movement", said the trainer.

"The winning goal came four minutes later when we won the ball well into their half, and Andrine Hegerberg advanced a few yards and lobbed the ball over the keeper, who was a little too far out.  It was well spotted and a good effort by Andrine", she said.  Hegerberg used her 'wrong' foot for the 22-yard shot.

"Did any players stand out?" - "Nora Gjøen was good today.  She made some very good saves that kept us in the game.  As well as her Melissa Bjånesøy had a really good match.  She missed scoring but worked really hard right through the match and took the lead as a captain should".

Now the U-23s have more days of training in Kalmar before the match against England on Thursday.  Kringen says there are a lot of positives from Saturday's match.  "We are very pleased with what we did.  We succeeded with the high pressure and mobility while our strength lasted.  Our attacking play was good at times, even though that is where we need the most work in future.  Defensively we had a good response to the work we did beforehand, so seen all round there is lot to build on after today's match".

Sweden-Norway 1-2 (0-0), Under-23 training, Grøndals IP, Kalmar, June 14 2014
Spectators: 500
Yellow card: Stine Reinås.
Goals: 1-0 Pauline Hammarlud 71, 1-1 o/g 80, 1-2 Andrine Hegerberg 84.

Nora Gjøen Neset -
Cecilie Brattland Liane, Ina Gausdal, Stine Pettersen Reinås, Eirin Bjerkreim Kleppa (Mali Lilleås Næss 69) -
Victoria Ludvigsen, Camilla Christensen (Maria Dybwad Brochmann 85), Anja Sønstevold, Andrea Thun -
Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg (Tonje Pedersen 85) -
Melissa Bjånesøy.          

Thomas Brekke Sæteren
Article, team picture: http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2014/Se-hvem-som-starter-mot-Sverige/
A good highlights video, beautiful pitch: http://svenskfotboll.se/landslag/u23-dam/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y93ODomzys&feature=share
also http://svenskfotboll.se/arkiv/landslag/2014/06/u23-dam-mot-norge-i-kalmar/
Just before Norway's second goal, a humungous clearance by Gjøen.  Substitute #18 is Mali Næss from Trondheim, a little tiger.

#8 Camilla Christensen was advised to give up football some years ago by doctors in Norway after a serious hip problem.  She eventually finished up in the hands of German surgeons in Munich who completely cured her.  Christensen was lucky to recover and also lucky to have parents who could fork out £20,000 for the treatment.  
Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: law10 on June 18, 2014, 05:53:55 PM
3-nil over England today but somewhat expected, it's the English U20 team in prep for the U20 World Cup in Canada in August.  Only two of their squad are not eligible for the U20.  England had a goal-less tie with Sweden in their earlier match.
Title: Under-23 Norway 3 England 0
Post by: Alan on June 18, 2014, 07:30:50 PM
OK, by contrast Norway had some players with time in the senior squad including Dekkerhus who started last year's European Cup Final.  This is the Norwegian report:

Norway's U23s beat England 3-0 in Kalmar on Wednesday morning.  "We had an attacking strategy and aimed to apply pressure.  We succeeded and the first 30 minutes were outstanding.  England did not keep up and we produced a lot of chances", said trainer Gøril Kringen to fotball.no.

The aggressive Norwegian play resulted in an early goal.  "Melissa Bjånesøy worked well at the front and won the ball by tackling the keeper.  She went to the line and crossed in to Cathrine Dekkerhus who put the ball in at the far post with a diving header", said the trainer.  "For the rest of the match we kept control and England had only two chances, which is not much at this level.  Today we were on top individually and as a team, in a way that makes us who work with the team happy and proud.  The mobility was good in attack and defence and we played the kind of football we want to play".

Norway's second goal came six minutes before half time.  "Andrine Hegerberg kicked a good corner which Anja Sønstevold headed up under the crossbar at the near post", said Kringen.  Nine minutes into the second half Norway scored a third.  "Again a good corner from Andrine to the near post where Camilla Christensen duelled with an English player.  The ball went into goal via the English player.  Very good duelling by Camilla", said the trainer.

Kringen thinks the win was a team effort.  "Everyone stood out today.  We had a collective win with good work in attack and defence.  What is really good is that we produced so much attacking today after a good match against Sweden on Saturday when we were good defensively but needed work on the attack", she said.

So Norway has won the three-nations tournament in Kalmar after 2-1 over Sweden and 3-0 over England.  The other match in the tournament ended 0-0 between Sweden and England.

England 0 Norway 3 (0-2), Under-23, Gröndals IP, Kalmar, Sweden, 18-06-2014
Spectators: 550
Cards: none
Goals: Cathrine Dekkerhus 11, Anja Sønstevold 39, o/g 54.

Norway (4-2-3-1):
Nora Neset Gjøen (Hildegunn Olsen 46) -
Cecilie Brattland Liane (Mali Lilleås Næss 76), Ida Jeanett Fjordbakk, Stine Pettersen Reinås (Ina Gausdal 64), Eirin Bjerkreim Kleppa -
Cathrine Høegh Dekkerhus (Maria Dybwad Brochmann 64), Anja Sønstevold, Victoria Ludvigsen, Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg (Tonje Pedersen 76) -
Camilla Christensen (Marita Holmen Iversen 85), Melissa Bjånesøy (capt).  

Thomas Brekke Sæteren http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2014/Se-hvem-som-starter-mot-England

England: 13 Megan Walsh (Lizzie Durak, 62), 12 Leah Williamson, 3 Hannah Blundell, 4 Jade Bailey, 5 Jemma Rose, 7 Nikita Parris, 8 Sherry McCue, 16 Gabby George (2 Martha Harris, 62), 11 Natasha Flint (15 Ellie Stewart, 74), 9 Dan Carter (17 Jess Carter, 46), 10 Jess Sigsworth.
Read more at http://www.thefa.com/news/england/womens/u23s/2014/jun/england-u23s-0-3-norway-180614

This from Ada Hegerberg:
Grattis til U23 med deilig seier over Sverige og big sis med assist og mål,yeah!👊 @AndrineStolsmo http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2y93ODomzys …
(Congrats U23 for great win over Sweden and big sis for assist and goal)

Norway's Under-23s show their firepower.  Kleppa, Næss, Gausdal, Liane, Dekkerhus, Hegerberg, Sønstevold:

[attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Under-23 squad for Sweden trip
Post by: Alan on October 13, 2014, 10:17:08 PM
U23 trainer Gøril Kringen has picked the squad for a match against Sweden at the end of October.  The 18 players will be in Sweden from October 27 to 30.

Guro Pettersen, Vålerenga
Hilde Gunn Olsen, Linköping
Cecilie Kvamme, Arna–Bjørnar
Cecilie B. Liane, Kolbotn
Stine P. Reinås, Stabæk
Ane Sund Walsøe, Medkila
Ida Jeanett Fjordbakk, Avaldsnes
Eirin B. Kleppa, Kolbotn
Anja Sønstevold, Kolbotn
Andrea Haugstøyl, Trondheims-Ørn
Camilla Christensen, Vålerenga
Vilde Bøe Risa, Arna-Bjørnar
Tonje Pedersen, Grand Bodø
Amalie Eikeland, Arna-Bjørnar
Victoria Ludvigsen, LSK Kvinner
Andrea Thun, Sandviken
Synne Skinnes Hansen, Røa   
Melissa Bjånesøy, Stabæk

Sweden-Norway October 29, 18.00, Linköping Arena.

Title: Under-23s - experienced players
Post by: Alan on October 23, 2014, 09:42:17 AM
Six players born in 1991 are on their way to Sweden for their last Under-23 meeting.  They have in total amassed 175 international matches at youth level and also 514 matches in the Toppserien.

Two players have been in the international youth football system the longest:  Eirin Kleppa came in as an Under-15 while Cecilie Liane joined in the Under-16s.  The two Kolbotn teammates also have the most international appearances, with 52 each.  After them comes Vålerenga's Guro Pettersen with 29, while Camilla Christensen, also of Vålerenga, has 21.  Andrea Haugstøyl from Trondheims Ørn has 13 and Avaldsnes's Ida Fjordbakk has eight.

Cecilie Liane has played the most Toppserien matches, 147, while Eirin Kleppa follows with 124.  Ida Fjordbakk has 97, Andrea Haugstøyl 96, Camilla Christensen 88 and Guro Pettersen 86.

These players will now be handing their experience on to younger players, in an environment rich in tradition which they and the trainers have created over the years.

Their trainers on the trip to Sweden will be Gøril Kringen and Cecilie Berg Hansen.  The team will be together from the 27th to the 29th before returning for the season's last Toppserien match on the 1st.  They will meet Sweden in Linköping for a training match on the 29th.      

Jan Reidar Vågsdalen
Article/pictures: http://kvinnefotballmagasinet.no/siste-reis-med-u-landslaget-6-spillere-med-514-toppseriekamper/

Cecilie Liane and Eirin Kleppa:

Title: Under-23 squad changes
Post by: Alan on October 25, 2014, 09:41:15 AM
Stine Reinås, Melissa Bjånesøy and Andrea Thun and have pulled out of the Under-23 trip to Sweden.  The new players are Lisa Marie Karlseng Utland (Trondheims-Ørn), Nora Byom Nilssen (Røa) and Therese Åsland (Klepp).  


Thun has missed some match for Sandviken but the skipper scored 16 goals in 18 matches this season.  Reinås and Bjånesøy have had an exhausting autumn for Stabæk but it isn't known whether they are injured.
Title: Sweden-Norway tonight
Post by: Alan on October 29, 2014, 04:43:18 PM
Norway starters:
Guro D. Pettersen -
Cecilie Liane, Ida Jeanett Fjordbakk, Ane Sund Walsøe, Eirin B. Kleppa-
Camilla Christensen, Anja Sønstevold (capt) -
Victoria Ludvigsen, Andrea Haugstøyl, Synne Skinnes Hansen -
Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland.
Title: Late goal gives Norway a win
Post by: Alan on October 29, 2014, 10:31:06 PM
A goal right at the end gave Norway's U23s a good 1-2 win away in Sweden today.

On Wednesday the Under-23s played a match in Linköping Arena.  The match was an even battle but a goal by Tonje Pedersen right at the end gave the win to the visitors.

"Today all the players can say, 'today I played at my best', and that was great, especially with seven debutantes in the team who really contributed", said the team's trainer Gøril Kringen to fotball.no after the match.

Norway took the lead after 30 minutes when right-back Cecilie Liane won the ball after a Swedish clearance, went forward, and shot via a Swedish player and into goal.  "It was a good situation that led to the goal.  We have focussed a lot on the breakthrough and I am very pleased that we scored with one", said Kringen.

Just before half time Pauline Hammarlund equalised for Sweden and took the score to 1-1 by half time.  For a long time that looked like the final result but just as the clock passed 90 minutes Grand Bodø's Tonje Pedersen found the way through for the winning goal.  "We scored the last goal after a fantastic attack, with some good individual performances", said the trainer.  "Tonje Pedersen started it in the middle of the pitch and played out to Cecilie Kvamme on the right.  She went forward and sent a cross to Pedersen who curled the ball in from 18-19 yards".

So the Norwegians could celebrate with a win after a tough match, one with few chances.  "The play was very even and had relatively few scoring chances to either side", said Kringen.  "The second half was even tighter without any big chances until stoppage time".

Kringen is very pleased with the team.  "I am impressed that we stood up to Sweden so well and took a deserved win, at the end anyway", she said.  "What is extra good is that we played with six 19-year-olds and two 20-year-olds, and we made a lot of substitutions so we ended up with a very young team", she said.

"When you play an even match it can go either way, but from 80 minutes onwards we played good attacking football, so from that point of view we deserved to win", said Gøril Kringen.

Sweden - Norway 1-2 (1-1), Under-23, Linköping Arena, 29-10-2014
Spectators: 682
Yellow card: Cecilie Kvamme
Goals: 0-1 o/g 30, 1-1 Pauline Hammarlund 45, 1-2 Tonje Pedersen 90.

Norway (4-2-3-1):
Guro Pettersen (Hilde Gunn Olsen 72) -
Cecilie B. Liane (Cecilie Kvamme 46), Ida Fjordbakk, Ane Sund Walsøe, Eirin B. Kleppa (Nora Byom Nilssen 60) -
Camilla Christensen, Anja Sønstevold (Vilde Bøe Risa 46) -
Victoria Ludvigsen (Amalia Eikeland 46), Andrea Haugstøyl (Tonje Pedersen 72), Synne Skinnes Hansen -
Lisa Maria Karlseng Utland (Therese Åsland 60).        

Espen Haugen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2014/U23-kvinner-Disse-starter-mot-Sverige/
Title: Medkila players together again in U23s
Post by: Alan on October 31, 2014, 05:51:55 PM
Medkila player Ane Sund Walsøe and Avaldsnes's Ida Fjordbakk found their old form together in Norway's defence in the win in Sweden this week.  The duo were put into central defence by trainer Gøril Kringen and played the full 90 minutes as Norway won 2-1.  "It was great to feel the good old chemistry still working", said Fjordbakk, a former captain of Medkila.  

"To play alongside Ida in the central defence was a big experience.  She has become an even better player since she left Medkila.  Also it was fantastic to have Tromsø-girl Guro Pettersen behind us in goal", said Walsøe who made her debut at this level.

She also felt that it was a different experience from playing in the Under-19s.  "What I experienced today was several steps higher.  The players have a better physique, and the play is at a higher tempo.  This was much more like grown-up football.  It was perhaps not my best match in the red shirt, but it was ok.  Now I must just continue to perform", said Walsøe of the Under-23 team which has six players from North Norway in the squad.

For Fjordbakk it was goodbye to youth football.  "The next time Ane and I play together it will be in the A-team.  We have to expect that could happen in a few years", she said.      

Ivar Hjelvik http://www.ht.no/sport/article10289401.ece

Ida Fjordbakk and Ane Sund Walsøe (Harstad Tidende):

Title: Under-23s to La Manga
Post by: Alan on February 10, 2015, 02:05:44 PM
Under-23 trainer Gøril Kringen has picked out 21 players for a tournament at La Manga in the period February 24 - March 3.

Nora Neset Gjøen - LSK Kvinner
Hilde Gunn Olsen -  Arna-Bjørnar
Anniken Jerre - Øvrevoll Hosle
Cecilie Redisch Kvamme - Arna-Bjørnar
Ane Sund Walsøe - Kolbotn
Stine Pettersen Reinås - Stabæk
Nora Byom Nilssen - Røa
Mali Lilleås Næss - Trondheims-Ørn
Ingrid Østervold Stenevik - Arna-Bjørnar
Maria Thorirsdottir - Klepp
Guro Reiten - Trondheims-Ørn
Cathrine Høegh Dekkerhus - Stabæk
Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg - Kopparbergs Göteborgs FC
Anja Sønstevold - LSK Kvinner
Maria Dybwad Brochmann - Arna-Bjørnar
Victoria Ludvigsen - LSK Kvinner
Amalie Vevle Eikeland - Arna-Bjørnar
Synne Skinnes Hansen - Røa
Lisa Fjellstad Naalsund - Arna-Bjørnar
Melissa Bjånesøy - Stabæk
Lisa Marie Karlseng Utland - Trondheims-Ørn.

28th February: 15.00 USA - Norway
2nd March: Japan – Norway

Title: U-23 matches online from La Manga
Post by: Alan on February 25, 2015, 10:18:57 AM
Some of the U-23 matches from La Manga will be covered by pay-TV on line.  For details see: http://www.lamangatv.com/live
Title: Norway-USA on Saturday
Post by: Alan on February 27, 2015, 10:50:00 PM
On Saturday five of our players might be lining up against USA at 15.00 in the U23 tournament in La Manga.

The match can be seen on pay-TV for 89 kr (£7.15).  We wish our Arna-Bjørnar girls and the rest of the squad the best of luck!


Back: Ingrid Stenevik, Hilde Gunn Olsen, Lisa Naalsund,
Front: Maria Brochmann, Cecilie Kvamme.

Title: USA - Norway
Post by: Alan on February 28, 2015, 02:59:10 PM
An even match but three big scoring chances to the USA in the first half and the last one connected, as the USA came through with all the defence out of place.

In the second half the USA overran the Norwegian defence for twenty minutes with accuracy and tempo, and could have scored three or four more goals.

USA-Norway 2-0 (1-0), U23 La Manga, 28-02-2015
Referee: Justina Lavrenovaite, Lithuania
Cards: none
Goals: 1-0 Shea Groom 42, 2-0 Danielle Colaprico 70.

Nora Neset Gjøen -
Cecilie Kvamme, Stine Reinås, Maria Thorisdottir, Nora Byom Nilssen -
Anja Sønstevold (vice capt.), Maria Brochmann (Tonje Pedersen 61), Guro Reiten (Lisa Naalsund 46) -
Victoria Ludvigsen (Synne Skinnes Hansen 76), Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg -
Melissa Bjånesøy (capt.) (Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland 88).

Free highlights: http://www.lamangatv.com/video/2-28-usa-norway-h
Full match: http://www.lamangatv.com/video/2-28-usa-norway-0

In Saturday's U23 match at La Manga, Norway lost to the USA by a goal in each half.

"I was well pleased with the first twenty minutes when we stayed compact and worked well together.  We won the ball a lot, were precise in the forward play and managed to set players up in the spaces.  We did not create very much but we were staying up with the competition", said Under-23 trainer Gøril Kringen.

"The rest of the match left us struggling more and more.  We lost the ball in defance and midfield and had counterattacks coming against us.  It was in this period that the US had their first big chances.  The goal before half time came from being too spread out and not good enough one-to-one", she said.

After half time the US were clearly better and created a lot of scoring chances.  Twenty minutes from the end the Americans had a payoff when Danielle Colaprico scored the second goal, from 7 yards.  "In the second half we aimed to be more compact and play together better as a team, but we did not altogether achieve it today", said the trainer.  "We were displaced too easily as first defenders.  I could see that we are a little below the best in the world, at least at this time of year [before the start of the season].  We saw that earlier in the year as well.  We are in difficulty against teams that are in mid-season but we will work to be better and better as the year goes on".

"Therefore I am not too worried that we didn't keep up today, but we should have kept our structure better", said Gøril Kringen.

For keeper Nora Neset Gjøen it was a busy day's work.  "Nora played a very good match.  She has been up in the A-team several times and is a solid keeper for us", said the trainer.  "It was a difficult match but there is nothing that requires us to get a grip.  We need opolish up the structure in defence, have better mobility with the ball and set each other up in good attacking positions.  At the beginning of today's match I thought we were at that level, so we must work further on Monday".    

Thomas Brekke Sæteren http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2015/U23-Disse-moter-USA/

Melissa Bjånesøy is leaving the U23s now to join the A-team for the Algarve Cup.  Even Pellerud's team still has two places open for additional players.  

Back: Tonje Pedersen, Lisa-Marie Utland, Anniken Jerre,
Front: Victoria Ludvigsen, Hilde Gunn Olsen.

Title: Norway-Japan today
Post by: Alan on March 02, 2015, 05:02:50 PM
Norway's U23s meet Japan today at La Manga, with a kickoff at 17:50 CET.

Norway (4-4-1-1): Nora Neset Gjøen - Cecilie Redisch Kvamme, Stine Pettersen Reinås, Ingrid Østervold Stenevik, Nora Byom-Nilssen, Victoria Ludvigsen, Maria Dybwad Brochmann, Anja Sønstevold, Synne Skinnes Hansen, Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg, Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland.

Title: Japan - Norway 1-0 today
Post by: Alan on March 02, 2015, 09:57:29 PM
The U23s played well today but lost to Japan by a single goal.

"We really played a very good match", said trainer Gøril Kringen.  It was a match with few scoring chances but Norway started brightly with a shot on Japan's crossbar in the first minute.  They continued to press in the first half but did not manage to score.  Japan scored in the second half when the Norwwgian defence lost the ball.  "We were stressed, Japan shot from 6 yards and it was a goal", said Kringen.

"It was similar to the last match.  We were very good for 20-25 minutes when we produced the breakthroughs we wanted.  Then we struggled for 10-15 minutes again and Japan had some chances.  But we came back in and achieved good control by the end", the trainer told fotball.no.  "It was an unnecessary goal to concede".

Kringen said that failures in only a few details caused Norway to lose the match, and she was pleased with the play seen overall.  "We cleared up a lot of what we aimed to correct after the last match, but it's tiresome to concede that sort of goal", she said.

The goal came after 71 minutes.  Norway pressed up for the last ten minutes looking for an equaliser, but it never came and Japan were the winners.  "They managed to defend well and we did not really create any big chances.  But there are many positives to take from the match.  We showed good mobility at the start and finish", said the trainer.

So Norway's U23s go home with results of 0-2 to the USA and 0-1 to Japan.  "They have been great matches for the players and the development of their games.  Many of them were here last year as well and they developed over the spring and summer in their clubs and also at the U23 matches.  I think this year will show a similar pattern and I hope all the players will take this experience home with them and work hard", said Kringen.  "If that happens we will achieve what we set out to do.  We could have dropped the U23s, as several nations have done, but we want these players to experience international football at this stage.  There's a big difference between the Toppserien and this, and they have to feel it in their bones to understand what we are talking about".

Japan - Norway 1-0 (0-0), training, La Manga, 02-03-2015
Spectators: 50
Yellow card: Akari Shiraki
Goal: Akara Shiraki 71.  

Norway (4-4-1-1):
Nora Neset Gjøen -
Cecilie Redisch Kvamme (Mali Lilleås Næss 89), Stine Pettersen Reinås (Ane Sund Walsøe 56 (Tonje Pedersen 76)), Ingrid Østervold Stenevik, Nora Byom-Nilssen -
Victoria Ludvigsen (Lisa F. Naalsund 86), Maria Dybwad Brochmann (Maria Thorisdottir 67), Anja Sønstevold (capt), Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg -
Synne Skinnes Hansen (Therese Sessy Åsland 76) -
Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland.  

Espen Haugen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2015/U23-Disse-starter-mot-Japan/

Back: Lisa-Marie Utland, Andrine Hegerberg, Stine Reinås, Ingrid Stenevik, Maria Brochmann, Synne Hansen,
Front: Anja Sønstevold, Cecilie Kvamme, Nora Gjøen, Victoria Ludvigsen, Nora Byom Nilssen.  

Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: Alan on May 14, 2015, 04:38:10 PM
U23 squad for three matches

Gøril Kringen, trainer for the national Under-23 team, has announced her squad for the mini-tournament in eastern Norway where the team will meet England, USA and Sweden.

Norway will play three matches at the end of May.

Nora Neset Gjøen, LSK Kvinner
Kristine Nøstmo, Trondheims-Ørn
Cecilie Kvamme, Arna-Bjørnar
Ane Sund Walsøe, Kolbotn
Stine P. Reinås, Stabæk
Nora Byom-Nilssen, Røa
Anja Sønstevold, LSK
Guro Reiten, Trondheims-Ørn
Cathrine Dekkerhus, Stabæk
Synne Jensen, Kolbotn
Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg, Kopparbergs-Göteborg
Victoria Ludvigsen, LSK Kvinner
Tuva Hansen, Klepp
Ingrid Stenevik, Arna-Bjørnar
Marit Bratberg Lund, Kolbotn
Maria Brochmann, Arna-Bjørnar
Karina Sævik, Avaldsnes
Vilde Fjelldal, Medkila
Synne Skinnes Hansen, Røa
Johanne Fridlund, Vålerenga

May 27: Norway - England, Sarpsborg stadium 19.30
May 29: Norway - USA, Sarpsborg stadium 19.30
May 31: Norway - Sweden, Fredrikstad stadium 13.00

The squad is a strong one with some of last year's Under-19 team as well as others who might have expected to go to the World Cup with the A-team.  17-year-old Marit Bratberg Lund has played in the Under-19s this season and now will have a chance at the next level.

Nora Byom-Nilssen and Synne Skinnes Hansen from Røa:

Title: Norway-England tonight
Post by: Alan on May 27, 2015, 09:41:38 AM
Kickoff tonight is at 19.30

U23s training at Sarpsborg Stadium:

Cathrine and Cecilie Dekkerhus:

Title: Norway 3 England 0
Post by: Alan on May 27, 2015, 09:55:19 PM
Norway beat England this evening at Sarpsborg Stadium.  They were 2-0 up at half time after goals by Victoria Ludvigsen and Vilde Bøe Risa.  Maria Brochmann headed in the third goal in stoppage time at the end, after substituting late in the match.

"3-0 against England is a strong result.  I think we delivered a good first half.  We have worked at creating high pressure and succeeded with it today.  We broke through as we intended and set up some good attacking situations", said trainer Gøril Kringen to fotball.no.  "But we have work to do in playing out from the back.  We were a bit too quick to go straight forward and didn't get our angles right".

Norway did not entirely manage to follow up with a good second half but Kringen is impressed with the will power and enjoyment in the Norwegian squad.  "We did not hold together so well in the second half but there is a fantastic will in the play.  They really want to win and achieve what we agreed before the match.  So although we didn't succeed with everything there is plenty of spirit there to take us forward.  They showed that by going up and scoring a third goal in stoppage time", said the trainer.

Several from the World Cup squad were playing in today's match.  "All the players wanted to show their good side with Even Pellerud watching from the stands.  Today they all stood up and worked really hard", said Kringen.

USA will be the opponents on the same pitch on Friday.  "We have three matches this week and will try to share the load out as well as we can.  None of the players can start three matches in five days and there will be many changes on Friday", she said.  "There's no doubt USA will be strong opponents.  We lost to them at La Manga in February and would like to improve on that".

No decision has been made about using World Cup players on Friday.  "For us it's important to give the World Cup team the best possible preparation, so if Even Pellerud wants some of them to play with us on Friday we will be very positive about it", said Kringen.

Norway - England 3-0 (2-0), friendly, Sarpsborg stadium, 27-05-2015
Goals: Victoria Ludvigsen 9, Vilde Bøe Risa 45, Maria Brochmann 90.

Cecilie Fiskerstrand -
Cecilie Kvamme, Maria Thorisdottir, Ane Sund Walsøe (Ingrid Stenevik 46), Marit Bratberg Lund -
Victoria Ludvigsen (Maria Brochmann 90), Vilde Bøe Risa, Cathrine Dekkerhus (capt), Synne Hansen (Andrea Thun 61) -
Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg (Nora Byom Nilssen 83) -
Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland.    

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2015/Slik-stiller-U23-landslaget-mot-England/
Match photos:

Title: Brochmann goal against England
Post by: Alan on May 28, 2015, 09:25:39 AM
Maria Brochmann scored her first international goal on Wednesday in Norway's 3-0 win over England in the Under-23s, as the supersub.  "Today I was 'it'.  I had a good couple of minutes and there isn't much more that you can get through in that time", said Brochmann to Fotballmagasinet straight after the win in the 4-nations tournament in south-east Norway.

Arna-Bjørnar's central midfielder was sent out only seconds before the match passed the 90-minute mark.  After a couple of minutes she headed the ball into goal from 7 yards to finish the scoring at 3-0.  "We were high up the pitch and I was there as well.  I saw Andrine (Hegerberg) win the ball, then it was just me and Andrine.  I thought the ball would come to the back post and then a brilliant pass came over from Andrine, and I was alone.  It was perfect.  I tried to be secure and made sure to put it into goal", said Brochmann.

Victoria Ludvigsen and Vilde Bøe Risa had put Norway into a 2-0 lead before half time, but the second half was goalless until Brochmann's solid header.  "It was great.  I would have liked more playing time but it was a lot of fun to go on and score a goal.  It produces emotions", she said.

The U23 tournament is taking place in parallel with the A-team's precamp as they get ready for the World Cup.  Brochmann was in the initial squad of 35 but when the final squad was announced the 22-year-old was not one of the lucky ones.  "It was as expected.  I was not expecting to be in because I had only been to one A-team gathering after all, so it wasn't on the cards for me to go to Canada.  It was a big honour just to get into the original squad", she said.  "I will work very hard to be at the next meeting and it gives me enormous motivation just to have been in the initial squad".

Even Pellerud said she had been invited after a good winter for Arna-Bjørnar.  "But it was a little early for her.  She is new in the Toppserien - this is only her second year so she has a lot to learn.  Her tempo needs work, both in her play and in her mobility", said the trainer.  "We have had discussions with all players who might have expected to go to the World Cup, but Maria was not one of those".

Arna-Bjørnar has had a slow start to the season and is in 9th place with 6 points after the first eight matches.  No-one in Bergen is pleased about it.  "We have a young team and we will raise our game in the autumn and show that we belong at the top.  We have five players here now, which shows we have something to build on", said Maria Brochmann.

Thomas Karlsen http://fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=28855  

Title: A goal for Victoria Ludvigsen
Post by: Alan on May 29, 2015, 09:40:15 AM
First and foremost it was enormous fun to win today.  We had decided beforehand to go out and win every duel, and make it as difficult as possible for England to get into the match.  We did that - definitely.  There will always be things you can improve on but, when each and every player contributes, you can be pleased with the result.  

This was a match that was several notches up from those we played at La Manga earlier in the year, and it's huge fun to be part of it.  You feel ever so proud to see the girls working for each other in every duel.  It was fun to score a goal as well, after very good buildup work by Lisa-Marie who dribbled up the right side and saw me going at 45 degrees before sending a fine pass across.  I just had to tap it into goal.  It's really great to play with the Flag on your shirt in a match like that!

Now the focus shift to the USA match on Friday.  

Victoria Ludvigsen http://www.lsk-kvinner.no/victoria-ludvigsen-med-nettkjenning

Scorers: Ludvigsen, Brochmann, Risa:

Title: Under-23 team update
Post by: Alan on May 29, 2015, 09:45:34 AM
Nora Neset Gjøen, LSK Kvinner
Kristine Nøstmo, Trondheims-Ørn
Cecilie Kvamme, Arna-Bjørnar
Ane Walsøe, Kolbotn
Stine Reinås, Stabæk
Nora Byom-Nilssen, Røa
Anja Sønstevold, LSK Kvinner - taken by A-team
Guro Reiten, Trondheims-Ørn
Cathrine Dekkerhus, Stabæk
Synne Jensen, Kolbotn - withdrew 19/5
Andrine Hegerberg, Kopparbergs/Göteborg
Victoria Ludvigsen, LSK Kvinner
Tuva Hansen, Klepp
Ingrid Stenevik, Arna-Bjørnar
Marit Lund, Kolbotn
Maria Brochmann, Arna-Bjørnar
Karina Sævik, Avaldsnes - withdrew 19/5
Vilde Fjelldal, Medkila
Synne Hansen, Røa
Johanne Fridlund, Vålerenga - withdrew 22/5
Vilde Bøe Risa, Arna-Bjørnar - new 19/5
Andrea Thun, Sandviken - new 19/5
Lisa Naalsund, Arna-Bjørnar - new 19/5
Cecilie Dekkerhus - Stabæk - new 22/5

Remaining matches:
Friday 29th, 19.30: Norway - USA, Sarpsborg stadium
Sunday 31st, 13.00: Norway - Sweden, Fredrikstad stadium

Title: Norway 2 USA 2
Post by: Alan on May 30, 2015, 04:13:59 AM
After the A-team's win over Finland the U23s followed up with a point against the USA last night.  Andrine Hegerberg put them in the lead from the penalty spot after 11 minutes, but Chioma Ubogagu scored twice in the second half to turn the match round for the visitors.  Twelve minutes from the end Synne Hansen scored the 2-2 equaliser.  

"We could have won today.  We created the most chances, and after half time we were definitely the best team, but we let in easy goals", said Gøril Kringen.  "But we are very pleased that we came back and scored the second goal after the USA had turned the match round.  We met a solid team today and we we were better than them, so we should not be too disappointed with a draw".

The trainer thinks that Norway has plenty of room for improvement.  "In the first half there were rather too large gaps in the midfield which they played through too easily.  But the defence was solid and the USA did not create a single chance against us", said Kringen.  At half time her team were ahead 1-0.  "Maria Brochmann played Andrea Thun through into the box.  She was brought down and Andrine Hegerberg kicked the penalty".

After half time the USA scored twice.  "We lost that half but we played better.  Our job is to sink our chances and keep the defence tight.  The USA scored two from three chances in the second half, while we had four chances we did not use".

After 78 minutes Norway found the net.  "It was a real battled goal.  The ball went to Synne Hansen.  She was hard pressed by an American defender but threw herself forward and put the ball in goal", said the trainer.    

Anja Sønstevold from the World Cup squad played this match.

Thomas Brekke Sæteren  http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2015/U23-Disse-moter-USA1/

Norway starters:
Nora Gjøen -
Tuva Hansen, Stine Reinås, Ingrid Stenevik, Nora Byom Nilssen -
Guro Reiten, Anja Sønstevold, Maria Brochmann, Lisa F. Naalsund, Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg (capt) -
Andrea Thun.
Subs: Vilde Fjelldal, Synne Skinnes Hansen, Cathrine H. Dekkerhus, Cecilie Kvamme, Victoria Ludvigsen.
Title: Norway 1 Sweden 2
Post by: Alan on May 31, 2015, 01:35:51 PM
This week Lisa Naalsund, Ingrid Stenevik, Maria Brochmann, Vilde Bøe Risa and Cecilie Kvamme have been at the U23 meeting in Sarpsborg.

Against England they won 3-0. Vilde scored a good goal with her left foot and Broch came in and scored with a header.  Vilde also took the pennant for her performance in the match.

The USA match ended 2-2.  Stenevik took the pennant this time.

Today they played Sweden and unfortunately it ended in a 1-2 loss.  Now the girls are looking forward to coming home to Arna-Bjørnar!


Title: Norway-Sweden 1-2
Post by: Alan on May 31, 2015, 05:55:00 PM
U23 loss to Sweden:  The team lost 1-2 to Sweden at Sarpsborg today.  "Today we didn't manage as well as we did earlier in the tournament.  We see that we can't afford to drop our level by many per cent for things to get tough in an international match.  We experienced that as a team today.  We must be on top form to match the teams here", said trainer Gøril Kringen to fotball.no.

"Sweden had a well deserved win today and we were not tough or quick enough.  There is nothing that says we must be exhausted, we have rotated the players and the Swedes have had just as tough a match programme as us", she said.

Sweden took the lead after 25 minutes and then went to 2-0 five minues after half time, before Vilde Fjelldal scored a reducer.  "We were ok at the start of the match but then they butted in.  It was really a mental thing.  The girls seemed more tired than they really were and we did not keep up the frequency we need to succeed with our brand of football", said the trainer.  "Sweden had several big chances at the start of the second half and that was the toughest period of the match.  They were right on our heels but we came back with a reducer.  Then we were more in it, so it wasn't totally black".    

Norway-Sweden 1-2 (0-1), training, Fredrikstad Stadium, 31-05-2015
Cards: none
Goals: 0-1 Mimmi Larsson 25, 0-2 Petra Andersson 50, 1-2 Vilde Fjelldal 58.

Kristine Nøstmo -
Cecilie Kvamme, Stine P. Reinås (Ingrid Stenevik 46), Ane Sund Walsøe, Marit Bratberg Lund (Nora Byom Nilssen 46) -
Victoria Ludvigsen (Synne Skinnes Hansen 46), Guro Reiten, Vilde Bøe Risa (Andrea Thun 62), Cathrine H. Dekkerhus (capt) -
Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg (Maria Brochmann 83) -
Vilde Fjelldal.

Thomas Brekke Sæteren http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/U23-kvinner/2015/U23-Laget-mot-Sverige-er-

Title: Re: Under-23 team
Post by: law10 on May 31, 2015, 08:35:36 PM
Curious how Sweden scored.  Were they the result of getting beat wide?
Title: Debuts in U23s
Post by: Alan on June 03, 2015, 09:00:07 AM
Trondheims-Ørn's goalkeeper Kristine Nøstmo made her debut in the Under-23s on Sunday in the 1-2 loss to Sweden.  "I thought we would play better, as we had done well against England and the USA", she told Fotballmagasinet.

The Swedes took the lead in the first half after a couple of good attempts.  In the second half they were lucky with a long shot that was helped into goal by the wind.  Norway took a reducer but the match ended at 1-2. "It wasn't a good match.  We were good at times but we were also very bad at times.  We were not accurate enough with the passing and were not tough enough in duels.  It was all very uneven, really", said Nøstmo. 

But apart from that disappointment she has had a good week with the U23s in Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad.  "Very good to be here and I've met a lot of new people.  It's been great, apart from the match".

Vilde Fjelldal from Medkila scored her first Under-23 goal in her first match from the start at this level.  Sweden ran up a 2-0 lead, and in the 58th minute the stage was set for the 17-year-old.  She took the ball in the penaly area and scored with one touch.  "It was great to score and it topped the whole week", Fjelldal told Fotballmagasinet.  "Dekkerhus had a shot.  First it went past then it came back in and I managed to put it into goal.  It was a really great feeling".

Fjelldal debuted on Friday when she had half an hour at the end of the 2-2 draw with the USA, and she followed it up with 90 minutes against Sweden.  "It was a bit on and off.  We deserved to lose but we could have had a point at the end when we were really pressing", she said.  In stoppage time Guro Reiten sent a good cross over to the back post, but Nora Byom-Nilssen put the ball over and the match ended with a loss to Sweden.

Despite this, and third place in the tournament, she has had a very valuable week with the U23s.  "It's been exciting and I have noticed the higher level here, with more physical strong play", said Vilde Fjelldal.   

Andreas Kristoffer Berge http://www.fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=28874 http://www.fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=28873