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Title: Under-15s
Post by: Alan on April 19, 2013, 09:39:41 AM
New J15 trainer: Lena Tyriberget has been part of the support team at European Cup and World Cup tournaments with Norwegian youth squads.  Now she is ready to take over the new Jenter-15 team of girls born in 1998.

Tyriberget's daily job is as a trainer and football developer in the Indre Østfold region.  She will be taking on the new Under-15 national team at their first gathering in Porsgrunn this summer.  She is looking forward to the new task of chief trainer.

"This is the start of a new national team school.  The aim is to introduce players to international football and the 'I play for Norway' project.  The first year is spent on giving them an idea of what is demanded at the international level, and what individual players have to do in between times when they are not at national team meetings", said Tyriberget.
The team will play two matches against Germany and another two against Sweden.  "The main goal is to develop players and create eventual members of the senior Norway team.  But obviously we go out on the field to win matches as well.  Germany is a strong team so it will be a tough start, but it's good to have an early idea of what it's all about", said the trainer.

Tyriberget has plenty of experience with international youth teams.  She was with the 1993-94 group from the start, and was the assistant trainer with Jarl Torske at the Under-19 European Cup in 2011 when Norway won silver, and also at the 2011 Under-20 World Cup in Japan.  "That group was very interesting.  I was with them from when they were 15 until they were 19 and 20.  My best memories as a trainer are from that time.  Silver at the European Cup was a big achievement and it took us to the World Cup where we reached the quarter-final, which was historic - a big moment.  The World Cup is the highest thing you can aspire to as a trainer, and to be in such a big championship is highly motivating.  It gives you experiences that are very fine to take forward with you", she said.

Tyriberget admits it is a job she really enjoys and thrives in.  "It's rewarding to work with young players who really want to be good, and to see them developing over time.  To see the players stepping up continually is inspiring.  In the last group we had Andrine and Ada Hegerberg and Caroline Graham Hansen.  It's great to watch them doing so well and there are others in the group who will take similar steps", said the 39-year-old.

"What is your main strength as a trainer?" - "I have a lot of experience from the big tournaments - I know what happens and what to expect.  I feel also that I have a good background in football and a good awareness".

In her daily job Tyriberget also works developing young footballers.  "In the region I have a dialogue with the national team leaders and follow up the best players in the region.  I also work in the broader football environment and with our local top clubs.  Trainer development is also important to bring on more good players, and to retain players for longer", she said.

The trainer from Hedmark believes that much is being done right in Norwegian football today.  "Player development is going in the right direction.  Results are showing that we are doing well at club and regional level.  There are a lot who will turn out to be good players.  That is needed to be able to compete in international football and we have to be successful in this to produce results internationally", she said.

Tyriberget has also worked in senior football.  After having been the chief trainer for Liungen in division-1 and the Toppserien, she was headhunted in 2008 for the big German club Kaiserslauten as the chief analyst.  The trainer Kjetil Rekdal wanted Tyriberget in the team.  "It was an interesting and new experience and a different world.  I was working with men in a very male-dominated culture, but it was a good and inspiring experience for me to have.  It was also very good to have been selected personally by Rekdal", she said.

Tyriberget is an expert in video analysis of football matches, and finds it very useful.  "Using video is a very good learning tool.  You are watching live pictures and discussing the subject with the evidence in front of you rather than just talking about it.  You also look for good examples of play that you can learn from", she said.

On the question of whether she has ambitions in the training world, she was not specific.  "I have not set particular goals.  I like to work with young people who want to become good players, so the work I do now is very stimulating.  But you never know what could happen in the future", said Lena Tyriberget.

Lena Tyriberget, b. 26-07-1973
Lives in: Hamar
Job: Chief trainer, J15 national team, player and trainer developer in Indre Østland region
Former jobs: Chief trainer, Liungen, 2004-5; chief analyst, Kaiserslauten, 2008; international youth team trainer since 2006.
Playing career: Vallset IL
Trainer qualification: UEFA A-licence, training studies at NIH.                    

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2013/Trenerintervju-Lena-Tyriberget/
Title: Under-15s squad for Porsgrunn
Post by: Alan on May 24, 2013, 03:42:30 PM
The Under-15 squad for the Statoil development camp in Porsgrunn has been selected by trainer Lene Tyriberget:

Hildegunn Sævik  -  Avaldsnes
Tonje Kjøll  -  Randaberg
Susanne Haaland  -  Holmen
Marie Nielsen  -  Asker
Anja Rasmussen  -  Skånland
Åse Marit Kasin  -  Snøgg
Marthe Nilsen  -  Tertnes
Gabrielle L.H.Lie  -  Skarp
Kathrine Pleym  -  Norild
Siw Døvle  -  Halsen
Vilde Bratland  -  Tromsdalen
Maria Hustad  -  Skånland
Maiken Midtskogen  -  Koppang
Heidi Ellingsen  -  Lyn
Mia Giæver  -  Raufoss
Celine Strand  -  Skarp
Ingrid B.Kvernvolden  -   Brumunddal
Synnøve Hafnor  -  HIF/Stein
Sandra Johansen  -  Buvik
Ingrid Syrstad-Engen  -  Gimse

Each one of these could become a household name of the future at (perhaps) the 2024 Olympics . .

Title: U-15s meeting in September
Post by: Alan on August 14, 2013, 09:33:55 AM
Trainer Lene Tyriberget had picked the squad that is meeting in the period September 1-5:

Hildegunn Sævik - Avaldsnes                              
Sofie Martinsen - Urædd  
Siw Døvle - Halsen                  
Susanne Haaland - Holmen  
Marie Nielsen -  Asker                
Martine Sveløkken - Gjelleråsen      
Åse Marit Lia Kasin - Snøgg                  
Gabrielle Lie - Skarp            
Kathrine Pleym - Norild        
Vilde Bratland - Tromsdalen
Karoline Haugland - Arna-Bjørnar    
Maiken Min Midtskogen - Koppang    
Ingrid Syrstad-Engen - Gimse  
Heidi Ellingsen - Lyn    
Ingrid B. Kvernvolden - Brummundal  
Synnøve Hafnor - HIF/Stein      
Sandra Johansen - Buvik        
Celine Strand - Skarp  

03-09 Norway-Germany, UKI Arena
05-09 Norway-Germany, UKI Arena

Title: New U-15 team
Post by: Alan on September 03, 2013, 08:40:31 AM
A new national team plays its first matches this week against Germany, on Tuesday and Thursday at Jessheim.

"We are on our way a last and the players have chance to try their skills", said trainer Lene Tyriberget.  The meeting will be used to give the new players an idea of the demands.  "We will see how this year's group performs.  Against Germany we will meet a top team, and it's good to get an early impression of how the land lies", said the trainer.

She wants to see players showing they can play at the international level.  "This is the start of a learning process and we will find out what kind of players we have", she said.

The Norwegian team consists mainly of debutantes, with a few players who have played in the U-16s this year.  "It's good that some of the squad already have some experience.  The matches will be tough with a tempo the players are not used to.  They must use their skills at a level they have not played at before.  We have a goal of winning at least one of the matches", she said.

The trainer hopes that people will come to the matches and support the new team.  "I hope people from around Oslo will come to watch tomorrow's heros.  This is exciting for the players and the support team", said Tyriberget. 

The matches are at 18.00 on Tuesday and 11.00 on Thursday.

Erlend Marius Aas http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2013/Debut-for-nytt-J15-landslag/
Title: Re: Under-15s
Post by: Therese on September 03, 2013, 07:46:42 PM
03-09 18:00 Norway-Germany (1-2HT) 1-3FT
UKI Arena

Title: Re: Under-15s
Post by: Alan on September 03, 2013, 09:39:40 PM
OK thanks for that Therese, the NFF has an article that will be on here later tomorrow as I have to go out early . 
Title: Norway 1 Germany 3
Post by: Alan on September 04, 2013, 12:25:30 PM
The Under-15s are in their first meeting this week and played their first match on Tuesday.  As expected it was a difficult match against the Germans, but after a weak start the Norwegians raised their game, which pleased the trainer Lena Tyriberget.

"It was the tough match that we expected.  I am very proud of the girls' work rate and they showed a will to work on what we discussed beforehand.  They got into the match in the second half and gained in confidence", she told fotball.no.

The Norwegians went two goals down early in the match but scored a reducer after 27 minutes.  When Germany had a player sent off just before half time Norway took over more in the second half.  "It was a bit of a shock to start with, with the play at a level they had not met before.  They managed to match the level gradually and I think this is something that this gang will take forward with them.  The start they have had has been a good one", said Tyriberget.

But she says they have a lot to work on.  "We can see a lot of improvement is needed in the tempo, the passing and in decision-making, and in reading the play quickly enough.  It's good for them to have something to strive for".

Germany took over early in the match and scored first after 13 minutes.  Stefanie Sanders was played through and ran from the defence.  After 21 minutes they doubled the lead after a Norwegian corner when Germany counterattacked and Isabella Möller finished with a goal.

Norway's reducer came after a corner in the 27th minute that was placed into goal by Synnøve Hafnor.  Five minutes Germany earned a red card.  The referee punished a reaction by Jenny Hepp and sent her off.  In the second half Norway moved forward and Ingrid Kvernvollen hit the crossbar with a shot from 18 yards.  After 60 minutes they had a gigantic double chance from a corner.  Two shots went in towards goal but both were cleared off the line.  Eight minutes from the end Germany finished the contest when Giovanna Hofman went forward and put the ball under the crossbar from about 22 yards.  

Norway's captain Karoline Haugland thought the team had had a good opportunity to try themselves against the Germans, but there had been a lot of hard running.  "They are a good team that play one- and two-touch football so we had a lot of running in the spaces.  But it got better after a while", she said.  The red card gave them a better chance.  "We were better after the red card.  We agreed to apply some pressure and I feel we managed it so it was a pity when they scored another goal".

Norway's skipper is one of the players who has already played for the Under-16s and she is thriving.  "I have never been with this gang before.  They are good folks.  Good at football and socially as well", said Karoline Haugland.

The second of the two matches is at 11.00 on Thursday.

Norway 1 Germany 3, training match, UKI Arena Jessheim, Sep. 3 2013
Referee: Kristina Husballe, Denmark
Red card:  Jenny Hipp
Goals: 0-1 Stefanie Sanders 13, 0-2 Isabella Möller 21, 1-2 Synnøve Hafnor 27, 1-3 Giovanna Hofmann 72.  

Hildegunn Sævik -
Siw Døvle, - (Under 15), Maiken Min Midtskogen (Kathrine Pleym 76), Heidi Ellingsen (Susanne Haaland 68) -
Karoline Heimvik Haugland, Ingrid Byrøygard Kvernvolden, Gabrielle H. L. Lie (Åse Marit Lia Kasin 68) -
Synnøve Rønquist Hafnor (Ingrid Syrstad Engen 52), Sandra Johansen (Vilde Bartland 41), Celine Strand (sub. 41).          

Erlend Marius Aas http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2013/J15-Norge---Tyskland/
Title: Re: Under-15s
Post by: Therese on September 05, 2013, 12:19:34 PM
05-09 11:00 Norway-Germany (0-1HT) 0-3FT
UKI Arena

link: http://www.dfb.de/news/de/d-u-16-juniorinnen/u-16-juniorinnen-erneut-siegreich-gegen-norwegen/46498.html
Title: Good start for Norway but 0-3 loss
Post by: Alan on September 05, 2013, 06:21:42 PM
The U-15s showed they had learned from their first match and delivered a good performance against Germany on Thursday, despite losing 0-3.  The team tired towards the end and allowed the Germans two quck goals to give a flattering final result.  But for 70 minutes they played well.

"I am very well pleased with the first half and a lot of the second.  The girls showed they had learned a lot especially in defence.  Today we also managed to give our passing more length and we created a lot at times.  I am very proud of the team's performance", said the U-15s' trainer Lena Tyriberget.

"Today the team knew more about who they were meeting and we agreed to believe that we could match them or even beat them.  We didn't manage it but we went out and tried as hard as we could and made an honest effort.  It was good to see", said the trainer.

This has been the new team's first meeting.  "The conclusion is that we have had a good start.  We have a lot to work on but when this squad has has been together for more time the potential of many of them will come out.  It will be exciting to watch", said Tyriberget.

The Norwegian team started without too much respect and went into duels.  Germany struggled to find a way through.  The first big chance went to Norway after 28 minutes after a corner with three players waiting at the back post, but none of them managed to score.  Instead Germany took the lead two minutes later when they rolled up with an attack across the pitch and Giovanna Hofman shot to the far post for 0-1.  Five minutes later Ingrid Kvernvolden was played through for Norway but under pressure she put the ball out.  

In the second half Norway still battled well and kept up with the Germans but the chances were fewer.  But at the end of the match Germany had two chances that they sank, first from Stefanie Sanders and then from Laura Freigang.

Ingrid Syrstad-Engen was pleased with her first international match.  "It was great.  To start an international match and stand there to sing the national anthem is something I have dreamed about since I started with football.  Listening to them all singing was really good", she said.  In the first half she was on the wing and struggled a little to become involved, but later she was moved to central midfield.  "I started on the left wing which I have never done before, but I just had to take the challenge.  It was good to go into the middle where I am used to playing", she said.

Striker Ingrid Kernvolden also played her first international match from the start.  In the first half she plagued the German defence with her speed, and delivered a good performance for 80 minutes.  "I value starting very highly, and the whole team was determined to go for a win.  I think the first half went very well but we didn't last to the end of the match.  We were told to press up.  On Tuesday we found that when we press them we became uncertain and made mistakes, and we became tired after pressing so much", she said.

Kvernvolden said the German team is good but their level is nothing to be afraid of.  "They are one of Europe's best teams.  They go for touch-play and they can all dribble, but they are not unbeatable.  If we get another chance we'll take them", said Ingrid Kernvolden.  

Erlend Marius Aas http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2013/Norge--Tyskland-J15/
Battling for Norway, Ingrid Syrstad-Engen:

[attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Under-15 squad to play Sweden
Post by: Alan on September 10, 2013, 09:07:23 AM
The Under-15s started their international careers with two training matches at home to Germany, and now will play two more, with Sweden the opponents this time.

But trainer Lene Tyriberget has picked two Under-15 teams and these matches will be played by the next of her selections.   

Hildegunn Sævik  -  Avaldsnes                              
Tonje Goa Kjøll  -  Randaberg                            
Susanne Haaland  -  Holmen IF                            
Marie Nielsen  -  Asker                                      
Martine Lien  -  Drøbak /Frogn IL                      
Anja Rasmussen  -  Skånland/OIF                      
Jannike O. Andersen  -  Sogndal                                  
Gabrielle Lie  -  Skarp IF                                  
Vilde Bratland  -  TUIL Tromsdalen Fotball  
Maria Hustad  -  Skånland/OIF                      
Maiken Min Midtskogen  -  Koppang FK                          
Ingrid Syrstad-Engen  -  Gimse                                    
Heidi Ellingsen  -  Lyn                                          
Mia Giæver  -  Raufoss                                  
Andrea Willmann  -  Lyn                                          
Jenny Norem  -  Kolbotn IL                            
Ingrid B. Kvernvolden  -  Brummundal Fotball          
Sandra Johansen  -  Buvik IL                                
Benedikte Iversen Håland  -   NBK

17 Sep. Norway–Sweden 17.30, Askim Sports Park
19 Sep. Norway-Sweden 14.30, Halden Stadium.


The U-15s' last match against Germany was watched by a crowd of 723, a number that beat all but four of Norway seniors' home matches in the last five seasons.  
Title: Re: Under-15s
Post by: Alan on September 17, 2013, 08:00:07 AM
Synnøve Hafnor interviewed after scoring the new team's first goal in the first match:
Title: Norway 1 Sweden 5
Post by: Alan on September 18, 2013, 09:38:17 AM
The U-15s lost to Sweden yesterday.  Trainer Lena Tyriberget had hoped they would establish their own game in the training match, but they could not keep up.  Sweden were too strong and won 5-1.

"It was a tough experience.  I think the first ten minutes were ok but after Sweden took the lead we lost a lot of our individual and collective skills.  They pressed us for the rest of the match and we never came up to the level needed for international competition both in passing quality and mobility", Tyriberget told fotball.no.  "We were far too nice".

On Thursday the team has an opportunity for revenge, and the trainer has her work cut out to improve them.  "We must first find out what went wrong today.  They need to know that in international matches you have to dig deep.  We must bring out that message", said the trainer.

"I am a little thoughtful after a match like that, but I know that in youth football there are always new matches and development.  It's important to have players who can learn the lesson and do something with it in their everyday lives.  They must work hard and not be discouraged by this kind of match", she said.  "We need to look no further back than the second match against Germany a fortnight ago where we had a good performance.  At the same time we need a lot of improvement in the passing so they must all go home and start work on that".

Norway's goal was scored by Marie Nielsen.  Thursday's match is at Halden Stadium at 14.30.

Norway-Sweden 1-5 (0-3), Askim Arena 17-09-2013
Ref: Linda Andersen, Norway
Yellow card: Maiken Min Midtskogen

Hildegunn Sævik -
Susanne Haaland (Jannike Orrestad Andersen 41), Marie Nielsen, Anja Rasmussen, Vilde Bratland (Martine Lien 72) -
Ingrid Syrstad-Engen, Maiken Midtskogen, Gabrielle Lie (Maria Hustad 61) -
Heidi Ellingsen (- 56), Andrea Willmann, Ingrid Kvernvolden (Sandra Johansen 41).

Erlend Marius Aas http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2013/Norge---Sverige1/
Title: Norway 0 Sweden 5
Post by: Alan on September 20, 2013, 09:49:59 AM
The U-15s are having a brutal introduction to international football, and lost the second training match against Sweden on Thursday.

They had a relatively good first half and finished 0-1 down, but in the second half the the visitors scored four more.  "It isn't fun to lose by that much.  We were very determined to achieve something, and this team is not impossible to beat, but we didn't succeed", said Norway's captain Maiken Midtskogen.  She could not explain what happened to the team after half time.  "We went out with the feeling that we could manage something.  I don't really know what happened", she said.

The skipper thinks the team must take home what they have learned this autumn, and train.  "Sweden were very good, like Germany, but they are not unbeatable.  We have a lot more skill than we were able to show in these two matches.  The international level is very high and we must learn our lessons and train to increase our strength and skills.  We must work hard before next year", said Midtskogen.

Sweden took the lead after 18 minutes despite good play from Norway in the first half.  An attack developed on the right wing and a fast cross came in for Nina Holmqvist to throw herself forward to score.  Norway allowed them few chances and went forward several times, but the final passes were not good enough and the Swedish defence were able to clear. 

In the second half things got rapidly worse.  After seven minutes Cassandra Korhonen battled the ball into goal for 0-2, and the same player took advantage of poor defending again three minutes later for 0-3.  In the 58th minute the ball came into the box, Ebba Wieder won her duel and it was 0-4.  In the 65th minute substitute Anja Rasmussen was unlucky and scored an own goal duelling with a Swedish forward.  The result was 0-5.

Trainer Lena Tyriberget was naturally disappointed.  "In the first half we were compact and performed as a team, and our passing was a little better, but in the second half there were a lot of individual mistakes and we were punished", she said.  "The players must learn to stand up in one-to-one situations and duels, find more tempo in what they do, otherwise they will be punished for it as they were today".

Now she hopes they will work hard over the winter.  "They take home the experience of two tough matches against Germany and two against Sweden.  It has been a brutal start to their international careers but they have gained a lot of knowledge.  We'll see which ones manage to use it well in their club environments", said Tyriberget.

Norge 4-2-3-1:
Tonje Goa Kjøll -
Martine Lien (Sandra Johansen 41), Marie Nielsen, Gabrielle Lie (Vilde Bratland 64), Jannike Andersen -
Maiken Min Midtskogen, Ingrid Syrstad Engen (Heidi Ellingsen 52) -
Jenny Norem, Ingrid Kvernvolden, Mia Gievær (Maria Hustad 52) -
Andrea Willmann.       

Erlend Marius Aas http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2013/J15-Norge---Sverige/
Title: Re: Under-15s
Post by: Alan on April 03, 2014, 08:52:51 AM
Some possible future U-15 players from the south of Norway were gathered near Oslo for a training session in the Østfoldhallen last week:
Title: Under-15s to Sweden
Post by: Alan on August 29, 2014, 07:07:38 PM
Norway's U15 trainer Roar Wold has picked the squad for training matches in Sweden in September.

Frida Thomas - Stabæk
Marie Aspenes - TUIL Tromsdalen
Amanda Sørensen - Kirkenes
Kristin Müller - Arna-Bjørnar
Malin Brenn - LSK Kvinner
Ine Aarskog - Staal Jørpeland
Vilde Birkeli - Skedsmo
Camilla Huseby - Kolbotn
Ida Giske - Viking
Sophie Haug - Kløfta
Tone Bettina Pirisi - Kolbotn
Andrea Norheim - Bryne
Ine Østmo - Mandalskameratene
Therese Vollan Kristensen - Bossekop
Julie Rasmussen - Dahle
Emilie Woldvik - Kløfta
Emilie Nautnes - Fortuna Ålesund
Ingrid Olsen - Egersund

16 September: Sweden - Norway, Tingvalla Idrettspark, Karlstad, 19.00,
18 September: Sweden - Norway, Sannerudsvallen Kil, 13.00.

Title: Under-15s in Sweden
Post by: Alan on September 16, 2014, 08:56:26 AM
On Tuesday and Thursday this week there are Under-15 matches between Norway and Sweden.  Trainer Roar Wold looks at the matches as an exciting challenge for our youngest international players.  "We have a fine gang of talented players, so we are looking forward to seeing them in action", said Wold to fotball.no.

"The girls are excited and a little nervous.  We have tried to reduce the pressure and the nerves but these are matches in which it's important for us to see some good performances.  Everyone will try their luck and and we want them to have a positive experience", said the trainer.

The players have been selected for their skills, but the challenge for these individuals is to be play as a team.  "The skills are definitely there.  The girls are well schooled and talented players but we are working to get them to play as a team.  It's a challenge but we'll make it work", said Roar Wold.

Frida Thomas, Stabæk
Marie Aspenes, TUIL Tromsdalen
Amanda Sørensen, Kirkenes
Kristin Müller, Arna-Bjørnar - withdrew 29/8
Malin Brenn, LSK Kvinner
Ine Aarskog, Staal Jørpeland
Vilde Birkeli, Skedsmo
Camilla Huseby, Kolbotn
Ida Giske, Viking
Sophie Haug, Kløfta
Tone Bettina Pirisi, Kolbotn  - withdrew 8/9
Andrea Norheim, Bryne
Ine Østmo, Mandalskameratene
Therese Vollan Kristensen, Bossekop
Julie Rasmussen, Dahle
Emilie Woldvik, Kløfta
Emilie Nautnes, Fortuna Ålesund
Ingrid Olsen, Egersund
Cecilie Otterlei, Fortuna Ålesund - new player 29/8
Noor Eckhoff, Lyn - new player 8/9   

Espen Hauge http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2014/J15-Dobbeltoppgjor-mot-Sverige/
Title: Norway's starters today
Post by: Alan on September 16, 2014, 05:32:11 PM
Frida Bergmann Thomas -
Ine Agnethe Aarskog, Camilla Huseby, Malin Johnsen Brenn, Cecilie Otterlei -
Therese Vollan Kristensen, Ida Isaksen Giske, Andrea Norheim, Emilie Marie Aanes Woldvik -
Ine Sofie Leschbrandt Østmo -
Ingrid Olsen.

Kickoff in Sweden is at 19.00.

Title: Sweden 2 Norway 2
Post by: Alan on September 16, 2014, 08:57:25 PM
Sweden equalised in stoppage time in this evening's U15 match with the Norwegian visitors, and the match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Norway started best with striker Ingrid Olsen putting Norway into the lead after 13 minutes, before Sweden equalised in the 67th minute with a goal by Ebba Hed.  Soon after that Andrea Norheim gave Norway a 2-1 lead.  It lasted almost all the way but Malin Larsson scored the 2-2 equaliser in stoppage time.

"This was at times a good football match between players with good skills.  I would say the result is fair, but the players were obviously disappointed with the late equaliser.  When they look back on the match they will recognise it as a good performance", said trainer Roar Wold.

The next match is on Thursday.  "We will make a few adjustments and set out to control the tempo better.  We were a bit too enthusiastic at times today", said the trainer.    

Frida Bergmann Thomas -
Ine Agnethe Aarskog, Camilla Huseby, Malin Johnsen Brenn, Cecilie Otterlei (Vilde Birkeli 41) -
Therese Vollan Kristensen (Julie Rasmussen 41), Ida Isaksen Giske, Andrea Norheim, Emilie Marie Aanes Woldvik (Noor Eckhoff 56) -
Ine Sofie Leschbrandt Østmo -
Ingrid Olsen (Sophie Haug 56).

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2014/Slik-stiller-J15-landslaget-mot-Sverige/
Video highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp2x-lRi60o
Title: Sweden-Norway 0-1
Post by: Alan on September 18, 2014, 06:57:20 PM
The U15s won their training match in Sweden on Thursday.  Two matches have been played; on Tuesday it was 2-2 but on Thursday it finished 1-0 to Norway with a goal by Ingrid Olsen early in the second half.

"It was a match we controlled from start to finish.  The players were very disciplined: we lay low and stopped up the space that Sweden used last time.  It meant that we won the ball in good positions", said trainer Roar Wold.

Olsen's goal was similar to the one in the first match.  A pass was played through between the left-back and left centre-back, and Olsen snapped it up and hammered it into the near corner of the net.

"In the first half there were few chances, but it opened up for us in the second.  We produced four or five chances before the goal, and some big ones afterwards as well.  It was a very well played match, offensively and defensively", said the trainer.  "The team worked well together and there were many fine performances.  Frida Thomas had to come in at short notice when Marie Aspenes was injured in warming-up, and played a very solid match.  There were many good performances apart from that".

He is pleased with the experience the team has had in their trip to neighboring Sweden.  "We take a lot with us - especially the learning experience from the first match to the second.  The work and learning they achieved in two days makes me very pleased.  It's tremendous that they absorbed so much learning quickly and understood what to do.  We have a lot of good footballers and we look forward to the future", said Roar Wold.

Sweden - Norway 0-1 (0-0), U15 friendly, Sannerudsvallen Kil, 18-09-2014
Spectators: 756
Cards: none
Goal: Ingrid Olsen 48.

Frida Thomas -
Vilde Gullhaug Birkeli (Cecilie Otterlei 62), Camilla Huseby (Malin Brenn 62), Andrea Norheim (capt), Ine Agnethe Aarskog -
Amanda Sørensen (Therese Kristensen 41), Ida Isaksen Giske, Sophie Roman Haug, Rikke Bogetveit Nygard (Noor Eckhoff 41), Ine Sofie Leschbrandt Østmo (Emilie Woldvik 30) -
Ingrid Olsen (Julie Rasmussen 62).

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2014/J15-Disse-starter-mot-Sverige/

Video highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I5OYLISljU high-quality Under-15 football
Title: Squad for trip to Poland
Post by: Alan on October 11, 2014, 10:28:15 PM
U15 trainer Roar Wold has picked the Under-15 squad for two matches in Poland at the end of the month.

Frida Bergmann Thomas, Stabæk
Linn-Mari Nilsen, Førde
Kristin Müller, Arna-Bjørnar
Malin Johnsen Brenn, LSK Kvinner
Ine Agnethe Aarskog, Staal Jørpeland 
Vilde Gullhaug  Birkeli, Skedsmo
Camilla Huseby, Kolbotn
Ida Isaksen Giske, Viking
Tone Bettina Pirisi, Kolbotn
Andrea Norheim, Bryne
Ine Sofie Leschbrandt Østmo, Mandalskameratene
Emilie Marie Aanes Woldvik, Kløfta
Emilie Nautnes, Fortuna Ålesund
Ingrid Olsen, Egersund
Rikke Bogetveit Nygard, Hovding
Helene Schjelderup, Grand Bodø
Emilia Ruud, Lørenskog
Emilie Raaum Closs, Lørenskog

27 October 18.00:  Poland–Norway, Miejski w Ostródzie Stadium
29 October 11.00:  Poland–Norway, Miejski w Ostródzie Stadium.     

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2014/J15-landslagstropp-til-kamper-mot-Polen/
Title: Under-15s win in Poland
Post by: Alan on October 27, 2014, 07:11:31 PM
Norway beat Poland away 2-3 this evening.

Poland - Norway 2-3 (2-2), Stadion Miejski w Ostródzie, 27-10-2014
Goals: 0-1 Camilla Huseby 16, 0-2 Ine Agnethe Aarskog 20, 1-2 Aleksandra Smigielska 25, 2-2 Klaudia Nogalska 32, 2-3 Synne Vatnem 75.

Frida Bergmann Thomas –
Ine Agnethe Aarskog, Camilla Huseby, Kristin Müller (capt), Emilie Raaum Closs (Malin Johansen Brenn 75) –
Rikke Bogetveit Nygard (Emilia Ruud 75), Ida Isaksen Giske (Helene Rædergård Schjelderup 75), Andrea Norheim (Tone Bettina Pirisi 41), Ine Sofie Leschbrandt Østmo (Synne Vatnem 64) –
Emilie Nautnes, Ingrid Olsen (Emilie Marie Aanes Woldvik 41).

Thomas Brekke Sæteren http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2014/J15-Disse-moter-Polen/  
Title: Under-15s win again in Poland
Post by: Alan on October 29, 2014, 04:19:24 PM
Norway beat Poland away 0-6 this morning in their second match of the trip, having won 2-3 on Monday.

Norway had a good start to the match with a goal by Emilie Nautnes after only seven minutes.  Another goal by Ine Agnethe Aarskog and a penalty by Andrea Norheim followed, to give a half-time score of 0-3.  In the second half there were goals from Ingrid Olsen - twice - and Andrea Norheim, and Norway finished with a haul of six goals.
Trainer Roar Wold was naturally pleased.  "Today's match was a step up from the last one", he told fotball.no afterwards.  "I am very pleased that so many players showed their skills.  We made many substitutions but we managed to keep the level up and created new chances all the time".

"We played fine football and created a lot, even though we were a bit slow in the box.  There were three fine goals and some good performances", said the trainer.  

In the second half Poland came more into the match.  "In the second half they tried to move the play forward but it gave us more room and gave us two more nice goals as well as one from a set-piece", said Wold.  "We had full control all the way.  We made six substitutions and steered in a good win without giving away a single scoring chance".

Wold says there was really not much difference bewteen the two matches.  "We made some mistakes that gave Poland a couple of goal in the first match, and struggled to convert our own chances.  Today everything was a little better, even though there was not a lot of difference.  But we scored from our chances in the first half and gained confidence that drove us on and made us give less away", he said.

The trainer has a lot of positive things to take home.  "We have many exciting players here, with a lot of potential to become really good", he said.  "It's an exciting year with most of the players showing good skills".

Poland-Norway 0-6 (0-3), Stadium Miejski w Ostródzie, 29-10-2014
Yellow card: Anita Bosak, Poland
Goals: Emilie Nautnes 7; Ine Agnethe Aarskog 27; Andrea Norheim 37 (pen), 72; Ingrid Olsen 50, 55.

Linn-Mari Nilsen –
Ine Agnethe Aarskog, Kristin Müller (capt), Andrea Norheim, Emilie Raaum Closs (Camilla Huseby 56) –
Synne Vatnem (Helene Schjelderup 41), Ida Isaksen Giske (Malin Johnsen Brenn 41), Emilia Ruud, Ine Sofie Leschbrandt Østmo (Rikke Bogetveit Nygard 56) –
Emilie Marie Aanes Woldvik (Ingrid Olsen 41) –
Emilie Nautnes (Tone Bettina Pirisi 63).

Espen Haugen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Landslag/Aldersbestemt_jenter/Aldersbestemt-jenter/J15/2014/J15-Norge-leder-mot-Polen/
Title: Under-15s meeting in Stavanger
Post by: Alan on May 19, 2015, 11:50:20 AM
Norway's J15 chief trainer Børje Sørensen has picked the squad for a training meeting in Stavanger from June 17-21.  The squad was announced on Fløya's web page.

Dina Aas - Fossum
Oda Eide Arnesen - Kopervik
Vilde Austad - Inderøy
Thea Bjelde - Sogndal
Eline Bjørmark - Stoppen
Joanna Bækkelund - Lyn
Live R. Deila - Stoppen
Naomi Griffin - LSK Kvinner
Emma Fraser Hoff - Nøtterøy
Kristin Holmen - Fagernes
Sara K Lysen - Kongsvinger
Ingeborg Løvli - Nannestad
Andrine Mo - Arna-Bjørnar
Marte Sofie Ness - Grand Bodø
Rikke Nygard - Arna-Bjørnar
Jenny Røsholm Olsen - Lyn
Kristin Rage - Bryne
Mathilde Alsaker Rogde - Forus og Gausel
Karen Oline Sneve - Freidig
Malin Sunde - Fortuna Ålesund
Elin Sørum - Fløya
Marte Taugbøl - Kongsvinger
Ylinn Tennebø - Tornado Måløy


Rikke Nygard, just transferred to Arna-Bjørnar: