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Title: Medkila
Post by: Alan on March 25, 2013, 10:10:04 AM
Medkila IL are the newcomers in the Toppserien this year, coming in to replace Kattem who had to withdraw after having beaten Medkila in the qualification round at the end of last season.  But Medkila have previous Toppserien experience and won the Cup in 2003 in a shock win over Kolbotn.  They come from the northern town of Harstad, so following Fløya's relegation in 2010 the Arctic region is once again represented in the elite league.  Medkila's keeper is British-American with a lot of football experience behind her in the USA.

On Thursday they played a 1-1 draw against Amazon Grimstad, and two days later they followed up with a 1-0 win over Trondheims-Ørn.

Medkila - Amazon Grimstad 1-1

Medkila took the lead against Amazon Grimstad with a penalty scored by Ane Sund Walsøe, but the match ended in a 1-1 draw.  Medkila played without striker Victoria Ludvigsen who had a slight injury.  

The match was even at the start with the first big chance after 20 minutes when Medkila's Jeppesen had a shot saved.  In the 38th minutes Jeppesen was brought down for a penalty that was placed to the keeper's left by Walsøe for a 1-0 lead, which was the half-time score.

In the second half Silje Blakstad gave Amazon an equaliser, and despite chances Medkila could not score again.  

Medkila v Amazon Grimstad 1-1 (1-0), La Manga, 21-03-13
Goals: 1-0 Ane Sund Walsøe (38), 1-1 Silje Blakstad.

Ashley Thompson -
Stine Frantzen Schultz (Mette Skau), Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk, Cesilie Andreassen -
Lise Lotte Øvre (Lise Grønvoll), Rosie Malone-Pavolny, Marita Holmen Iversen -
Lina Sund Karlsen (Janett Aloyseous), Elisabeth Jeppesen, Keara Thompson (Sigrun Linaker Dybvik).    
Lise Linaker http://www.medkila-il.no/

Win over Trondheims-Ørn at La Manga

Medkila had a 1-0 win over Trondheims-Ørn after a goal by Victoria Ludwigsen.  It was an even match but the final result was well deserved.  The first chance came after two minutes with a shot by Keara from 8 yards.  Three minutes later Trondheims-Ørn had a big chance after a corner ended up with three unmarked attackers, but keeper Ashley cleared up nicely.  Marita had a good chance after 15 minutes from 33 yards but her shot from a poor clearance went over the bar, a nice attempt by the little midfield terrier.  

Medkila took over more and more, and there were many near-goals but the half-time score was still 0-0.  In the second half Mette came on for Stine who had some cramp.  Trondheims-Ørn took the upper hand, but not much happened in front of goal before Victoria took herself through nicely and scored alone with the keeper.

Medkila v Trondheims-Ørn 1-0 (0-0), La Manga 24-03-13
Goal: Victoria Ludvigsen.

Ashley Thompson -
Stine Frantzen Schultz (Mette Skau), Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik (Martine Hustad) -
Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Malone-Pavolny, Victoria Ludvigsen (Lise Lotte Øvre) -
Lina Sund Karlsen (Janett Aloyseous), Elisabeth Jeppesen, Keara Thompson (Lise Grønvoll).    

Lise Linaker http://www.medkila-il.no/

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Title: Re: Medkila 2013
Post by: Alan on April 03, 2013, 09:32:47 AM
Medkila are in the process of signing 16-year-old Cesilie Andreassen from Svolvær.  Only the formalities need to be completed.  

"The decisions have been taken, so there is nothing in the way", Andreassen told Harstad Tidende.  She has already played many matches for Norway's U-16 and U-17 teams.  "I have accepted a one-year contract in the first instance, so we'll see after the season if I will continue at Medkila", she told ht.no on Tuesday.


The contract is at Andreassen's home for her and her parents to sing and return.  Medkila has also signed Rosie Malone-Povolny from the US, Canadian Keara Thompson, Victoria Ludvigsen from Grand Bodø and Lise Nysted Grønvoll from Furuflaten. www.ht.no

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Title: Medkila - Sandviken today
Post by: Alan on April 20, 2013, 08:59:20 AM
The Sun has taken over at last, temperatures are climbing and in the ground we can see the spring starting - a welcome sign that the football season is just round the corner.  On Saturday at 15.00 we welcome Sandviken from Bergen at Harstad Stadium.  After last week's away match in Grimstad was postponed this is our first chance to compete for points.

Sandviken played their first match last weekend, against LSK Kvinner, which they lost, and they can be expected to run out on Saturday determined to put things right.  They finished 6th last season.  The experts have tipped three or four teams to fight it out at the top, while the rest, including us and Sandviken, will compete for the rest of the places.  Our trainer team has a very good relationship with their trainer Øyvind Nordtvedt, a very nice chap with his feet on the ground who has done great job and we are looking forward to welcoming him and the squad to Harstad.

We have used the last days to play matches against the boys' team and the juniors.  We had a chance to try out our strengths after a tough winter.  We are especially pleased that Cesilie Andreassen from Svolvær will probably play her first official match for Medkila.  She is a constant member of the national U-17 squad and played against Ireland last Sunday.  It will be exciting to see how Cesilie will manage in the Toppserien and she will be an attraction in the stadium despite being so young.    

Title: Medkila 4 Sandviken 1
Post by: Alan on April 21, 2013, 09:12:15 AM
Medkila had a solid start on Saturday to their latest Toppserien career, at home to Sandviken.  "We were ready to start the season last week and are straining at the leash.  I think the team is ready for a better year than we had last year and I am sure we are good enough for the top division", said trainer Roy Berntsen.

For the first ten minutes Sandviken dominated the play and made several attacks on the right.  But then there was a beautiful goal for Medkila by Elisabeth Jeppesen who took the ball on her chest and then whipped it over the Sandviken defender with her right foot and volleyed into the keeper's far corner with her left.  The best goal this year at Harstad Stadium.  Two minutes later Jeppesen advanced into the penalty area and shot over the keeper into goal.  Medkila then came more into the match and created several chances.  After half an hour the play evened out with Sandviken more in the match but without chances.  Medkila moved further back on the pitch.

In the second half the play was even and Melissa Bjånesøy scored a reducer for 2-1 after 59 minutes.  But Medkila's third goal was scored by Ane Sund Walsøe after a corner when she jumped the highest and headed the ball into goal.  4-1 for Medkila came in the 75th minute with a goal by Stine Frantzen after some good attacks by Sandviken had been repelled.      

Five minutes from the end Sandviken were pressing for a goal but good goalkeeping by Ashley Thompson kept them out.  A big chance from Sandviken went to the crossbar but Ashley was able to clear it.  Medkila were a bit lucky to win 4-1.

Medkila 4 Sandviken 1 (2-0), round-2, Harstad Stadium, April 20 2013
Goals: 1-0 Elisabeth Jeppesen 10, 2-0 Jeppesen 12, 2-1 Melissa Bjånesøy 59, 3-1 Ane Sund Walsøe 61, 4-1 Stine Frantzen Schultz 75.

Medkila: Ashley Thompson - Ane Sund Walsøe, Cesilie Andreassen, Ida Janett Fjordbakk, Stine Frantzen Schultz, Victoria Ludvigsen, Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Frances Malone-Povolny, Lina Sund Karlsen, Elisabeth Jeppesen, Keara Thompson.

Ivar L.Paulsen http://www.ht.no/sport/article7431111.ece
Jeppesen's first goal: http://www.nrk.no/sport/fotball/sjekk-elisabeths-vakre-scoring-1.10996997

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Title: Nearly a point for Medkila
Post by: Alan on April 28, 2013, 04:47:47 PM
Medkila very nearly captured a point at Nadderud on Sunday afternoon until their hopes were ended by Elise Thorsnes in the 89th minute with the winning goal for Stabæk.

There was a strong headwind against the visitors and their first chance from Stine Frantzen went wide.  A shot from Stabæk in the 17th minute was saved by Ashley Thompson in the Medkila goal.  After 25 minutes a Stabæk corner was cleared but two minutes later Stabæk had a goal disallowed for offside, and then a shot from 12 yards was saved by Thompson.  Two more corners were taken by Stabæk without a result, but in the 39th minute Caroline Graham Hansen fired a cannon shot into the top corner of the net from 33 yards.  The teams went in at half time with the score at 1-0.

Early in the second half a free kick by Keara Thompson was steered into Stabæk's goal by Elisabeth Jeppesen and honours were even.  Stabæk had another goal disallowed in the 62nd minute followed by a huge chance in the 66th, and in the 73rd minute Stabæk battered the visitors' goal but after a save by Thompson the return went off the crossbar and away.  The match looked like ebbing away until Thorsnes's winner for 2-1 a minute from full time.

Ashley Sophia Anne Thompson -
Sirgun Linaker Dypvik, Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk, Lise Nysted Grønvoll -
Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Malone Povolny, Victoria Ludvigsen -
Stine Frantzen Schultz, Elisabeth Jeppesen, Keara Thompson.
Subs: Mette Skau, Lise-Lotte Øvre, Janett Aloyseous, Lina Sund Karlsen.

Tone Anita Karlsen http://www.ht.no/sport/article7477313.ece
Title: Amazon 0 Medkila 1
Post by: Alan on May 01, 2013, 08:03:10 PM
The longest trip in the Toppserien, 750 miles one-way as the crow flies, was rewarded with three points to the travellers on Wednesday evening from the only goal of the match by the new rising star, Elisabeth Jeppesen.  The match had been postponed from the first round because of pitch conditions.

Medkila started with a big chance to Victoria Ludvigsen but her shot went wide.  Jeppesen's goal came from about 19 yards when she took the ball after a corner, went round a defender and shot straight into goal.  A second goal for Jeppesen was disallowed for offside at the start of the second half.

Medkila had most of the ball and also the most dangerous chances in the match, which they deserved to win, and now they have six points from the first three rounds of the Toppserien season.

1 Ashley Sophia Anne Thompson -
3 Ane Sund Walsøe, 19 Ida Jeanett Fjordbakk (capt), 8 Mette Aasvik Skau, 22 Sigrun Linaker Dybvik -
10 Cesilie Andreassen, 16 Keara Thompson, 17 Marita Holmen Iversen, 20 Rosie Frances Malone-Povolny -
11 Victoria Ludvigsen, 9 Elisabeth Jeppesen.

Øivind Arvola, Harstad Tidende http://www.ht.no/sport/article7493379.ece
Keeper Thompson and captain Fjordbakk lead Medkila out, at home to Sandviken:

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Title: Stabæk and Medkila on top
Post by: Alan on May 05, 2013, 04:44:50 PM
Medkila won their away match at Klepp on Sunday and now are the only ones with three wins other than Stabæk.

Klepp started the best but were unable to score in the first half.  Medkila's assistant trainer Stein Nilsen said at half time that the team must raise their game to take a point.  After 58 minutes they counterattacked when Cesilie Andreassen went forward and passed to Elisabeth Jeppesen who sent the ball onwards to Keara Thompson and the 0-1 goal.  The play evened out in the second half, and with no more goals Medkila take three points with them back north, and are second in the table with four matches played.  

Klepp-Medkila 0-1 (0-0), Toppserien, round 4, Klepp Stadium, May 5 2013
Goal: Keara Thompson 59

Ashley Thompson -
Sigrun Linaker Dybvik, Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk, Lise Grønvoll -
Cesilie Andreassen (82 Mette Skau), Rosie Malone-Povlony, Marita Holmen Iversen, Keara Thompson -
Elisabeth Jeppesen, Victoria Ludvigsen (87 Lise Lotte Øwre).

Andreas Isachsen, Tore Skadal, Harstad Tidende http://www.ht.no/incoming/article7513473.ece

Medkila's success has been achieved on the back of a punishing travel schedule with three away matches in a week.  From their home town beyond the Arctic circle they played away matches at Stabæk on Sunday April 28, then at Amazon Grimstad on the south coast on Wednesday and finally Klepp on the west coast the following Sunday, so they were hardly at home during that time with many flights, changes of plane and a lot of hanging around at airports.  So two wins and a narrow loss at Stabæk in that week is a heroic performance for the newcomers in the Toppserien.
Title: Medkila 1 LSK Kvinner 2
Post by: Alan on May 11, 2013, 10:46:17 AM
LSK Kvinner won the top match in Harstad in front of a big crowd to take over second place in the Toppserien on Thursday.  

Emilie Haavi and Marit Sandvei scored two quick goals shortly before half time at Harstad Stadium in front of 388 spectators.  The visitors had a 2-0 lead at half time.

Not many people expected points for Medkila even though they have surprised by winning three of their first four matches.  The chances were reduced after 75 minutes when substitute Linn-Cecilie Burås scored a goal for 3-0.  Victoria Ludvigsen took a consolation goal for the hosts but LSK had a 3-1 win.  Kolbotn advanced to third place by beating Røa so Medkila are now fourth.

In spite of the loss, trainer Roy Berntsen was not disappointed.  "We played a solid match and should not forget that LSK is a team full of international players.  Medkila has nothing to apologise for after this loss", he said to Harstad Tidende.

Thomas Karlsen http://fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=26422

Medkila - LSK Kvinner 1-3 (0-2), round 5, Harstad Stadium, May 9 2013
Spectators: 388
Ref: Ann Wenche Kleven, Ellingsrud IL
Yellow card: Victoria Ludvigsen
Goals: 0-1 Emilie Haavi 32, 0-2 Marit Sandvei 36, 0-3 og 76, 1-3 Victoria Ludvigsen 86.

Ashley Sophia Anne Thompson -
Stine Frantzen Schultz (Mette Skau 63), Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Jeanett Fjordbakk, Lise Nysted Grønvoll -
Victoria Ludvigsen, Marita Holmen Iversen, Cesilie Andreassen (Lise Lotte Øvre 72)-
Rosie Frances Malone-Povolny, Keara Thompson, Elisabeth Jeppesen (Kina Sund Karlsen 86).

LSK Kvinner:
Tinja-Riikka Korpela -
Katri Nokso-Koivisto (Brita Hansen 46), Marita Skammelsrud Lund, Anne Myren Stenstvedt, Marit Sandvei -
Ingrid Moe Wold, Emilie Bosshard Haavi, Mari Karoline Knudsen, Madeleine Giske (Nasra Abdullah 46) -
Isabell Lehn Herlovsen (Linn-Cecilie Larsen Burås 68), Synne Sofie Kinden Jensen.

(positions uncertain).

Match photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.507560082645302.1073741856.158611120873535&type=1
Title: Medkila 1 Arna Bjørnar 8
Post by: Alan on May 12, 2013, 03:36:50 PM
The first big total of the Toppserien season happened at Arna Idrettspark on Sunday when Arna Bjørnar recovered from a terrible performance on Thursday by scoring eight, with six players on the home team's score sheet.  Medkila were the unfortunate victims.

Medkila had a big chance after 5 minutes when Keara Thompson crossed in but Lise Grønvoll's shot did not go in.  Three minutes later Marita Iversen had a shot from 20 yards saved.  Arna Bjørnar then came through on the side, alone with keeper Ashley Thompson who saved brilliantly.

After more chances both ways Victoria Ludvigsen lobbed the keeper after through-play by Iversen for a well deserved 0-1 lead to the visitors.  In the 27th minute there was another fine save by Thompson.  In the 31st a cross from Grønvoll went over Keara Thompson at the far post.  Medkila had established their play in AB's half but AB were dangerous on the counter.

The equaliser came after 33 minutes from a corner.  Four minutes later it was 1-2 when Medkila lost the ball on an attack.  AB put the ball in from the by-line and the shot went up into the net, an impossible one for Ashley Thompson.

Immediately in the second half the home team attacked, with a shot over goal after a corner and then another after an attack on the right, followed by a long shot that Ashley tipped over the bar.  The next goal came in the 52nd minute when AB played up the right side and centred the ball.  The defence was passive and the shooter had a free shot from 13 yards.  Another goal followed in the 55th minute with a shot from 13 yards at a wide angle.  The ball went up in an arc over Ashley, who got a hand to it, and she had a second attempt but the assistant ref said it was a goal and so 1-4.  

Arna Bjørnar were now well on top but Elisabeth Jeppesen had a shot in the 67th minute which went over.  5-1 came from an attack on the left, a run in and a shot from a wide angle.  Again Jeppeson got through at the other end but her shot was wide.  In the 80th minute Medkila failed to clear a ball and it was put into an open goal.  In the 87th Ashley cleared a ball to the feet of an AB player who had a simple job alone with the keeper.  The final goal came in from 33 yards, over Ashley and into goal.    

Medkila 1 Arna Bjørnar 8 (1-2), round 6, Arna Idrettspark, May 12 2013
Goals: 0-1 Victoria Ludvigsen 18, 1-1 Nora Holstad Berge 35, 2-1 Amalie Eikeland 38, 3-1 Tina Algrøy 52, 4-1 Amalie Eikeland 55, 5-1 Kristine Hegland 71, 6-1 Nora Holstad Berge 80, 7-1 Ine Wedaa 85, 8-1 Cecilie Kvamme 90.

Ashley Thompson -
Mette Skau, Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk, Sigrun Linaker Dypvik (Lise Lotte Øvre 60) -
Lise Grønvoll, Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Malone Polvony (Lise Linaker 81) -
Keara Thompson, Elisabeth Jeppesen (Janett Aloyseous 84), Victoria Ludvigsen.

Ivar L. Paulsen http://www.ht.no/sport/article7549583.ece
Title: Re: Medkila 2013
Post by: Alan on May 30, 2013, 06:41:45 PM
Ashley Thompson introduces the Medkila-Vålerenga match on May 20:
Title: Trondheims-Ørn Medkila 3-1
Post by: Alan on June 02, 2013, 11:34:19 AM
Medkila took an early lead in their round 8 match with a goal by Victoria Ludvigsen, but the home team took over and won 3-1.

In goal for Medkila was their former keeper, who subsequently played a season for Trondheims-Ørn, Ingrid Thorbjørnsen.  Ashley Thompson was on the bench with a shoulder injury.  "Although it feels much better it is still sore so I am taking no chances by playing today.  I think it's best to be a hundred percent fit before I play a match again", she said.

She had never met Thorbjørnsen.  "I have never met her or seen her in action but from what I have heard from the other girls and the trainers she is a very solid goalkeeper who will certainly do a good job", said Thompson before the trip.

Ingrid Thorbjørnsen was looking forward to making a comeback for her old club.  "It will be exciting to try myself in goal again.  I have not played an official match since the cup-final against Røa two and a half years ago.  In the last week I have trained with Trondheims-Ørn.  Physically I am in good shape but obviously I am short of match time", she said the day before the match.  Thorbjørnsen played 74 league matches for Medkila in division-1 and then 22 in the Toppserien with Trondheims-Ørn in 2010.

Trondheims-Ørn - Medkila  3-1 (2-1), round 8, DnB Arena, Ranheim, May 25 2013
Crowd: 130
Goals: 0-1 Victoria Ludvigsen (16), 1-1 Hege Nordvik (33), 2-1 Oda Fugelsnes (40), 3-1 Andrea Haugstøyl (76).

Ingrid Thorbjørnsen -
Mette Skau (71 Sigrun Linaker Dybvik), Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk, Lise Nysted Grønvoll -
Keara Thompson (82 Lise Linaker), Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Malone-Povolny -
Cesilie Andreassen (77 Janett Aloyseous), Elisabeth Jeppesen, Victoria Ludvigsen.    

Tore Skadal, Andreas Isachsen http://www.ht.no/incoming/article7626409.ece
Match photos: http://www.pvv.org/~steinl/tr-oern/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=259&page=1&sort=na
Title: Helped by the spirit of the North
Post by: Alan on June 08, 2013, 09:23:21 AM
"The North Norwegian spirit has helped us".  That was how Medkila trainer Roy Berntsen explained how his team has started the season so well.  On Saturday Avaldsnes are visiting them for the round-9 match.

Avaldsnes have also had a useful start to this year's Toppserien.  More surprising perhaps is that Medkila have done the same.  The team from the Arctic town of Harstad has had a great start, with ten points from eight rounds.  "I think it will be an even match.  These are two teams with ten points.  Avaldsnes has a lot of good players on paper, but I will be very surprised if it isn't a close match", said Berntsen to fotball.no.

"We will go out to steer the match and play our own game.  To achieve that there will be a lot of hard work and we must be strong defensively to win the ball in the right places", said the trainer.

Berntsen is not surprised that Medkila has started strongly.  "Few outside the club believed it would happen.  We have been lucky and skillful, and I am very pleased with the work that has been done.  We have a opportunity to develop even further", he said.

He mentioned several reasons for the team's success so far.  "We have plenty of experience and good basics in the team.  Also we have a team spirit and a North-Norwegian drive that we are extremey proud of", he smiled.

But the trainer remains realistic.  "Our goal is to keep our place in the league.  If we manage that we will have done well.  We are glad of every single point and have hopes of a win over Avaldsnes, even though we know it will be tough", said Roy Berntsen.

Christer Madsen http://www.fotball.no/Landslag_og_toppfotball/Toppfotball/Toppserien/2013/Nykommerne-motes-til-dyst/
Title: Medkila - Avaldsnes 2-2
Post by: Alan on June 08, 2013, 10:43:48 PM
The match at Harstad Stadium on Saturday started with the teams battling and chances to both sides.  Cecilie Pedersen scored first for Avaldsnes after a cross from the right which found her unmarked.  The equaliser came in the 30th minute and was scored by Keara Thompson shooting from a corner of the penalty area into the far corner of the net.  Four minutes later Medkila had a huge chance with a header at the near post which brought a great save from keeper Gunbjørg Gunnarsdottir.

In the second half there were few chances until the 74th minute when Elisabeth Jeppesen took the lead for Medkila after a cross from Thompson.  The play picked up towards the end but there were no more goals until stoppage time when Avaldsnes had a late equaliser from a corner when the ball was headed into goal by Linnea Liljegärd.

Medkila - Avaldsnes 2-2 (1-1), round 9, Harstad Stadium, June 8 2012
Ref: Catherine Eide, Bækkelaget SK
Yellow cards: Victoria Ludvigsen, Medkila; Ellie Brush, Avaldsnes
Goals: 0-1 Cecilie Pedersen 15, 1-1 Keara Thompson 30, 2-1 Elisabeth Jeppesen 74, 2-2 Linnea Liljegärd 90.

Ashley Thompson -
Lise Grønnvoll, Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk, Stine Frantzen Schultz (Mette Skau 62) -
Cesilie Andreassen, Marita Iversen, Rosie Malone-Povolny, Keara Thompson -
Elisabeth Jeppesen, Victoria Ludvigsen (Lise Lotte Øvre 83).
Bench: Martine Hustad, Lise Linaker, Jeanett Aloyseous, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik.

Match photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.520948464639797.1073741885.158611120873535&type=3
Title: Match updates today:
Post by: Alan on June 15, 2013, 09:25:38 AM
Harstad Tidende is giving live updates from Medkila's away match at Kolbotn this afternoon:
Title: Kolbotn 0 Medkila 0
Post by: Alan on June 18, 2013, 10:00:17 PM
Medkila took a useful point from the match at Sofiemyr Stadium on Saturday.  On previous visits there the two teams drew 2-2 in 2011 and in 2004 Kolbotn won 10-0.  On Saturday Kolbotn were displeased, with good reason.  The home team steered the play but were not good enough in finishing.  The visitors created little and must congratulate themselves on holding out for a point to take back to Harstad.  

Kolbotn 0 Medkila 0, round 10, Sofiemyr, June 15 2013
Spectators: 52
Ref:  Linda Andresen, Eidsvold TF
Cards: none.

Ashley Thompson -
Mette Skau, Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk, Cesilie Andreassen -
Keara Thompson (Lise Lotte Øvre 77), Marita Holmen Iversen (Janett Aloyseous 91), Rosie Malone-Povolny, Lise Nysted Grønnvoll -
Elisabeth Jeppesen, Victoria Ludvigsen.

Match photos: http://www.oblad.no/bildeserier/kolbotn-medkila-0-0-1.7938449
Title: Congratulations, Medkila!
Post by: Alan on August 04, 2013, 06:29:18 PM
With their 2-0 win at home to Røa yesterday Medkila gained three new points and are up to a total of 15.  The club has already broken its former record in the top league, which was 12 points in 2011 and 7 points in 2004.  They went down into division-1 both times.

Now the club is in the top half of the table in 6th place, 9 points above the relegation zone, with the season's halfway point passed this weekend.  Things are looking good for the Harstad girls: a lot would have to go wrong for them to lose their place now.

It's a great performance for the club that went into the elite league at the last minute.  It was on February 6 that their place was confirmed as the club that would replace Kattem.  North-Norway United hopes and believes that Medkila will keep their place this time.

Title: Avaldsnes - Medkila 3-0
Post by: Alan on August 24, 2013, 10:47:13 PM
Avaldsnes won the match 3-0 deservedly on Saturday with physique and mental strength, and individual skills at a high level.  Fantastic to try our skills against Brazilian international players and Europeans of good class.  On Saturday they were too strong.  We don't like to lose and feel we were not on top form, but if we use the experience right we are sitting with a lesson we can learn and improve with.  

We were in the match from the start but were not clever and decisive enough at critical moments.  This can be corrected in time for the next match - against Stabæk :).

Avaldsnes - Medkila 3-0 (3-0), round 14, Avaldsnes 1, August 17 2013
Ref: Linda Andresen, Eidsvold TF
Goals: 1-0 Cecilie Pedersen 19, 2-0 Pedersen 31, 3-0 o/g 32.

Ashley Thompson -
Mette Skau (Sigrun Linaker Dybvik 80),
Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Jeanett Fjordbakk, Lise Nysted Grønvoll -
Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Malone-Pavolny, Victoria Ludvigsen (Lise Lotte Øvre 58) -
Keara Thompson, Elisabeth Jeppesen, Cesilie Andreassen (Lise Aamot Linaker 80).

Title: Medkila-Stabæk 0-4
Post by: Alan on August 26, 2013, 12:24:44 PM
Before Sunday's match at Harstad Stadium Stabæk lay in top place in the table with 37 points and had dropped points away from home only to LSK Kvinner.  Mekila were in 8th with 16 points of which they had taken 9 at home in Harstad with only one defeat.

The home team was 2-0 down just before half time when Cesilie Andreassen took the ball forward nutmegging two Stabæk players before she crossed it in to Elisabeth Jeppesen who tried a shot from distance, but it went a long way from goal.  A minute later Rosie Malone-Povolny had a shot from 22 yards that went wide but only by a yard or so.

In the second half Mekila created very little until the 73rd minute when a ball came in from the left for Lise Lotte Øvre to control it and shoot, but keeper Pettersen saved it without any problem.

Mekila's player of the match was Rosie Malone-Povolny.

Medkila 0 Stabæk 4 (0-2), round 15, Harstad Stadium, August 25 2013
Crowd: 253
Ref: Emilie Rodahl Dokset, Asker Fotball Kvinner
Cards: none
Goals: Cathrine Dekkerhus 20, Caroline Graham Hansen 34, Ida Elise Enget 48, Graham Hansen 50.  

Ashley Thompson -
Cesilie Andreassen (Lise Lotte Øvre 46), Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjordbakk (capt), Lise Grønvoll -
Victoria Ludvigsen, Keara Thompson (Jeanett Aloyseous 66), Marita Iversen, Rosie Malone-Povolny, Stine Frantzen Schultz -
Elisabeth Jeppesen (Lise Linaker 73).
Subs: Mette Skau, Sigrun Dybvik.

Ivar L. Paulsen http://www.ht.no/sport/article8139789.ece
Match photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.556024117798898.1073741931.158611120873535&type=3
Title: Medkila-Klepp 0-0
Post by: Alan on September 03, 2013, 09:29:18 AM
Photos from the match in round 16 on Saturday:
Title: Sandviken-Medkila 0-3
Post by: Alan on September 30, 2013, 09:49:57 AM
Medkila started stonger on their visit to Bergen on Sunday and after 14 minutes Cesilie Andreassen sent a ball forward to Elisabeth Jeppesen who placed it into the corner of the net from 16 yards.  Three minutes later the ball was won by Marita Iversen and finished up with Jeppesen again, who dribbled up and placed it in the same corner.  After 27 minutes Jeppesen tried again but the keeper saved her shot.  

Sandviken came into the match and Medkila began to struggle, and keeper Thompson went into action to save a shot and throw herself forward to smother the return and hold the ball.  In the last minutes of the first half Medkila had a couple more chances from Victoria Ludvigsen and Cesilie Andreassen.

In the second half chances went both ways until the last 20 minutes when both teams tired and the play deteriorated.  After the 85th minute Medkila found some opportunities to counterattack, and in the 88th minute Ludvigsen sent in a pass to substitute Janett Aloyseous who thumped it in from six yards.  

Medkila finished with three points and have secured their place in the Toppserien for next season.  With 23 points in total they are in 9th place but only six points behind 4th-placed Avaldsnes.

Gøran Gimsøy, Harstad Tidende http://www.ht.no/sport/article8352835.ece  

Sandviken-Medkila 0-3 (0-2), round 19, Stemmemyren, Bergen, Sept 29 2013  
Spectators: 136
Referee: Monica Larsen, Bækkelagets SK
Cards: none
Goals: 0-1 Elisabeth Jeppesen 13, 0-2 Jeppesen 16, 0-3 Janett-Marlen Aloyseous 90.

Ashley Thompson -
Mette Skau (Sigrun Linaker Dybvik 66), Lise Grønnvoll, Ida Fjordbakk, Ane Sund Walsøe -
Rosie Malone-Polovny, Marita Holmen-Iversen, Victoria Ludvigsen -
Keara Thompson, Elisabeth Jeppesen (Lise Linaker 72), Cesilie Andreassen (Janett Aloyseous 69).
Title: Medkila - Trondheims-Ørn 2-1
Post by: Alan on October 13, 2013, 11:21:03 PM
Medkila - Trondheims-Ørn 2-1 (1-0), round 20, Harstad Stadium, Oct 13 2013
Spectators: 202
Referee: Tone Lise Berghøi, Hauerseter
Yellow cards: Rosie Malone-Povolny
Goals: 1-0 Rosie Malone-Povolny 42, 1-1 Kristin Lie 62, Elisabeth Jeppesen 90.

Ashley Thompson -
Mette Skaun (Sigrun Linaker Dybvik 83), Ane Sund Walsøe, Ida Fjorddbakk (capt), Lise Grønvoll -
Cesilie Andreassen, Keara Thompson (Lise Lotte Øvre 71), Marita Iversen (Lise Aamot Linaker 86), Rosie Malone-Povolny, Elisabeth Jeppesen -
Victoria Ludvigsen.
Title: Medkila 2013
Post by: Alan on October 19, 2013, 05:34:01 PM
See the team training in Harstad on Friday: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153342944475640&set=vb.304351152946236&type=2&theater
Title: Medkila video
Post by: Alan on October 20, 2013, 03:08:58 AM
Five Medkila players, Ane Sund-Walsøe, Marita Holmen Iversen, Ida Fjordbakk, Cecilie Andreassen and Mette Skau, made a video:
Title: Røa - Medkila 3-1
Post by: Alan on October 20, 2013, 10:30:02 PM
Røa overtook Medkila in the table by winning today's match in Oslo.

Røa - Medkila 3-1 (2-0), Round 21, Røabanen, Oct 20 2013
Spectators: 110
Referee: Ann Wenche Kleven, Ellingsrud IL
Yellow card: Kristine Edner Wæhler
Goals: 1-0 Kine Kvalsvik 7, 2-0 Runa Vikestad 40, 2-1 Keara Thompson 65, 3-1 Kine Kvalsvik 72.  

Ashley Thompson -
Sigrund Dybvik (Marianne Linaker 90), Ida Fjordbakk (capt), Ane Sund Walsøe, Lise Grønnvoll -
Cesilie Andreassen (Janett Aloyseus 76), Keara Thompson (Lise Lotte Øvre 65), Marita Iversen, Rosie Malone-Povolny, Victoria Ludvigsen -
Elisabeth Jeppesen


Medkila should have been in division-1 in 2013, but after Kattem ceased operations and Fart refused the offer of a Toppserien place, Medkila took the chance that came to them.  Predicted to go straight down again, they have taken 26 points so far this season and although they are in 9th place they are only three points short of Vålerenga in 5th place after 21 rounds, and eight points ahead of 10th-placed Klepp.
Title: Medkila looking for talent
Post by: Alan on December 06, 2013, 09:32:57 AM
Medkila is on the hunt for talented footballers in north Norway.

Katrine Winnem Jørgensen of Hardhaus has played ten youth international matches, Ida Fikseth Fossum of Mjølner has played 14, while her teammate Vilde Fjelldal has 21 to her name.  All three of the Narvik-based players are on Medkila's wish list, according to trainer Roy Berntsen.

The club is also trying to sign Yngvild Kaspersen of Fløya.  "We are in discussions with Yngvild.  She is very interesting to us now that Ida Fjordbakk has gone to Avaldsnes.  She is at school in Tromsdalen until the summer but usually we are good at accommodating players from outside Harstad", said Berntsen.  Fløya's captain Sara Johansen has told Medkila that she is not interested.

"We have started discussions with the Narvik trio and their clubs to find the best way to develop these players.  They are talented and have a big potential.  If they are to develop into Toppserien players it's all about a good training environment", said the trainer.  "All these girls could be good Toppserien players if they want to and they have the right environment".

"North Norway has many talented players coming along in the 14-18 age range.  We have many girls in the international youth teams and we could almost talk about a youth revolution", said Berntsen.  "Medkila is in a position where we compete with the best teams in the country.  We want to be an arena where the best young players in the North can develop into elite-league players, and at the same develop Medkila into one of the best teams in Norway".  

Medkila was also in discussions with Marie Dølvik Markussen of Stakkevollan, but she decided to go to Stabæk instead.    

Title: Re: Medkila 2013
Post by: Alan on December 06, 2013, 01:35:34 PM
Medkila skipper Ida Fjordbakk reviews the club's best season: http://www.ht.no/incoming/article8712115.ece
Title: Changes at Medkila
Post by: Alan on January 11, 2014, 09:33:06 AM
 Medkila has lost two players over the winter but has signed three more.

Sandra Hegdahl has decided to move north from newly promoted Topperisen club Grand Bodø, while Ane Høiby Wikeland is moving south from Fløya in Tromsø.  Ida Marie Fikseth Fossum has signed for Medkila from Narvik-based Mjølner in division-2.  

Fossum has played 14 international matches in the U-15, U-16 and U-17 teams and is now stepping up to the Toppserien.  Ane Wikeland was abroad last autumn so played only ten matches in division-1 last year.  

Medkila has lost three players.  Keara Thompson has gone back to Canada and Lise Nysted Grønvoll is taking a break from football.  Captain Ida Fjordbakk has joined Avaldsnes.

Thomas Karlsen http://fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=27184&title=Nord-_norsk_trio_til_Harstad

http://kvinnefotball.no/component/content/article/3-venstre/1483-silly-season-i-gang has a complete list of transfers to January 11.
Title: Medkila signs US player
Post by: Alan on March 19, 2014, 03:35:31 PM
Medkila has signed Sarah Elnicky to replace Ida Fjordbakk who went to Avaldsnes over the winter.  "She is our new central defender", said sports manager Ole-Martin Linaker to Harstad Tidende when it was announced the American player was coming to Harstad last week.

Elnicky is an experienced player and already on Sunday she played in the training match against Grand Bodø.  "Sarah Elnicky has played in the Swedish Norrettan and Elitettan for five seasons, first at Kvarnsveden IK and then at Sirius IK.  Between those she played a season for Hafnafjördur in the Iceland first division", said Linaker.

She arrived in Harstad on Wednesday last week and was met at Evenes airport by Ashley Thompson.  "Sarah is from Rochester, New York.  We are looking forward to seeing her in action for us, first in the training match at the weekend", wrote the club's facebook site last week. 

Thomas Karlsen
Title: Medkila's new captain
Post by: Alan on March 29, 2014, 06:02:33 PM
Victoria Ludvigsen (20) is Medkila's new captain for 2014.  She follows in the footsteps of Ida Jeanette Fjordbakk who is now playing at Avaldsnes.

"I'm very proud that they chose me", said Ludvigsen, who joined Medkila last year from Grand Bodø.  The midfielder is just now at La Manga with the rest of the team.  She finds it difficult to say why she was picked.  "I prefer to think it's because I set a good example in matches.  I go into duels quite happily", said Ludvigsen.

She was supported by trainer Roy Berntsen.  "We have several possible captains in the squad but Victoria was picked because she puts in such a tremendous effort at training and in matches.  As well as that she has good skills and always demands a lot of herself.  She is always positive and is respected within the group", said Berntsen.  He thinks that Ludvigsen as the skipper will bring something extra to the team.  "She is  really good and I think extra responsibility will help her to grow as a player", he said.  Last year she played 22 matches for Medkila and scored six goals.  

Ludvigsen follows previous popular captains like Hege Christensen, Tone Rokstad and most recently Ida Fjordbakk.  "For me it's a new experience to be captain, and I was uncertain about accepting it.  But I think I could grow as a person in the job.  It was very important for me to be supported by my teammates, so we'll see how I fill the shoes of the girls who have gone before me", smiled Victoria Ludvigsen.        

Jonny Karlsen, Harstad Tidende  

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Title: Re: Medkila
Post by: Alan on March 31, 2014, 07:10:20 PM
At La Manga Medkila had a day of competitions on Sunday:

[attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Ashley Thompson injured
Post by: Alan on April 03, 2014, 06:02:32 PM
Medkila had bad news after the match against Trondheims-Ørn at La Manga.  Goalkeeper Ashley Thompson had to go off with a knee injury and it has been confirmed that she will be out for most of the season with anterior cruciate ligament damage.  This leaves the club without their first keeper three weeks before the start of the season.
Title: Medkila 0 Avaldsnes 3 in round 1
Post by: Alan on April 24, 2014, 09:08:33 AM
Trainer Roy Berntsen accepted that Avaldsnes deserved to win Monday's match at Harstad Stadium, but said that Medkila had chances.  "At 0-0 we could have taken the lead, and later we could have had a penalty.  At 0-2 we hit a post", he said.

"A couple of the goals against us were unnecessary and costly", said Medkila's Australian keeper Eliza Campbell.  The 18-year-old thought that she should have managed to take the third of the visitors' goals.  She has been pitched in at the deep end after a serious ACL injury to Ashley Thompson shortly before the start of the season.  


Medkila 0 Avaldsnes 3 (0-1), round 1, Harstad Stadium, 21-04-2-14
Spectators: 212
Referee: Ann-Marie Sjøvika, Brandval IL
Cards: Eliza Campbell
Goals: Debinha 16, 52, Rosana 90.

Eliza Monique Campbell -
Sigrun Linaker Dybvik (Ane Wikeland 89), Ane Sund Walsøe, Sarah Elnicky, Cesilie Andreassen -
Rosie Malone-Povolny, Marita Iversen, Lise Linaker (Lise Lotte Øvre 76), Victoria Ludvigsen, Ida Fossem (Sandra N. Hegdal 76) -
Elisabeth Jeppesen.
Title: Medkila 2 Vålerenga 1
Post by: Alan on May 07, 2014, 11:11:36 AM
May 1 highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3FauocGLMw
Title: Stabæk 4 Medkila 0 in round 5
Post by: Alan on May 18, 2014, 07:22:24 PM
Medkila's striker Elisabeth Jeppesen was sick and stayed at home when the squad travelled to Oslo for the away match against the champions.  Stabæk had the best home record last year and were the big favourites for the match.

After a few minutes there was little doubt that Stabæk were in the driving seat although a shot over the goal was the only concrete evidence.  Stabæk had a free kick which captain Ludvigsen cleared away, and Medkila lay in a solid defensive formation.  Medkila's 18-year-old keeper Eliza Campbell kept the ball out of the net with help from her defenders but Stabæk started to look a little more dangerous.

In the 34th minute Ane Sund Walsøe tried to clear a ball which was snapped up by a home-team player for a 6-yard shot which Campbell was able to turn out for a corner.  But after 42 minutes Melissa Bjånesøy thumped the ball into goal from 12 yards after a Stabæk cross had been badly cleared, leaving Campbell no chance of a save.

In the second half Stabæk continued where they had left off and scored a second goal after 53 minutes.  Elise Thorsnes took a long pass behind Medkila's defence and scored a nice goal at the far corner behind the keeper.  After 70 minutes Medkila were struggling to get forward and most of the possession was held by Stabæk.  In the next minute they were able to break forward and Sandra Hegdahl was alone with Ingrid Hjemseth but the experienced keeper took the ball easily.  Stabæk scored again at the other end when Cathrine Dekkerhus shot from outside the box stright into goal, but again Campbell had little chance of taking it.

In the 81st minute Katrine Winnem Jørgensen made her Toppserien debut.  The Narvik girl had just returned from an Under-17 international match.  Melissa Wiik came on for Stabæk.  Soon afterwards Campbell averted a fourth goal for Stabæk as the Australian keeper made another save in what was a good match for her.  But in the last minute of play Medkila's defender Sigrun Linaker Dybvik was unlucky in a duel which ended up in an own-goal, which was however credited to Wiik.  

Stabæk took their third straight home win at Nadderud and stand with a 14-0 goal difference at home.  They are now two points behind LSK in fourth place.

Stabæk 4 Medkila 0 (1-0), round 5, Nadderud Stadium, May 18 2014
Spectators: 301
Referee:  Tove Marie Tandstad, Velledalen og Ringen FK
Cards: none
Goals: Melissa Bjånesøy 43, Elise Thorsnes 53, Cathrine Dekkerhus 74, Melissa Wiik 90.

Ingrid Hjelmseth -
Siri Nordeide Grønli (Line Hauge 60, (Melissa Wiik 82)), Trine Rønning, Stine P. Reinås, Guro Bergsvand -
Ingrid Schjelderup, Cathrine H. Dekkerhus, Ingvild L. Isaksen -
Ida Elise Enget, Elise Thorsnes, Melissa Bjånesøy (Rikke Storrø 78).
Bench: Siri Ervik, Celine Granli, Kristin Ramde Tveit.

Eliza Campbell - Sigrun Linaker Dybvik, Ane Sund Walsøe, Sarah Elnicky, Cesilie Andreassen (Mette Skau 88), Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Malone-Povolny, Victoria Ludvigsen, Lise Linaker (Ida Fossem 63), Lise Lotte Øvre (Katrine Winnem Jørgensen 82), Sandra Hegdahl.
Bench: Elisabeth Lindstrøm Hansen.

Ivar L. Paulsen http://www.ht.no/sport/article9697407.ece

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.694337237300918.1073742042.158611120873535&type=1

The goals on video: http://www.stabak.no/news/article/29n5uzwyqwmb1716auak5nf2g/title/grei-seier-for-jentene

Photo: Eliza Campbell was brought in as Medkila's reserve keeper but is now in the front line after Ashley Thompson's knee injury:

[attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Medkila's second win
Post by: Alan on June 11, 2014, 11:14:14 PM
Medkila is a team that is difficult to beat at home, as Klepp found out on Monday in Harstad Stadium.  Elisabeth Jeppesen scored the winning goal in first-half stoppage time.  

Medkila had the best three chances in the match, with two more of them coming before half time.  Victoria Ludvigsen could have doubled the lead after a great free kick, and then Jeppesen could have had another goal after a corner.

In the second half Rosie Malone-Povolny went forward and shot from close range, only to watch the ball going over the bar.  But Medkila were able to celebrate the second win of the season and a seven-point total.  Keeper Eliza Campbell had a good game, catching crosses and tidying up well.  

All their points have come at home.  "It's here in the stadium that we must get the job done, especially against teams at Klepp's level.  We deserved the win after the work we did", said skipper Ludvigsen.  

Article/photo: http://www.ht.no/sport/article9785425.ece

Medkila-Klepp 1-0 (1-0), round 8, Harstad Stadium, June 9 2014
Spectators: 137
Referee: Marius Jespersen, Beisfjord IL
Yellow cards: Campbell, Medkila; Thorsen, Soleng Hansen, Åsland, Klepp
Goals: Elisabeth Jeppesen 45.

Medkila: Eliza Monique Campbell - Ane Sund Walsøe, Marianne Aamot Linaker, Sarah Catherine Elnicky, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik, Cesilie Andreassen, Marita Holmen Iversen (Ida Marie Fikseth Fossem 90), Rosie Frances Malone-Povolny, Sandra N. Hegdahl (Ane Wikeland 71), Victoria Ludvigsen, Elisabeth Jeppesen (Lise Lotte Øvre 90).
Title: Medkila - Trondheims-Ørn 3-2
Post by: Alan on June 30, 2014, 09:06:51 AM
Medkila had a good home win in Harstad on Sunday afternoon and are still in 10th place in the league but now they have a seven-point margin above Amazon Grimstad.  They came into the match after an 8-0 defeat at Arna Bjørnar.  Trondheims-Ørn are just above them.  Medkila's central defenders contributed all three goals on Saturday from set pieces, two by Walsøe and one by Elnicky.
After six minutes the home team won a corner.  Cecilie Andreassen kicked it towards the near post where centre-back Ane Sund Walsøe sent it onwards into goal.  Five minutes later Medkila had a free kick in the Ørn half but it was received by Ørn keeper Kristine Nøstmo.  Trondheims-Ørn then had possession for a while, but the home team increased their lead in the 23rd minute when Sarah Elnicky was at the near post to boost a free kick into goal.
The play evened out, with Medkila more into the play and after 33 minutes Ørn had a free kick 22 yards out which was saved by keeper Campbell.  Three minutes later Medkila's Jeppesen advanced on goal but her shot was blocked by a defender.  The teams went in at half time with the score at 2-0.

Four minutes into the second half a 25-yard free kick by Ørn was turned out by the keeper.  A little later Ørn had a penalty which was executed successfully by Guro Reiten.  The equaliser came after 59 minutes when Hege Nordvik was unmarked in the box as she took a ball out of the air and half-volleyed it into the upper part of the net - poor defending.

Medkila continued with a couple of chances and stayed on top of the play while Ørn defended.  At the end both teams went for the points but produced no finishes until in stoppage time Medkila were awarded a penalty after Andreassen had sped forward.  She passed two defenders and was brought down by the third.  Walsøe stepped forward and placed the ball high to the keeper's left, leaving Nøstmo without a chance.      

Medkila - Trondheims-Ørn 3-2 (2-0), round 10, Harstad Stadium, 29-06-2014
Spectators: 122
Referee: Tone Lise Berghøi, Hauerseter
Yellow cards: Hege Nordvik, Ørn; Sigrun Dybvik, Medkila
Goals: 1-0 Ane Sund Walsøe 6, 2-0 Sarah Elnicky 23, 2-1 Guro Reiten (pen) 52, 2-2 Hege Nordvik 60, 3-2 Walsøe (pen) 90.

Eliza Campell -
Marianne Linaker, Ane Sund Walsøe, Sarah Elnicky, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik -
Victoria Ludvigsen (capt), Rosie Malone-Povolny, Marita Holmen Iversen -
Elisabeth Jeppesen, Cesilie Andreassen, Sandra Hegdahl (Ida Fossem 81).


Two goals for Norway's Under-19 defender:

[attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Amazon Grimstad 1 Medkila 4
Post by: Alan on July 08, 2014, 04:59:30 PM
With another good win Medkila climbed to ninth place on Saturday, two points in front of Trondheims-Ørn. 

Amazon Grimstad 1 Medkila 4 (1-2), round 11, Levermyr Stadium, July 5 2014
Ref: Karl Anders Sletten, Tveit IL
Cards: none
Goals: 0-1 Sandra Hegdahl 16, 0-2 Victoria Ludvigsen 30, 1-2 Andreea Laiu 39, 1-3 Hegdal 78, 1-4 Ludvigsen 87.  

Eliza Monique Campbell -
Ane Sund Walsøe, Marianne Aamot Linaker, Sarah Catherine Elnicky, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik -
Cesilie Andreassen, Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Frances Malone-Povolny, Sandra N. Hegdahl (Katrine Winnem Jørgensen 87) -
Victoria Ludvigsen, Elisabeth Jeppesen (Ida Marie Fossem 85 ).
Title: Medkila's new captain
Post by: Alan on August 16, 2014, 09:45:44 AM
Ane Sund Walsøe is proud to take over the captain's armband at Medkila.  She has taken over after Victoria Ludvigsen joined LSK Kvinner over the summer.

The 19-year-old is planning on staying with Medkila for another year.  "The plan is to start studies in July 2015 in Oslo to be a professional engineer, so I won't be able to complete next season", she said.  Until then she will work as an assistant at Kila school.

"I know Ane's situation and we are glad that she's taking another year in Harstad.  She is an important player for us and we'll look for another solution when she decides to leave", said trainer Roy Berntsen.  

He asked her to take over.  "He asked if I was ready to take over.  I feel I am, so I accepted", said Walsøe.  She is the third club captain since last season, after Ida Fjordbakk was recruited by Avaldsnes and Ludvigsen by LSK.

The international Under-19 central defender is looking forward to the new challenge.  "It shows the trainer has confidence in me.  I think it's a big step to take the captain's armband, in a Toppserien team at the age of 19", she said.  At the Under-19 European Cup she was a key player for Norway, playing every minute in central defence alongside Marit Clausen.  

Walsøe will lead Medkila out at home against today in what could be the season's most important match for both teams.  The opponents are Grand Bodø who are in 12th place but have brought in strong reinforcements.  "We are a battling team.  Willpower and team effort must be the foundations.  Grand are not a better team than us despite the good players they have brought in.  We dropped points to them in the spring in a 2-2 draw, so we want revenge.  We had full control but the win got away from us", said Medkila's new captain.      

Live coverage from 14.45 on http://www.an.no/sport/article7528331.ece    

Øyvind Askevold Kaarbø http://www.ht.no/incoming/article10024473.ece
Title: Grand Bodø - Medkila 1-1
Post by: Alan on August 16, 2014, 07:05:39 PM
Grand Bodø - Medkila 1-1 (0-0), round 13, Nordlandshallen, 16-08-2014
Spectators: 271
Ref: Simon Bakkan Eidem, Skonseng UL
Yellow cards: Lisa Linaker, Medkila; Elisabeth Aasli, Grand
Goals: 0-1 Elisabeth Jeppesen 56, 1-1 Anne Marthe Birkeland 73.

1 Eliza Campbell (23 Silje Johansen 90) -
5 Marianne Aamot Linaker, 3 Ane Sund Walsøe (capt), 19 Sarah Elnicky, 22 Sigrun Linaker Dybvik -
17 Marita Holmen Iversen, 20 Rosie Malone-Povolny, 16 Ida Marie Fikseth Fossem -
7 Lisa Aamot Linaker (8 Mette Skau 83), 7 Elisabeth Jeppesen, 10 Cesilie Andreassen.
Title: Medkila - Arna-Bjørnar 1-7
Post by: Alan on August 25, 2014, 05:06:40 PM
Medkila started the day in 9th place with 14 points, while the visitors Arna-Bjørnar started in 4th place with 24.

Arna-Bjørnar were the most dangerous for the first 20 minutes and keeper Eliza Campbell had to make a save after a corner in the 12th minute.  After that Medkila started to press forward without creating any dangerous chances.  After 24 minutes Hege Hansen was forward for Arna-Bjørnar and Medkila failed to clear the ball as Hansen went past a defender and alone with Campbell placed the ball in via a post.

Three minutes later Sandra Hegdahl came close to an equaliser after she ran forward from Medkila's half of the pitch, but her shot from just outside the box went just out.  Arna-Bjørnar were awarded a penalty which Lisa Naalsund executed by placing the ball past Campbell who had no chance of stopping it.  AB scored another goal when Karoline Haugland shot from 22 yards.  Campbell got a hand to the ball but could not make a save.  Medkila answered with a goal in the 41st minute after they went forward and Hegdahl took the ball up to the line, passing it back to Marita Iversen for her to send it up in a perfect arc over the keeper and in at the far corner.  The teams went in with the score at 1-3.

In the second half Ine Wedaa scored for the visitors after 67 minutes and Lisa Naalsund scored the fifth in the 70th minute with her toe from 22 yards.  Substitute Tina Algrøy made it 1-6 when, alone in the box, she received a cross from the right and headed the ball in.

After 90 minutes Medkila won a free kick in AB's half.  Hustad had a shot but she did not connect with the ball and the keeper had an easy save.  Arna Bjørnar scored the final goal for a 1-7 win when Algrøy ran in from the right and shot from 6 yards into goal.  So a comfortable away win for Arna Bjørnar.  

Medkila - Arna-Bjørnar 1-7 (1-3), round 14, Harstad stadium 14-08-2014
Spectators: 141
Ref: Birgitta Solberg, Vang FL
Yellow card: Rosie Malone-Povolny, Medkila.
Goals: 0-1 Hege Hansen 24, 0-2 Lisa Naalsund (pen) 30, 0-3 Karoline Haugland 30, 1-3 Marita Iversen 41, 1-4 Ine Wedaa 67, 1-5 Naalsund 70, 1-6 Tina
Algrøy 82, 1-7 Algrøy 90.

Eliza Monique Campbell -
Marianne Aamot Linaker, Ane Sund Walsøe, Sarah Catherine Elnicky (Silje Johansen 84), Sigrun Linaker Dybvik -
Ida Marie Fikseth Fossem, Marita Holmen Iversen (Maria Hustad 82), Rosie Frances Malone-Povolny (Katrine Jørgensen 72), Cesilie Andreassen -
Elisabeth Jeppesen, Sandra N. Hegdahl.

Erlend Aspaker Nilsen http://www.ht.no/sport/article10045088.ece
Title: Røa 0 Medkila 0
Post by: Alan on September 02, 2014, 12:51:39 PM
After Victoria Ludvigsen left Medkila in the summer, Ane Sund Walsøe took over as captain at Medkila.  She has been praised by trainer Roy Berntsen.

"Ane is the youngest captain in the Toppserien at 19.  She accepted when she was asked to take the captain's armband, and she is someone we think of as a leader figure in the team.  She played today with fantastic authority", said Berntsen to Fotballmagasinet.

He was speaking on Sunday after the 0-0 draw away at Røa.  "First and foremost I think it was a fair result.  They had some dangerous chances that we gave them, but apart from that we stressed them when we played up the field and allowed them no time.  It was a fantastic job by the girls.  This is the level we must keep if we are going to do anything in the Toppserien".

"We were a bit sloppy against Arna-Bjørnar and Vålerenga, but today we were where we should be and I think we were as close to three points as Røa were", he said.  "Every little point we can take is really important because we are watching Amazon and Grand winning matches now".

In the summer Victoria Ludvigsen moved to Oslo to join LSK Kvinner.  "We felt it because she was very active in the attack with her through-runs.  We lost a good player but now we can see other young international players coming up.  Ida Fossem for example now has a chance to play in the centre where she thrives, and the experience she is having is very valuable.  So we lost a player but other talents now have an opportunity", said Roy Berntsen.

Andreas Kristoffer Berge http://fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=27962
Title: Medkila survive
Post by: Alan on October 15, 2014, 09:30:46 AM
Medkila will have another season in the Toppserien in 2015.  Even though they lost away at Klepp on Sunday they cannot be overtaken by the two relegation clubs Amazon Grimstad and Grand Bodø.

Klepp were a bit too strong although Medkila took the lead just before half time with a goal by Marita Iversen.  Cesilie Andreassen came up on the wing and sent a ball into the box where Iversen placed it into the net from 15 yards.  But in the end they lost 4-1.

With a win Medkila would have been sure of reaching safe ground, but since they lost they were still dependent on the other results.  Amazon lost 0-3 at home to Arna-Bjørnar while Grand lost 1-3 away to Trondheims-Ørn, so that neither team can pass Medkila now.  Amazon will visit Medkila in Harstad in the next round.    

Jonny Karlsen - Harstad Tidende http://www.ht.no/sport/article10224525.ece

Klepp 4 Medkila 1 (0-1), round 20, Klepp Stadium, 12-10-2014
Spectators: 246
Ref: Henrikke Nervik, Malvik IL
Cards: Karoline Surdal, Klepp
Goals: 0-1 Marita Iversen 45, 1-1 Line Smørsgård 56, 2-1 Gry Tofte Ims 71, 3-1 Smørsgård 78, 4-1 Kristin Risnes 89.  

Medkila: Ashley Sophia Anne Thompson, Ane Sund Walsøe, Martine Hustad, Sarah Catherine Elnicky, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik (Silje Helen Johansen 84), Cesilie Andreassen, Ida Marie Fikseth Fossem (Maria Hustad 68), Marita Holmen Iversen, Rosie Frances Malone-Povolny, Sandra N. Hegdahl (Mette Aasvik Skau 78), Elisabeth Jeppesen.
Title: Medkila's new US player
Post by: Alan on December 05, 2014, 08:57:04 AM
Medkila has recruited Blake Ashley Stockton, a central defender who will replace Sarah Elnicky who was not offered a new contract after a year at the Harstad club.

"We have seen her in action and she is a player with speed, tough in duels and good one-to-one", said sports manager Ole-Martin Linaker.  Stockton has played for Miami Hurricanes and in 2014 she was in Iceland with Selfoss, being voted on to the Iceland league's team of the year.

At the same time Medkila has to manage without striker Elisabeth Jeppesen and captain Ane Sund Walsøe next year.  Key midfielder Marita Holmen Iversen will leave the club in 2015 but the date is uncertain.  "We hope she will stay at least for the spring season", said Linaker.  Medkila's squad was thin this year and the team has now lost four or five key players.  In addition Lise Linaker is retiring.

On the plus side there is Stockton and goalkeeper Eliza Campbell.  Medkila is working to retain midfielder Rosie Malone-Povolny and forward Danesha Adams.  Julie Voktor Pedersen from Kolbotn is another possibility now that she has moved back to her home in Sortland, and the club is hoping to bring in Vilde Fjelldal from Hardhaus, a national Under-16 player this year.  "With all the movements we need to find four established Toppserien players as well as some regional players", said Linaker.

Øyvind Askevold Kaarbø http://www.ht.no/sport/article10418951.ece    
Title: Linaker retiring
Post by: Alan on December 09, 2014, 05:27:33 PM
33-year-old Lise Linaker has retired from Medkila.  She first played for the club at Harstad Stadium in 2001 and her Toppserien debut came against Asker three years later.  She was on the bench for the famous Cup Final win in 2003 but in 2011 she was back in the top league and her first goal in the Toppserien came against Klepp.  http://www.fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=28321

Cup Final:
Kolbotn - Medkila 1-2 (1-1), Cup Final, Ullevaal, 08-11-2003
6024 spectators
Referee: Vibeke Karlsen, Grei
Yellow cards: Hege Christensen, Kine Nordheim, both Medkila
Goals: 0-1 Stine Frantzen 6, 1-1 Tonje Hansen 14, 1-2 Anneli Giske 51.

Kolbotn (4-3-3):
Bente Nordby -
Cecilie Berg Hansen, Tone Eriksen (Ingrid Wang Andersen 56), Ingvild Stensland, Camilla Huse -
Solveig Gulbrandsen, Kristine Lindblom, Trine Rønning -
Tonje Hansen, Christine Bøe Jensen (Katrin Jonsdottir 68), Natalia Galvez.

Medkila (4-5-1):
Lise Beate Bye -
Marianne Linaker (Kine Nordheim 11), Hege Christensen, Elisabeth Lund (Tonje Rokstad 85), Line Anita Nermark -
Kristin Dalen (Cathrine Rolness 89), Lise Bergvoll, Marion Buunk, Sofie Pedersen, Stine Frantzen -
Anneli Giske.


[attachment deleted by admin]
Title: Medkila midfielder re-signs
Post by: Alan on December 19, 2014, 08:53:02 AM
Rosie Malone-Povolny has extended her contract with Medkila and will play her third season for the Harstad club in 2015.

"We are very pleased.  Rosie is a really tough player and she shows her big Medkila-heart in everything she does on and off the field", said sports manager Ole-Martin Linaker.  The American midfielder has played 46 league and cup matches for Medkila.
Øyvind Askevold Kaarbø - Harstad Tidende http://www.ht.no/sport/article10465072.ece
Title: Re: Medkila
Post by: law10 on December 19, 2014, 01:34:49 PM
Given the exodus nice someone decided to stay.  Could be a long year for them.
Title: Two signings at Medkila
Post by: Alan on December 24, 2014, 03:17:23 AM
The two new Medkila players are Julie Voktor Pedersen and Vilde Fjelldal. 

25-year-old Pedersen is leaving Kolbotn after four seasons to move back to the north.  She formerly played for Sortland and Manglerud Star.

Fjelldal is 17 and is a talented attacker who has been playing for Hardhaus for the last three seasons.  She has played 17 international matches at U15 and U17 level.  This year in division-2 she has scored 14 goals in 10 matches. 

Title: Medkila training match
Post by: Alan on February 19, 2015, 07:53:33 AM
Medkila faced Sortland's Under-16 boys on Wednesday and finished with a 4-4 draw.

Sortland took an early 2-0 lead in the Blåby hall but Medkila came back to equalise at 2-2.  "Blake Stockton scored first after a corner and a minute later Ida Fossem made it 2-2 with a long shot", said the club.  Vilde Fjelldal and Blake Stockton scored further goals.  

The two teams met on February 6 when the Toppserien team lost 1-4, so Wednesday's result is a clear improvement.  

Medkila: Maren Jacobsen - Sigrun Linaker (Martine Hustad 2nd half), Katrine Jørgensen, Blake Ashley Stockton, Mette Skau (Louise Normann 2nd half), Sandra Hegdal (Maria Hustad 2nd half), Rosie Malone Povolny, Julie V. Pedersen, Ida Fossem (Anja Rasmussen 2nd half), Danesha Adams, Vilde Fjelldal.


Goals: 1-0 Torbjørn Miklegaard, 2-0 Miklegaard, 2-1 Blake Ashley Stockton, 2-2 Ida Fikseth Fossem, 2-3 Vilde Fjelldal, 3-3 Adrian Øyan, 4-3 Øyan, 4-4 Stockton.

Ida Fikseth Fossem and Blake Ashley Stockton:

Title: Medkila signs Elisabeth Aasli
Post by: Alan on March 12, 2015, 10:01:52 AM
Right-back Elisabeth Aasli is leaving Grand Bodø for Toppserien club Medkila, which has signed the 19-year-old on a one-year contract in the first instance.

Aasli had a taste of the Toppserien in 2014 and she has decided she wants to continue.  "The decision was very simple.  I want to play in the Toppserien", she said.  She was part of the Grand Bodø team that won the Under-19 Cup in 2012.

Aasli will stay in Bodø until the summer, training with the men's team there.  "I must finish the term and the exams in Bodø but will commute to Harstad as often as possible", she said.  She aims to play herself into Medkila's starting eleven as a right back, where veteran Marianne Linaker plays.  She is a runner and likes to contribute to the attack.  "I hope to have match time, but I know it could take time to establish myself.  I must show what I can do when I have the chances", she said.

Her first match after the transfer will be against Grand Bodø.  "That will be special and it will be fun to meet the girls anyway".  On Tuesday she travels to La Manga with Medkila where they will play Amazon Grimstad and Sandviken.

Øyvind Askevold Kaarbø - Harstad Tidende http://www.ht.no/sport/article10739124.ece

Title: Medkila 3 Sandviken 0
Post by: Alan on March 20, 2015, 10:16:42 PM
Medkila IL beat their new Toppserien colleagues 3-0 at La Manga today, with all the goals scored by Danesh Adams, one of them a penalty.

"It's great to score some goals and gain some confidence on the way to the start of the season", said Adams.  The American striker played brilliantly during her short time with Medkila in 2011 and she has been on the club's wish-list ever since.  "The first half was not good and we were plagued by nerves and the strong wind.  In the second half we found our feet and began to play, and created good scoring chances.  The result is important for the team's confidence.  I think we will surprise many this year", said Danesha Adams.  

Øyvind Askevold Kaarbø http://www.ht.no/sport/article10775247.ece

Highlights: http://www.lamangatv.com/video/3-20-sandviken-medkila

Title: Re: Medkila
Post by: Alan on March 23, 2015, 09:17:21 AM
Medkila will be in action again at La Manga this afternoon, against Amazon - the north versus the south, one of the three matches on pay-tv today (£7.15 per match): www.lamangatv.com/live

Title: Medkila 1 Amazon 0
Post by: Alan on March 24, 2015, 11:28:33 AM
Medkila had a good 1-0 win over Amazon Grimstad on Monday.  I have only seen the highlights so far as I had a modem problem but it looked a good match with the only goal coming from Danesha Adams, who might be Medkila's secret weapon this season.  She will not be the only one because they seem to have picked up a top goalkeeper in Maria Javery who left LSK Kvinner at the end of 2014, and on the video she is in matchwinning form as well.

In defence Medkila has two more new players who look like strengthening the squad, centre-back Blake Stockton from the USA and Elisabeth Aasli, a young and energetic right-back from Grand Bodø.  So the team will probably concede fewer goals in 2015.  Another American, Rosie Malone-Povolny, is starting her third season with Medkila and captained the team at La Manga.

At the end of 2013 Javery played quite a few Toppserien matches as LSK Kvinner's reserve keeper and played in the Champions League.  She intended to leave after that but was persuaded to stay.  But in 2014 she played no matches and was pushed into third place in the keeper heirarchy when LSK brought in an international keeper to back Nora Gjøen up.  

Medkila lost key players after last season and did not seem likely to survive in the Toppserien this year, but with Javery and Adams at either end of the pitch they are looking a lot better.  They have had two wins at La Manga, against Sandviken and Amazon Grimstad, two of the teams that might be challenging them in the lower half of the table by the end of this season.

Medkila 1 Amazon Grimstad 0 (0-0), La Manga, 23-03-2015
Goal: Danesha Adams 55.

1 Maria Javery -
3 Elisabeth Aasli, 7 Kathrine Jørgensen, 19 Blake Stockton, 6 Martine Hustad -
15 Sandra Hegdahl, 20 Rosie Malone Povolny (capt), 4 Julie Voktor Pedersen, 16 Ida Marie Fikseth Fossum -
9 Danesha Adams, 11 Vilde Fjelldal.
Subs: 14 Maria Hustad (46); 18 Louise Normann (62) for Pedersen and #2 for Elisabeth Aasli; 23 Silje Johansen (68) for Jørgensen and 10 Ingrid Altermark for Martine Hustad.

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152611306521626.1073741931.354088481625&type=1
Highlights: http://www.lamangatv.com/video/3-23-medkila-amazon-h (Medkila playing in white).
Full match: http://www.lamangatv.com/video/23-3-medkila-amazon-23-mar-18-54
Title: Erin McNulty joining Medkila
Post by: Alan on March 27, 2015, 09:14:51 PM
Erin McNulty is being brought in as the stand-in first keeper for Medkila.  The Canadian signed a one-year contract on Thursday and left Canada for Harstad immediately where she is expected on Friday evening.  The club is hoping to have a work permit and other documentation ready for her debut against Kolbotn on Sunday.

McNulty first came to Norway when she joined Avaldsnes in 2013, and last season she played every league and cup match for Arna-Bjørnar.  Sports manager Ole-Martin Linaker is pleased with the signing, which has been necessary since Eliza Campbell will be out for the whole spring season with an injury.  "Erin was one of the best keepers in the Toppserien last year, and has international experience at all levels up to the U20s for Canada", he said.

Medkila tested Maria Javery, formerly of LSK Kvinner, at La Manga this week, but have decided to recruit McNulty instead.  "We depend on having a matchwinner in goal.  Javery played well at La Manga but McNulty is a better keeper", said Linaker.   

Øivind Askevold Kaarbø http://www.ht.no/incoming/article10796476.ece#cxrecs_s
Title: Stabæk - Medkila tonight
Post by: Alan on April 15, 2015, 04:21:05 PM
We are following Wednesday's match from 19.00:
Harstad Tidende: http://www.ht.no/sport/article10855115.ece
Title: Stabæk - Medkila 6-0
Post by: Alan on April 16, 2015, 09:36:02 PM
Stabæk - Medkila 6-0 (2-0), round 2, Nadderud, 15-04-2015
Spectators: 257
Ref: Ann Wenche Kleven, Bækkelagets SK
Yellow card: Danesha Adams
Goals: Ingrid Schjelderup 28, Ida Elise Enget 45, Melissa Bjånesøy 60, Line Hauge 67, Cathrine H. Dekkerhus 72, Melissa Wiik 85.

Stabæk: Ingrid Hjelmseth - Line E. Hauge (Cecilie H. Dekkerhus 73), Toril Hetland Akerhaugen, Stine P. Reinås, Siri N. Grønli, Cathrine H. Dekkerhus, Ingrid Schjelderup (Melissa Wiik 74), Gunnhildur Yrsa Jonsdottir, Trine Rønning, Ida Elise Enget (Celine Granli 82), Melissa Bjånessøy.

Erin McNulty -
Sigrun Linaker Dybvik, Katrine Winnem Jørgensen (Silje Helen Johansen 85), Blake Ashley Stockton, Martine Hustad -
Sandra Hegdal, Rosie Malone-Povolny, Julie Voktor Pedersen, Maria Hustad (Anja Rasmussen 66) -
Danesha Adams, Vilde Fjelldal.

Title: Medkila 0 LSK Kvinner 1
Post by: Alan on April 20, 2015, 10:42:33 AM
Medkila had a visit from LSK on Sunday and were down by a goal after 13 minutes.  But the game surged up and down the pitch and Medkila'a left-winger, Ann Mari Dovland, threateded to score several times.  In the last minute of playing time her back-heeled attempt on goal was only just saved by LSK's keeper Gudbjörg Gunnarsdóttir.

Øivind Arvola, Harstads Tidende
Article and video interview with Dovland: http://www.ht.no/sport/article10869718.ece

Medkila 0 LSK Kvinner 1 (0-1), round 3, Harstad Stadium, 19-04-2015
Spectators: 121
Referee: Elisabeth Thoresen, Bækkelagets SK
Yellow card: Rosie Malone-Povolny
Goal: Marte Berget 13.

Erin McNulty -
Elisabeth Aasli, Katrine Winnem Jørgensen, Blake Stockton, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik -
Julie Voktor Pedersen, Sandra N. Hegdahl (Anja Rasmussen 90), Rosie Malone-Povolny (capt), Ann Mari Dovland -
Danesha Adams, Vilde Fjelldal.
Title: Medkila - Amazon Grimstad 2-2
Post by: Alan on April 29, 2015, 08:58:33 AM
Rosie Malone-Povolny won the first point of the season for Medkila with the equaliser five minutes from the end of Saturday's match.  Medkila played a poor first half and were 0-2 down at half time, but they raised their game noticeably in the second half. 

Andreas Isachsen, Jonny Karlsen
Video highlights and interviews: http://www.ht.no/htv/article10890831.ece

Medkila - Amazon Grimstad 2-2 (0-2), round 4, Harstad Stadium, 25-04-2015
Spectators: 151
Referee: Tone Lise Berghøi, Hauerseter
Cards: none
Goals: 0-1 Heidi Eikeland 36, 0-2 Silje Blakstad 45, 1-2 Blake Stockton 59, 2-2 Rosie Malone-Povolny 85.

Medkila: Erin McNulty - Elisabeth Aasli, Katrine Winnem Jørgensen, Blake Stockton, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik, Julie Voktor Pedersen, Sandra N. Hegdahl, Rosie Malone-Povolny, Ann Mari Dovland, Danesha Adams, Vilde Fjelldal.
Title: Medkila - Sandviken 1-3
Post by: Alan on May 01, 2015, 04:15:46 PM
First win of the season for Medkila, a good away win in Bergen after their first point last weekend.  Medkila started the day in 12th place with one point.  Sandviken also had one point but had a better goal difference.

Medkila created the first scoring chance when Vilde Fjelldal shot from 11 yards but it went staight to the keeper.  Then Sandra Hegdal came through the defence and shot but the keeper got a hand to it and turned it out for a corner.  Danesha Adams took the corner and bent it straight into goal - 0-1 to Medkila after ten minutes.

Eight minutes later Fjelldal came through alone with the keeper, went round her and placed the ball into an open goal.  Medkila had been the best team up to then and deserved their two-goal lead.  But after 27 minutes Sandviken took a goal back after a corner when keeper Jennifer McNulty got a hand to the ball but it rolled into Medkila's goal.  The match evened out and Sandviken were pushing forward.  Sandviken had another corner after 40 minutes but McNulty held on to it.  Sandviken continued to push but Blake Stockton was able to clear the ball from the back line.  

In the second half Sandviken opened best and had another chance from a corner, but the ball went out after some duelling.  By the 70th minute Medkila had raised their game but Sandviken were still in the driving seat.  Medkila held on and Mcnulty turned the ball for a corner after a shot from 18 yards, but Anja Rasmussen cleared the danger.  It happened again and then Sandviken won a free kick that went just over the goal.

Then in the 86th minute Sandviken's keeper made a poor clearance that went straight to Fjelldal.  She played it quickly across to Adams who put it into the open goal.  Medkila had deservedly led in the first half but had to withstand massive pressure from Sandviken in the second half until scoring a third goal at the end.  


Medkila - Sandviken 1-3 (1-2), round 5, Stemmemyren artificial pitch, 01-05-2015
Spectators: 191
Referee: Ann-Marie Sjøvika, Brandval IL
Yellow card: Danesha Adams
Goals: 0-1 Danesha Adams 9, 0-2 Vilde Fjelldal 17, o/g 26, 1-3 Adams 86.

Medkila: Erin McNulty - Elisabeth Aasli, Katrine Winnem Jørgensen, Blake Stockton, Sigrun Linaker Dybvik (Martine Hustad 90), Julie Voktor Pedersen, Sandra Hegdahl (Anja Rasmussen 70), Rosie Malone-Povolny (capt), Ann Mari Dovland, Danesha Adams, Vilde Fjelldal.
Title: 17 goals for Medkila
Post by: Alan on May 06, 2015, 04:23:02 AM
Vilde Fjelldal scored five goals and Anja Rasmussen four in Medkila's 17-0 win in the Cup second round.  The opponents were Mjølner from division-2, based in Narvik.  Cesilie Andreassen returned to the field after a long time off for injury. 
Interview with Rasmussen: http://www.ht.no/sport/article10926381.ece
Highlights: http://www.ht.no/sport/article10926313.ece#cxrecs_s
More details: http://www.womensfootball.eu/forum/index.php/topic,8146.msg82576.html#msg82576
Title: Medkila signs Fjordbakk
Post by: Alan on July 22, 2015, 12:28:27 PM
Ida Fjordbakk is leaving Avaldsnes and going back to Harstad and her old club, Medkila.

Trainer Roy Berntsen confirmed on Sunday that they were working to bring her back and Avaldsnes confirmed the move on their web site on Wednesday.  Fjordbakk was the club captain before she decided to take her football skills down south, but now she will play an important part in the Medkila's efforts to avoid relegation.  Today the club is in 12th place in the Toppserien, one point beneath Amazon Grimstad.  

Medkila will have to pay compensation to buy Fjordbakk out of her present contract.

Andreas Kristoffer Berge http://www.fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=29034

Ida Fjordbakk in earlier times as a Medkila player:

Title: Vålerenga 2 Medkila 0
Post by: Alan on July 23, 2015, 09:34:19 AM
Elisabeth Aasli was one of Medkila's best players in the 2-0 loss away to Vålerenga at the weekend.  "We had corners saved on the line, among other things.  We had three chances that definitely should have been goals", Aasli told Fotballmagasinet afterwards.

Aasli made a raid up the right at the end that led to a save by Guro Pettersen in the Vålerenga goal.  "I saw it in goal", she said.  "We didn't manage to hang together in the midfield and were a bit alone when we went forward.  The defence did not manage to move forward.  There was too much room", she said.

Medkila were without two important players in Vilde Fjelldal, who was with the U19s in Israel, and Danesha Adams who was injured.  "It's a pity we are missing some players but when they're back it will be better.  With Vilde and Danesha back we will be stronger at the front", said Aasli.

Medkila are in 12th place now but Aasli is confident they can survive in the Toppserien.  "Our aim is to finish above Amazon and Sandviken.  We will make it.  We'll win the next home match against Arna-Bjørnar", she said.

Aasli came to Medkila from Grand Bodø this year and has played eight matches of the nine that Medkila has played, all of them from the start.  After a while commuting between Bodø and Harstad she is now living in Harstad.  While she was commuting she was training with a boys' team in Bodø.  "I'm thriving.  Now I'm here it's good to be at all the training sessions.  It's a good team with a good social life - there are only positive things to say about it", she said.  

The 20-year-old has ambitions for her career.  "I hope to go forward in football.  I'm still young so I have to train a lot to improve.  Maybe I'll get in to the national team - that's the dream", said Elisabeth Aasli.

Andreas Kristoffer Berge http://www.fotballmagasinet.no/?mode=news&id=29044
Photos: http://www.vif-fotball.no/damelaget/article/ej2qgooys52k1p5gd15bdxsnx/title/bildegalleri-valerenga---medkila