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Title: Win some, lose some
Post by: Alan on May 31, 2012, 09:43:12 AM
What happens when a newly promoted team wins some matches unexpectedly, then loses a couple? one team in Norway is dealing with it:

Facts on the table:

We have lost the last two matches, 1-4 against Sandviken and Røa.  It has affected us a little, but after a good chat yesterday we have agreed a couple of things: after we took ten points in a short time you could say it went to our heads.  We took points from teams we hadn't reckoned to take points from, and we took confidence from them.  So it made the disappointment worse when we didn't take points from Sandviken or Røa.

But we must go back to the beginning.  We are a newly promoted team and we must not be fooled into thinking we are better than we are!  We must do what we are best at: running, battling, showing our enthusiasm and keeping a team morale up where we all work for each other.  If we do that the results will come.  

We must remember where we came from - division-1!  This is our first season in the Toppserien and the only thing we expect of ourselves (this year) is that we must keep our place.  Anything else will be a bonus.  

So the focus this week will be on something the players' group has decided: training with two players against one, so that whenever there is a duel another player will come in so tight that she will be there to pick up what comes out.  In that way we players will show that we are here for each other.

The other thing that will shine out is praise, so that any time anyone does something good, she will hear about it from all the others.  Positive thoughts, positive words, and a positive spirit grows.  We are going to be so positive it will make you sick to hear it ;)

So to all our dear supporters: don't expect us to win every match we play.  But what you can expect and demand every time you come to watch us is that you will see a team of players that play with their hearts out on their sleeves in the form of effort, will and morale.

How this extremely positive week goes you will see later against LSK Kvinner on Saturday :)

Maria Arnesen, Vålerenga IF Damer http://www.facebook.com/groups/256848977718914/
Vålerenga's trainer is Cecilie Berg-Hansen, the right-back who in 2006 faced Birgit Prinz when Kolbotn elimininated Frankfurt in the Champions League.  In the midfield with Maria Arnesen are Becky Angus from Middlesbrough and Solveig Gulbrandsen.