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Title: Post Easter Fun
Post by: AC-FC on April 10, 2012, 02:33:31 PM
a little bit of fun  - go on be brave......

1.    Ladies Team Supported                                   -      Arsenal
2.   Most memorable Match                                  -      Any match beating Everton
3.   Most unmemorable match                              -     Arsenal 0 v 3 Everton
4.   Favourite current player                                  -     Kim Little
5.   Favourite all time player                                  -     Faye White
6.   Best Opposition player seen                            -    Marta
7.   Player most like to sign for your club            -     Marta
8.   Best Away Ground                                            -     Watford
9.   Best Away food and drink                               -     Watford
10.   Player most like to meet                                 -      Faye White
Title: Re: Post Easter Fun
Post by: pat51 on April 10, 2012, 09:09:19 PM
1.    Ladies Teams Supported                                                   -  Portsmouth, Bristol Academy, Yeovil Town.    
2.   Most memorable Match                                                      -  Colchester U 5 Portsmouth 6  ( league cup 2008 )  
3.   Most unmemorable match                              -                        Barnet 2 Portsmouth 1 (League Cup Semi 2010-11)    
4.   Favourite current players                                  -                      Shelly Cox , Nikki Watts, Rachel Simkin
5.   Favourite all time player                                  -                         Roxy Roberts  
6.   Best Opposition player seen                            -                         Rachel Williams  
7.   Player most like to sign for your club            -                              Rachel Williams  
8.   Best Away Ground                                            -                   Underhill, Barnet 
9.   Best  food and drink                                                                   Stoke Gifford Bristol
10.   Player most like to meet                                
Hope Solo
Title: Re: Post Easter Fun
Post by: Sylvain on April 10, 2012, 09:29:42 PM
1.   Ladies Teams Supported  - Arsenal then any team with ex Arsenal girls                                         
2.   Most memorable Match  -  Umea v Arsenal UEFA Women's cup final away leg 0-1
3.   Most unmemorable match  -   Umea v Arsenal UEFA women's cup quarter final 6-0   
4.   Favourite current players   -   Dunia Susi, Kirsty Linnett, Hayley Ladd, Sophie Perry etc...
5.   Favourite all time player     -  Gemma Davison
6.   Best Opposition player seen  -  Camille Abily 
7.   Player most like to sign for your club  -  Claire Rafferty, Sonia Bompastor or Laure Boulleau 
8.   Best Away Ground  - Stoke Gifford Bristol
9.   Best  food and drink -  None
10.  Player most like to meet   -  managed that last week lol                 
11. Worse current club player - Faye White
Title: Re: Post Easter Fun
Post by: AC-FC on April 11, 2012, 09:56:50 AM
Now Shlj, i'm not a violent man but am currently on probation for GBH and altho the food served in HM prisons may be slightly better quality than that served up at the 'Wood...............I must warn you that in my world, you are not permitted to add extra categories to my list of 10.

Besides, she can hardly be classed as worst current player as she hasnt played much this season is not therefore a current player. She may not be the player she once was, but is still England Captain and far better than alot of opposing defenders that play in the WSL.

But, good shout about Bomblaster, wouldn't mind her in the squad, only thing is , she's french..... ;D