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Title: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: KIPAX on May 17, 2010, 11:22:53 AM
Have leeds disbanded or do they ahve a team for next season... the stories I am getting is that they are no more.. but nothing confirmed.
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: Aphrodites Child on May 17, 2010, 12:07:38 PM
amongst various bits and pieces I have heard is that the team will carry on, but possibly not at its current level in the pyramid

however, I must stress that - like your original comment - nothing confirmed, but Leeds Carnegie postings of approx 1 month ago did indicate optimism of continuing at a high level, though the most recent posting on their website is all encompassing as to future status

Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: KIPAX on May 17, 2010, 02:11:46 PM
hmm I have a feeling the current team have split up and wont play together again... if i where a betting man thats what I would put my money on..  which is a crying shame :(
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: OOH Fayefan on May 17, 2010, 02:23:25 PM
it would be a shame if any team folded as a result of the new super duper all singing league...
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: redrobin on May 17, 2010, 02:30:07 PM
hmm I have a feeling the current team have split up and wont play together again... if i where a betting man thats what I would put my money on..  which is a crying shame :(

Can't agree more. Saw their fifth round cup tie at Boreham Wood and they gave Arsenal a really good game. The Super league bidding process seems to have triggered the crisis with their University backers.  :(

Hope they survive in the Premier League.
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: OOH Fayefan on May 17, 2010, 02:31:26 PM
wonder if Amanda Palmer will still sing their praises..?
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: Aphrodites Child on May 17, 2010, 03:43:06 PM
I would imagine some of the players will move elsewhere - all we can do is wait for official news
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: Sylvain on May 17, 2010, 04:29:14 PM
Ellen White did state in an interview that she wanted to leave a month ago and I am sure others will follow.
Title: Leeds Carnegie Ladies: Club on the brink of extinction
Post by: Sylvain on May 21, 2010, 05:34:30 PM
By Lee Sobot

Leeds Carnegie Ladies will fold next month unless the abandoned club can find around £20,000 a year in backing.
That is the stark message from manager Rick Passmoor who admits his team are now "desperate" to find a saviour.

Carnegie hoped to be moving into the eagerly-awaited women's Super League next year but their application to join was withdrawn after former partners Leeds Met University withdrew their financial backing.

It has left the cash-strapped Premier League Cup winners staring down a barrel and Passmoor says without new backing, season 2009-10 will have been Leeds' last.

Carnegie have secured financial support from Ringways Ford and another local business but need a third party to pledge investment. Otherwise, Passmoor admits his side will go out of business in June.

"The club in the present situation will fold within the next two to three weeks unless we find financial backers," warned Passmoor. "We have two backers – Ringways Ford and another business who are willing to back the club for two seasons.

"They are putting finances forward, as well as their expertise, to ensure there is a business plan and longevity of the club, but unless more backers are found it will fold.

"If we're successful in gaining partners to come on board with these finances the club will start the National Premier League in August. But because of the logistics, like the players and identifying a ground to play from, the timeline is very short."

Passmoor continued: "We have totalled up what it costs to run the club very, very low key and you're looking at having to attract between £15,000 and £20,000 per season. The financial side is not astronomical.

It's really about cutting our cloth accordingly, like any business at present.

"That would just ensure the sustainability of a female club in the National Premier Division for a programme starting in August, but what we've got is something like two weeks to find that backer.

"The backers we have are willing to contribute but not the whole amount. If a third backer isn't found, the club goes."

Leeds Ladies were founded 21 years ago and grew into one of the leading ladies' football teams in the land.

"A lot of the players I've known since they were 10 or 11 years of age. We've had success in the junior ranks and it's not just something that's happened overnight," said Passmoor.

"A lot more people have put in a damned lot of hard work as well, voluntary hours as well, and all of a sudden it may come to an abrupt end. We've got to go cap in hand now and say we need partners and we need sponsorship and relationships onboard to support us. We are desperate."

And Passmoor admits as each day passes his team is getting significantly weaker.

"We've finished the season and players, from the last day in May, are free agents to talk to other clubs," said Passmoor.

"Seven players have been approached by Doncaster Belles, two by Chelsea, one by Arsenal and four by Liverpool, and I believe Everton are interested in another as well.

"More than three-quarters of our squad have already had approaches from Super League teams which tells you how well we've developed these players and how well they've done.

Unfortunately, they will have to go to Super League if they want to continue the development of their careers and with England as well."

Any business or individuals who can help should contact Rick on 0113 3676307.

Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: OOH Fayefan on May 21, 2010, 05:53:47 PM
wonder who Arsenal are considering....?..........Ellen White, perhaps.......
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: Sylvain on May 21, 2010, 06:07:24 PM
We could do with Jess Clarke, Steph Houghton and Carly Telford as well.
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: John on May 21, 2010, 07:22:54 PM
Hopefully Leeds are able find the funding they require to continue.

It is a shame that Leeds potentially could lose a lot of the current playing staff to the new Super League.  I guess there was always going to be a parting of the ways as the players want to be part of the new league.  Ellen White is quoted as saying, “It’s a really exciting development for women’s football – I think it will raise standards, gain more media attention and through that give the game wider public awareness. There will be the possibility of playing professionally and that would be a dream come true…”

I hope the player Arsenal have gone in for is Ellen White.  Would be great to see her back playing for the club she used to play for as a youth player in the CoE.
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: OOH Fayefan on May 21, 2010, 10:53:28 PM
Kate Holtom maybe, but not sure Telford would like to be no 2 or 3 to Byrne..........
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: cardy on May 22, 2010, 02:40:10 AM
ellen white probably a useful player.  Stephanie houghton maybe , she is versatile Jess Clarke - which winger will drop out in favour of Jess?  Maybee Nobbs would be a god signing for arsenal.   I wonder which leeds players everton are interested in?
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: KIPAX on June 08, 2010, 11:54:08 AM

I am still confused...   I read the captains collum posted 7th June

It only says will not exist as we know it... does that mean they will still exist in some other form and if so then what?
Title: Leeds Ladies, a plea for help
Post by: John on June 08, 2010, 01:31:06 PM
I am still confused...   I read the captains collum posted 7th June http://www.leedscarnegieladies.com/2010/jess-wright-7-june.html
It only says will not exist as we know it... does that mean they will still exist in some other form and if so then what?

Don't you use Newsnow? http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/Women%27s+Football (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/Women%27s+Football)

Leeds Ladies, a plea for help     

Written by Administrator.  Monday, 07 June 2010 09:41

Leeds Ladies have established themselves as one of the best womens football teams in the country, they finished fourth in the league last year and regularly get to the final stages of the cup. With the dawning of a new professional era in the womens game the club find themselves without the required funds to operate, without investment they will be forced to withdraw from the league. Below is a statement from their official newsletter.

Leeds Carnegie Ladies will hold what looks like its final Annual General Meeting next Thursday having failed to find funding to continue.

A transitional committee, comprising those volunteers still with the club, will be voted in to run the club until the end of the month, when it will formally withdraw its association of the FA unless a backer steps forward.

"It's a sad time for all concerned," said Gary Taylor, one of the remaining volunteers. "Everyone put heart and soul into making last season a success, but every time we took a step forward we got kicked back by one problem or another.

"We've tried to reduce costs by proposing to only run one team next season, but we've still come up short, as potential investors have fallen out of the running. If we could get enough to secure the club for next season that would be a start; there are funds we can apply to, and we've got a proper fundraising programme ready to roll, but we need that secure base to start from.

"At a time when the women's game is growing, we're losing a path to progression for young footballers in Leeds. What's especially galling is that we've had emails from parents whose daughters are coming to Leeds to study, on the basis that there's a National Premier League side they can try out for.

"Although they provided some financial support over the last two years, Leeds Metropolitan University failed to give us the support we needed to run the club as a business, failed to offer training facilities, failed to help on matchdays, failed with the student groups who were supposed to help raise funds. Yet their championship-winning women's side last year had a big contingent of club players, and they are still able to recruit on the back of our name and success this season, which has angered many people here.

"We've tried to get local businesses on board, as backers, investors or shirt sponsors; now we're asking for anyone who supports football and who has the money to spare, whatever the amount, to get in touch and pledge it to help the club."

The Annual General Meeting will be held at Elland Road from 6.30pm on Thursday 10 June. While voting is restricted to club members, members of the public may attend, provided that they let the club know in advance – as spaces are limited – by emailing agm@leedscarnegieladies.com

For more about the club, visit http://www.leedscarnegieladies.com (http://www.leedscarnegieladies.com), email media@leedscarnegieladies.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Gary Taylor on 0797 634 5789.

Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: John on June 08, 2010, 02:50:20 PM
Season’s review: The Manager’s Cut

Rick Passmoor looks back at the season from the bench and training pitch.

“No answers from Carnegie at the end of last season, so I asked for a meeting in early June, and met with Ian Smyth at a secret location (not Spearmint Rhino).  After a frank and open discussion Ian went away to digest the proposals, yet, I knew there were budget cuts and alot of work was ahead from the admin, coaching and players’ side.

“Ian did manage to bring back one of the wishes, no more Tadcaster.  Farsley Celtic FC was the new home for Leeds Ladies and off I went to develop and plan a strategy for staff recruitment and players.  One major issue regarding player retainment and recruitment; how could we bring players to the club after a disappointing previous season and players knowing the lack of identity and backing of their owners Carnegie?

“I decided to stay on against the wishes of my family, and there was also a season-long agreement between the Uni and Leeds Utd allowing me time away from my main job to have a full day concentrating on Leeds Ladies as well as training and matches.  Plans started in earnest; firstly, a coaching team. Alan ‘Mr Entertainment’ Scorfield was staying on as physio, Julie Chipchase was willing to put some time forward and Andy Burgess joined the team heading up recruitment as well as coaching with the first team.  The big one was the meeting with Colin at the Earl of Stafford pub in Rotherham. I took paperwork and session plans to showcase the team and my desired wish for success.  Simply, if Man Utd were not knocking on his front door, Colin was Rick’s no2.

“Early pre-season started in July, with Wongi [Sue Smith] and Jess Clarke flying, the Euros were around the corner, yet I still wanted to strengthen the team. Burge brought Nat Staneff to the club, yet Nat was also looking at the Belles – how dare she??   Throughout late June and all of July, player recruitment was a main issue with miles being clocked up on the motorways as well as meetings with present players to ensure they wanted to be on board.  Middleton, Wright, Houghton injured, Bonner and Sutcliffe not 100%”.  Rick took a punt and brought Remi Allen to the club. A tigerish midfielder who wanted to be challenged at the top. Yet Rick was still on the lookout for one more experienced pro.

“Giggleswick came 2nd August, a 3 day training camp in the Yorkshire Dales. A time to bond, create a philosophy and the players to take ownership of their destination.  Positive training days, swimming, circuits, workshops and a good game of dominoes provided a platform to what and where Leeds Ladies wanted to be!!  Colin was in awe of the fact that players had taken time away from family, friends, work, study and yet paid to listen and work with Passmoor, Walker and Scorfield!! Walton gained a new nickname, “Hobnob” the love of biscuits.  The players even contributed to kit and tracksuits for both the first team and reserves.

“After such a long pre-season, delays to the league campaign due to the Euros we finally got under way with a nervy 1-0 victory over Forest.  Yet it wasn’t until the away league fixture at Nottingham did I really believe that my squad was intact.  After a 5-0 thumping of Forest, Jess Wright – also nick named Usain Bolt – sprinted into the changing room. Alan quickly took her temperature and sat her down!! “Rick, Rick – Bass is outside and wants to talk.”  Unknown to all, I had chased Bass for two seasons and now was the time for Laura Bassett to be the final piece of the jigsaw.  Leeds had signed an Arsenal player!  Now that speaks volumes of Jess Wright, not only wanting a player of Bass’s magnitude but also a player in her position who would be challenging for the same shirt.  The quote is “there is no ‘I’ in team”.

“Now there was so much disruption to the fixtures, rain had caused a fiasco with the pitches.  However, Sunday 8th November was a watershed as the 5-0 demolition of Blackburn in the League Cup gave the team confidence but further optimism in the coaches that things were on the up.  Was there belief in the tank ?  We were playing well and yet we still had Houghton, last year’s player of the year under wraps. The future looked bright.

“Further success in December.  The semi-final of the league cup saw triumph, the team knew that Chelsea started bright and yet the longer the game would go on there would only be one winner.  Unfortunately, the win was soured with yet another injury to Jess Wright.

“A new year but the same story, win after win.  A league cup victory which was included on a winning unbeaten streak from 1st October to 11th April.  The league cup, awesome.  After the dust had settled, media had gone and the players were in the hospitality with friends and love one’s, I sat alone in the changing room that cold February night in Rochdale among the debris, discarded tie-ups and tape with tears in my eyes knowing that my players and my staff were colossal, gladiatorial and winners.

“The following week , we hammered them again ….sweet!

“Yet the job wasn’t over, we knew we had to tailor-make training to suit the players as many now started to appear tired and lethargic.  We knew we would have to rest Wongi and Clarkey due to the demands of last summers Euros.  The long season with England camps were now starting to take its toll.  Ellen White made her senior debut and was simply with Carla Cantrell, the best pair in the league, yet several were now attending England camps as well as the re-emergance of Sophie Walton with the u23s as a full back.

“I was out and about scouting other teams, yet they came to play against Leeds and spoil, eliminating space, frustrating Leeds, which was showing respect but which was a new proposition for the team.

“The business end of the season, sitting pretty.  Players needed a rest.  Super League clubs came knocking, players got distracted and one of the most influential players over the past 8 years with Leeds sustained a hamstring injury to rule her out for the season.  How good is she?  Simply when she is not on the pitch that is visible to all, we missed her and that showed.  Not only Sue Smith, but other big characters were out, bubbly personalities, people who you want in the trenches next to you.  Simply they make a difference – Wright and Allen.

“Three poor 45 minute showings cost the club the unexpected.  Games v Sunderland and Chelsea (twice) weren’t good enough, yet home games to Everton and Arsenal were when the team performances should have been rewarded with victories.  Yet only one more win was the divide between 2nd and 4th, yet I knew the final month had killed off the chance with tired players now looking to their future.

“But still Colin, Burge, Alan and I wouldn’t change a single thing.  Girls we applaud you, thank you and you go with our utmost respect and blessing not only in football but in life.”

Title: They think it’s all over…
Post by: John on June 15, 2010, 02:08:25 PM
They think it’s all over…

11th June 2010

Players, staff and members who attended the club’s Annual General Meeting decided to continue to fight for the club’s future.

Three options were available; to try and continue as a Premier League National side, to drop down to the West Riding Women’s League or to fold.

Everyone agreed that the third option was no option at all, and that all avenues of funding should be explored in the next week, so that the club could continue as a Premier League National side.

Leeds Carnegie Ladies would like to thank everyone who has been in contact with the club over the last few days with offers of support, big and small.

The new Management Committee is hopeful that the additional funding pledged, together with the funds from existing backers, will be enough to secure the future of the club, under a new name, for at least one more season.

We will be working over the weekend to secure agreements, and expect to be able to make a further announcement later next week.

Title: Leeds Carnegie Ladies: Backers riding to club's rescue
Post by: John on June 15, 2010, 02:12:21 PM
Leeds Carnegie Ladies: Backers riding to club's rescue

Published Date: 15 June 2010
By Lee Sobot

Cash-strapped Leeds Carnegie Ladies are hopeful their existence has been saved for at least another season.

Crippled financially by the withdrawal of former partner Leeds Met University's backing, the side – managed by Rick Passmoor feared they would have to announce their decision to fold at last week's annual meeting.

The club were around £10,000 short of the required budget needed to drop a division into next seson's National Premier League but enough backers have come forward to give Carnegie hope.

General manager Gary Taylor revealed Leeds are now in talks with a number of backers and hope to formally announce they have safeguarded their immediate future within the week.

"We have been really pleased with the response, it's been a fantastic response from backers large and small," said Taylor.

"We're hopeful we'll be able to put something together this week for us to move forward next season.

"We've got our own deadline to meet as there is a deadline with the FA which is the end of June.

"You say the end of June and people think it's ages away but it's not as that is the deadline for next season's divisions."

Carnegie faced three options at last Thursday's AGM, to try and continue as a Premier League National side, to drop down to the West Riding Women's League or to fold.

It is hoped the club will now resume action for the new National Premier League season which starts in August. That is superseded by the new Super League – which Leeds will not be part of – next March.

Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: KIPAX on June 15, 2010, 09:09:28 PM
well that certainly sounds hopeful...  fingers crossed all round for leeds.. I may not be a leeds fan and indeed am lancashire they are yorkshire:)  However i ahve met a lot of people involved wiht the club and I would be really sad and unhappy to see them in any other league than the womens prem...
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: pat51 on June 15, 2010, 09:59:27 PM
good news..only ever been to a Leeds home game once , but seemed like a proper club with good support and an excellent programme. Also saw their reserves in a cup final at Staines and the team had brought lots of supporters down with them. Charlton have come back from the edge, hopefully Leeds will do the same.
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: Aphrodites Child on July 08, 2010, 10:34:41 PM
Ladies football is set to return under the umbrella of Leeds United.
Following a troubled campaign that almost saw Leeds Ladies disappear, Leeds United have stepped in to ensure senior women's football will remain in the area.
Leeds United's Football In The Community scheme will be heading up a new committee to oversee the running of the club.
And Leeds United CEO Shaun Harvey is hoping ladies football in the city will prosper again under new guidance.
"It was important that the Ladies team continued and prospered," said Harvey.
"The main objective for the club has got to be to create opportunities for females from within the local community rather than create an 'elite' team made up of players from outside of the area.
"There should be a seamless progression from junior football to the Leeds United Girls Centre of Excellence through to senior football so those who wish to continue playing the game are able to."
Leeds United's Head of Football In The Community Mick Ferguson said: "I'd like to thank Leeds United for stepping in, and I'd also like to thank Steve Russell at Ringways for his continued support


Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: KIPAX on July 09, 2010, 01:47:32 AM
 hope some of the players stay and I really hope the manager rick passmoor stays.. if ever you go to a leeds ladies game.. get yourself near the bench and listen to this guy... he comments on every kick and pass and is quite funny to listen to.. probably the the best womens manager i have watched :) games need people like him and teams like leeds
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: Johnny Ramone on July 12, 2010, 11:01:27 PM
The reserves manager (Gemma), is taking over from Rick Passmoor. It'll be local players in the squad, at least for the next couple of years.
Title: Re: Are Leeds still a team?
Post by: KIPAX on July 13, 2010, 07:03:35 PM
The reserves manager (Gemma), is taking over from Rick Passmoor. It'll be local players in the squad, at least for the next couple of years.

so he has moved on... I honestly didnt know that when i posted.. or even a possibility.. thats a shame :(