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Announcements / Forum: You Can Help
« Last post by sbahnhof on August 12, 2018, 01:39:22 AM »
Hi everybody. A few ideas to improve the forum:

Forum members

– Post, post, post... just discuss everything you can. This is an excellent aggregator for all news about women's football, I often used it to post on here.

– Articles are usually a good start-point for discussion (Links are necessary, as not everyone is up-to-date on the news otherwise)

– Give threads 'general' titles if you can, so that the discussion can expand beyond a single match or incident

– In subforums "WSL" and lower, just have one thread per season (e.g. "WSL 2018/19" / "Women's Championship 2018/19") which all posts can go in. In those small subforums, there's no sense in multiple threads bumping each other off the homepage.

– Don't give threads titles that are hard to understand, such as
"Whats the excuse from Cobham FC Ladies this time"

– Spread the word, tell other people...

Parents/RTC folks

Keep using the Girls' Centres of Excellence/RTC threads. They're the lifeblood of this forum, and they fulfil a real social function in getting young players to teams. They've also been some of the most popular threads since they came in 6½ years ago.


The forum needs more posters and new members. With a few small changes you can facilitate this.

As mentioned, Girls' Centres of Excellence is a vital subforum - it's the main reason a lot of users visit the site. It should be moved up so it's 2nd to Women's Football.

To increase those discussions' visibility, move the less important sections "Announcements"/"Introduce Yourself"/"Support and Suggestions" to the bottom. They're in the way of the important stuff, the posts are months old, they make the site look dead even when it isn't.

Membership: Last year I started a Euro 2017 game, as it seemed like a good way to draw new members. I saw dozens of people come from Twitter to the Who's Online page, and then a smaller number "Registering for the forum", and then... nothing. Nobody registered. Because when you click "Register", you see this wall of FBI drivel:

No successful site does this to new users. Unless you want registrations to stay low, disable that page:

Forums have not been replaced by Facebook and Twitter - those sites are no good for in-depth discussion, and terrible for finding old info.

Women's football is doing quite well in England, and I'm happy to say that there are decent women's football forums for Scotland, Ireland, South Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Last summer this forum was getting hundreds of posts (not counting mine :))), but when the site has big problems, nobody puts the effort in.
Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: Change of Tiers / Leagues next season ?
« Last post by Proudmum on July 29, 2018, 12:26:57 PM »
Daughter in under 14 Reading, 6 confirmed fixtures by the FA to establish which leagues to put them in seems like it doesn't matter which tier you are in now.....
Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: Change of Tiers / Leagues next season ?
« Last post by Richhutcho on July 17, 2018, 07:41:17 PM »
Cheers proudmum
Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: Change of Tiers / Leagues next season ?
« Last post by Proudmum on July 16, 2018, 07:04:09 PM »
I thought the licences were for three years so this year will be the third year!!!!
Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: Change of Tiers / Leagues next season ?
« Last post by Richhutcho on July 16, 2018, 06:43:31 AM »
Does anybody know how long the current rtc licences last for and when they’ll be reviewed?
The FA WSL / Re: Whys is Australia producing top level coaches ?
« Last post by the-lone-voyageur on July 12, 2018, 04:40:47 AM »
[ 1 ]  Aside from her Australian playing/coaching experiences, Tanya Oxtoby (Bristol City )  seems to have built an English  playing/coaching CV :  player for Doncaster Rover Belles ( 2012 );  manager for  Nottingham Forest (w) (2012-2014);  director of development for Notts County Ladies ( 2016 ) ; assistant Birmingham City Ladies ( 2016 - 2018 )

[ 2 ] I think Joe Montemurro ( Arsenal Women ) might have got a recommendation from Kim Little: she  was a player ( on loan ) for and he was the manager of Melbourne City women who won the Australian W-League double in 2015-2016.

[ 3 ] Australia ( the Matildas ) are currently ranked 8th in the world and were ranked as high as 4rth in 2017. The Australian W-League (the top flight domestic women's league )  is eleven years old and went full professional last year with an average player salary of A$ 15 500 - A$ 17 400.  The Australian W-League is a short 12-round competition plus playoffs  but because of the good climate, the  Australian women can play football all year round. After W-League season ends,  top Australian players go abroad and play in other top women's leagues -- primarily the USA and Norway. While rank-and-file W-League players who do not go abroad play in tier two amateur/semi-pro state leagues.

[ 4  ] Seen a rumour that  Sam Kerr ( the world-class  Australian striker ) might not be going back to Australia after the NWSL ( USA ) season is over.( She is currently the NWSL leading goal scorer. )   PSG feminines is the stronger  rumour but an England side may have expressed some interest in her.
The FA WSL / Whys is Australia producing top level coaches ?
« Last post by dirkvanadidas on July 11, 2018, 09:13:17 AM »
2 coaches in the WSL at Bristol City and Arsenal
soccer (football) 4th sport in Australia with bugger all money
producing top coaches
Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: England’s squad/camps
« Last post by ProudDad01 on June 25, 2018, 07:39:58 PM »
recent results
u15 lost 2-1 belgium
u16 lost japan norway beat russia and balkan country
u17 lost 8-0 germany

guess it must be all about development

Just for clarity, the U15s results this season;

England 7 Wales 0
England 1 Scotland 1
Switzerland 0 England 2
Switzerland 1 England 3
Belgium 2 England 1
Belgium 0 England 1

Girl's Centres of Excellence / Re: Change of Tiers / Leagues next season ?
« Last post by Richhutcho on June 19, 2018, 03:14:40 PM »
Heard for the u14s upwards each team will play 3 games before the season to determine what tier they’ll go into (3 tiers)

Anybody else hear the same?
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