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Re: Emma Byrne
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She played well but did not score unlike Becky who scored in a freindly earlier in the season.
She had a chance but passed the ball instead of shooting apparently.

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Re: Emma Byrne
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It was the featured spotlight interview for about a week on the TV channel.

I don't want to sign up to Setanta for that, but - out of interest, how much is it and what do you get?

I assume you can get it through their Freeview channel?

Arsenal TV is only available on satalite and cable platforms.

Cable is only through Virgin Media. Arsenal TV can only be viewed by Virgin Media customers with the XL package.  See the following site for full channel listing:

Satalite is on the Sky platform. You would have to subscribe to Sky with channels and costs available by looking at the following site: You would then be able to add the Setanta Sports package by going to the following Setanta site: The 11 Setanta Sports channels you would get on satalite: Setanta Sports 1, Setanta Sports 2, Setanta Sports News, Setanta Golf, Setanta Ireland, Arsenal TV, LFC TV, Celtic TV, Rangers TV, Racing UK and ESPN America.

It seems like Setanta, Virgin Media and Sky all have offers on at the moment.

Hope the above is of interest.

Thanks mate - I think I'll save getting any of these until I get cable  in my area - about 100 years at the current rate  :D

I enjoyed Roma v Arsenal for nowt via pc, even if it was a couple of minutes delayed  ;)
The pic is Tytti Porkka of Finland - I actually took it myself, but have lost all my pics and have no more :(

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Re: Emma Byrne
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I get sky now and the price is way to high.  I get all the sports channel apart from Sentana and the other's you have to subscribe for.  The prices are just too high.  The offers they have wont last and i just can't afford it.  Shame sky sports lost the rights to the women's game,  at least then a large majority could get to see them.

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Re: Emma Byrne
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Courtesy of John, who reproduces the interviews from the Arsenal FA Premiership matchday programmes:-

One of the latest, from last Saturday's programme for the 4-0 win against Sam Allardyce's Blackburn, was on Emma, now mounting a challenge for the No.9 shirt !

These notes were written ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League fixture against Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates on Saturday, March 14, 2009.

In each matchday programme between now and the season’s end, a different member of the Arsenal Ladies squad or coaching staff will be guest-writing for us.  This week, it’s star shot-stopper Emma Byrne…

This has been a good season so far from a personal point of view – although I haven’t always had that much to do!

Obviously it was disappointing to lose in the UEFA Cup, especially in the manner we did, but domestically we’ve been looking very strong and have a really big period ahead of us now because we’re playing Everton twice in the space of a week.

From my point of view I’m training well, and a lot, and I feel fit so can’t complain really.  Our clean sheet tally has looked good recently – we always try to set records and to do better than the previous season, because targets like that keep you focussed.  At the start of the season it was a little bit worrying because it didn’t look as if we’d mange that, so we sat down together and thought about it – as a result I think we have tightened us a bit.  In the defence we all speak to each other before the games about what it means to keep a clean sheet and to stay focussed – it can be hard to do that when we’re playing against teams and winning by five or six, but I think that generally we’ve done that pretty well as a ream this season.

We’re really looking forward to those games against Everton because we know we’ll have to be tuned in for every second – you have to make vital saves and takes in these matches, and along with the defenders I really relish this.  Everton’s fine form keeps us training hard – we know they’re right at our tails and we sometimes hear that they’re saying how they are really going for it this year.  We’re glad to have that competition; to see them competing consistently is good for us.  If we can beat them in that first league game our goal difference could be decisive for us, and things would be looking really good.

It was nice to get that first bit of silverware in the League Cup, especially given that we messed up a bit in last year’s final, and now we look forward.  Obviously we miss Kelly Smith, Karen Carney and Alex Scott, who all won the UEFA Cup with us – the success of that is something we may not see again and nobody can take it away from us.  But now there’s an opportunity for some of the young girls coming through, and a lot of the Academy players are encouraged by seeing their friends get call-ups to the first-team.  It’s nice to see that change and to be part of it, as well as to have had that wonderful experience with the other girls.

Talking of the players who have left for America, it’s a great opportunity for them and they felt it was a good time in their lives to do it.  Arsenal is such a hard club to leave and I know it was very tough decision for them, so we all wish them well.  Boston Breakers actually named me as one of their drafted players – I briefly spoke to Vic about it but it was a no-go right from the start.  Arsenal’s a huge club, they’ve looked after me very well and I’m really happy here.  I moved here to play for Arsenal, have been here ten years and have many friends here so it was not a hard decision.

One of the great things about Arsenal Ladies is that the goalkeepers receive coaching of the highest quality.  We’re lucky that Mart Poom coaches us, while Manuel Almunia has also taken us a couple of times and been fantastic.  He’s going to be a great coach.  Not many people can say they’ve had that experience and it’s just great fun.  In general, the standard of goalkeeping coaching is improving across the world and that only bodes well for women’s football as a whole.

Thanks for all your support so far this season – please get behind us in the big games to come.

Source: Arsenal matchday programme v Blackburn Rovers. Saturday, March 14, 2009.

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Re: Emma Byrne
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Re: Emma Byrne
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that picture reminds of an old childrens story , nowadays a popular Panto for the kids... ;)..and before anyone starts....." oh, yes it does....." ;D ;D
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Byrne set to join Ireland's Century Club
« Reply #86 on: September 26, 2013, 09:52:35 AM »
Republic of Ireland captain Emma Byrne will join the Century Club this afternoon in the historic town of Sinj when she lines out against Croatia in a FIFA World Cup Group 1 qualifier (2.30pm Irish time).

It will be the Arsenal's goalkeeper's 100th appearance since she won her first cap in a European Championship match against Belgium as a 17-year-old on March 31, 1996, in Bray.

Now 34, Byrne admits that reaching today's milestone will be more of a relief than anything because it has been looming for some time.

"It feels like I have been waiting a long time for it to come. All my family have been talking about it for quite a while so there will be a sense of relief that the day has finally arrived," she revealed.

"I am delighted to have reached 100 caps because not many players have achieved that milestone. It will be a proud moment for me and my family."

Byrne will become the seventh player, male or female, to win 100 caps at senior level for Ireland and joins a special club that also includes her Arsenal team-mate Ciara Grant (105 caps), Robbie Keane (129), Shay Given (125), Kevin Kilbane (110), Stephen Staunton (102) and Damien Duff (100).


She admits the details of her debut back in 1996 are sketchy but she vividly recalls the shock she felt when manager Mick Cooke told her she was playing.

"I remember thinking why he putting me into this game. I was only 17 and although I had been in the squad since I was 15, I was reserve goalkeeper to Sue Hayden who was a fantastic goalkeeper. I had sat on the bench for two years and watched outfield players like Ciara Grant come in and make their debut. With goalkeepers there is only one position up for grabs.

"But it was great to get in and I never looked back after that. Being an international player opened doors for me and certainly encouraged Arsenal to bring me over and have a look at me. I went there for a weekend, never went home and I'm still there."

Among Byrne's highlights are several matches against World No.1 USA which she enjoyed for many reasons.

"I always love playing against America. Those are my favourite games even though we have to work very hard in them and usually lose them. I just love the occasion of big games like those and the opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world."

Her biggest disappointment came in October 2008 when, after 1-1 draw in Dublin, Ireland lost the second leg of their European Championship play-off to Iceland in a match that Byrne still insists should never have been played.

"That was the one bad moment for me. We had a great chance to qualify but the conditions were awful. The pitch was frozen solid but because the match was on television they went ahead with it and we lost. We were so close to qualifying for a major tournament and I thought we were a better team than them."

Looking forward to today's game against Croatia, Byrne is hopeful that Ireland can follow last Sunday's opening win against Slovakia by taking all three points.

"I really don't want to lose on my 100th cap," she said.


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Re: Emma Byrne
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Anyone know the score?

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Re: Emma Byrne
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Croatia 1 ROI 1  94th minute equaliser for the Republic

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Re: Emma Byrne
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Re: Emma Byrne
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thanks Therese...... ;)

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