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Footballers with the most official appearances
« on: May 21, 2020, 03:52:10 PM »
Hi :D
I’m looking for a women footballer who has the most official appearances (league + domestic cups + champions league + youth national team + national team). On the internet I only found a ranking with international games. I haven’t seen anywhere familiar ranking with club statistics.
When I check out some footballers separately I noticed Marta who played about 600 official games. The data shows she played 265 club matches between 2009-2019 in all competitions + 157 club matches between 2000-2008 in league. There is no information about other competitions in these years (2000-2008), so I don’t have accurate data.
Maybe somewhere exist that ranking. If not, you can’t help me create it. We can do the same ranking as for men. At least TOP 10 for women.
I added the link below where it’s list of footballers (male) with the most official appearances, if someone didn't understand me ::)     
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