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Hi everyone. I’m looking for some advice from people ‘in the know’ on girls RTcs. My daughter is 8 and plays in an all boys team. She was invited for trials at a local RTC by one of their coaches and has been accepted for next season. The ladies team there isn’t a particularly good team. My daughter isn’t keen to leave her boys team. I’m just wondering peoples opinions on this? Should I keep her at the boys team? They are in the top division  of their league and she enjoys playing there. Or should I move her to the girls team where she will be playing against boys a year older than her and probably in a lower division but will be benefitting from better coaching. I really don’t know what to do as I know very little about girls Football. I feel she should take the opportunity while it’s offered or maybe wait a year. Thanks in advance.

Stay with the boys until about 13 is my advice

Heya Jane

Me and my daughter were in a similar situation to yourselfs, my daughter played in the boys league from 6 up until 10 but got an opportunity to play for an rtc, I was torn between keeping her at grassroots or going to the rtc, and I’d been advised to keep her at grassroots till about 13 too, she’s just completed her first season with the rtc playing against boys in the age group above, she’s absolutley loved it without sounding arrogant she’s found it easy at times against some of the boys teams as the grassroots league she came from was a lot more challenging, but the coaching has been great and the extra training sessions and experiance and advise from the coach’s has seen her improve massively, I did worry about the standard she was playing against make her Plateu or regress but her attitude to improve her effort and workrate and concentrate on her own game has put those worry’s to bed, each to there own and every situation and girl is different some cope in the rtc environment and thrive and some don’t, if you think she’d enjoy it id say go for it if you need to fire any more questions feel free

I'd stay with the boys side - why do you assume the coaching will be better at the rtc - she  must be progressing ok to be offered a place at the rtc.   Best youth female player I've seen played boys football til u14 then did 2 years rtc before signing for a wsl reserve side - seen loads of rtc robots and on the whole they are no better than the better players in girls grassroots. 

At the younger age groups there is a lot of churn of players , few make it though all the age groups , however if you join later more likely to make it to the end and into senior football.


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