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Change of Tiers / Leagues next season ?

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Wondered if anybody  is aware of the rumours about next season and potential new fixtures etc.

I have heard that potentially the tiers are being scrapped in favour of small leagues where the winners and runners up go on to play other winners and runners up . Have heard that it may  be regional grouping but as I say its only rumours that I have heard.

Think tiers would still exist in name but they would not solely compete against each other .

I've heard that the North will be split into 2 divisions. The teams will play each other and then 2 new groups formed for the remainder of the season - one consisting of the top teams from each group, the other with the bottom teams. Hope that makes sense! the tier ranking will effectively be redundant.

will make it more interesting for the bookies and the parents betting on games.

I have heard that it will be a North, central and South divide. North consisting of Sheffield and everywhere North of it. Central being fairly obvious to include the  Midlands teams and I think as far as Mk dons and Boston the other way.

South will be the London and South coast clubs.

Not sure if its true but apparently Bristol will be in the Central section.

Surely this makes a mockery of current tiers with games against tier ones such as Birmingham against tier 3's such as Forest.

Girls will undoubtedly now opt for their closest rtc as no obvious advantage to travelling to a tier 1. This is all provided that they change the system.

Looks like a good move to me and might take a bit of arrogance away that some of the tier 1'scurrently have. 


--- Quote from: dirkvanadidas on April 23, 2018, 08:15:32 PM ---will make it more interesting for the bookies and the parents betting on games.

--- End quote ---
You can bet on RTC games ? really ?


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