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After looking around my notes during the SheBelieves Cup, I found a study that I made to find the consistently best players that I saw throughout the tournament. The following players were those who didn't just do something very well, but did it consistently - for the most part, over multiple matches.

On the strength of their consistently quality performances during the tournament, the following players are who I would consider among the very best out there.

Top 9:
Stine Larsen - Danmark
Millie Bright - England
Ekaterina Sochneva - Russia
Andrea Pereira - Spain
Fanndis Fridriksdottir - Iceland
Jordan Nobbs - England
Sara Dabritz - Germany
Almuth Schult - GK, Germany
Hedvig Lindahl - GK, Sweden

The best of the rest of the best:
Jodie Taylor - England
Kristine Minde - Norway
Lena Goessling - Germany
Sanne Troelsgaard - Danmark
Isabel Kerschowski - Germany
Lina Magull - Germany
Babett Peter - Germany
Theresa Nielsen - Danmark
Toni Duggan - England
Fran Kirby - England

With honourable mentions for:

Holmfridur Magnusdottir - Iceland
Anna Kozhnikova - Russia
Steph Houghton - England

And of course, several other excellent players didn't make the list, either because I only saw them once, or didn't see them at all.

Who did you think were the most consistent individual players? Bear in mind that I didn't let the hype sway me. I only went for the best performances that I saw - not the ones that the media yaps on about. Some of the players in the tournament blew me away, and I look forward to seeing a name or two repeat in the SheBelieves Cup.

On that note, if I were to add a name from the US (the fourth nation in the tournament), on the basis of her 2017 performances, it would be the sublime Rose Lavelle. Izzy has done excellently as per usual, and Melissa Lawley looks to be England's best new player. If I were to sign a foreign player based on her 2017 international performances, it would be Spain's Andrea Pereira.
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[ 1 ]  Jackie Groenen had a strong performance for the Netherlands in the 2017 UEFA Womens Euro and she is  probably a big reason why England were knocked out of the tournament in the semi-finals.   A pre-tournament injury to Man City's Tessel Middag  put  Jackie Groenen into a starting midfield role for the Dutch -- playing along with Lieke Martens and Sherida Spitse.  Jackie Groenen is a well-rounded  8  who. despite a svelte figure , does  not  shy away from physicality.  In a tribute video on Youtube  ( with  a lot of the clips from the England match )  you can see Groenen in action: winning  a lot of balls deep or in the midfield; then long balls out to van de Sanden,  through balls to Martens,  and  crosses to Miedema.  Jackie Groenen was a one-women wrecking crew against England that day.

[ 2 ] Some minor quibbles about some of the names mentioned:

-  Rose Lavelle has been consistently injured in 2017. Last year, Rose Lavelle's   rookie season with the Boston Breakers was cut short by an injury. And currently, Lavelle is  not with the USA at SheBelieves because of an injury. Furthermore,  in 2017, she  made 7 appearances for USWNT but only played 90 minutes twice.

- Sara Dabritz's performances , over the last couple of seasons , are getting consistently weaker. In 2015/16 Dabritz scored  9 league goals and Bayern Munich won the Frauen Bundesliga.  Later that year,  Dabritz scored 3 goals in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Germany won the Gold Medal in women's football. Since then, Dabritz didn't score a goal in the 2017 UEFA womens Euro and Germany were knocked out in the quarter finals. And Sara Dabritz has only scored 1 goal over her last 29 league fixtures , spanning over two seasons. In that time, Bayern Munich finished second place in the 2016/17 season of the Frauen Bundesliga and are currently sitting third in the league table. To me, both Bayern Munich and Germany need Sara Dabritz to be better .

That said, there was an injury in there, and Sara Dabritz was the player whose pressure caused the mix up between McManus and Chamberlain which led to Millie Bright's own goal in Sunday's SheBelieves match between England and Germany
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Aha! Righto.

Its likely that I overlook Dutch players, because I thought they were totally undeserving of winning the Championship. There's not a doubt in my mind that anywhere but at home, they wouldn't win anything. That said, I am glad to have another name to look into! Although Im not crazy about watching that disaster again, and think that the main reason we were knocked out was due to defensive errors - most of all Fara Williams' bizarre stray ball for the killer goal. England just weren't themselves.

Then again, the SheBelieves cup shambles yesterday was lost by a defensive error. And when they knocked themselves out of WC 2015! So maybe England were themselves afterall...

Dabritz, well you know your stats! You bring info from the Rio Olympics and the Frauen Bundesliga. I must say, I wasnt aware of those impressive feats :) And that is because I was only going from their performances in the Netherlands. A blank-slate evaluation if you like. And that also means I wasnt going on goals - though of course theyre a part of it. I think I was really going on how well they actually played. How skillful, precise and aware they were on the ball - thus Dabritz! 😊

If I was going on goals though, Jodie Taylor would certainly be at no. 1! As for Rose Lavelle, yes I only saw her in a few matches. Sad that shes injured, and Im hoping she is one of those who gets back her sense of the game and her skill.