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WSL 2017-18
« on: September 22, 2017, 05:08:56 PM »
The Euro 2017 Fantasy game was OK

Anyone fancy a similar version for WSL?

Would like to see a variation on the scoring to reward 100% accurate predictions

Result of game (home, away, draw) - 1 point

Home team score correct (regardless of opponents score) - 1 point

Away team score correct (regardless of opponents score) - 1 point

Goal difference correct (example 1-0 home win prediction for a 2-1 actual home win) - 1 point

Get the correct score - i.e. all 4 of above are correct and earn 1 bonus point (bit like additional points for hat trick scorer), so worth 5 points in total for the game in question

given that "new" signings are only recently being revealed, despite transfer deadline being a week ago, I suggest starting after this weekend's round of fixtures when hopefully all squads are public knowledge etc

can run two separate competitions - one for WSL 1 and another for WSL 2