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A two-part documentary that will probably speak to the experiences of a lot of women and girls who play football.

The successful Essex County League team Harlow Town Ladies, and nearby Sumners Youth FC, are featured in the two episodes, with a mix of interviews and team film. They talk about their problems and their inspirations, and their favourite players growing up. As the film looks at a few different age levels, the interviews with the youngest players are quite bittersweet, knowing that they might have a tough road ahead. Or maybe we'll see them again in a few years?

Directed and written by Caris Rianne, it's really good. Watch it and comment!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Set during the starter year of the newly formed Harlow Town Ladies Football Club, Like a Girl begins with asking the question: if the ladies are currently top of their league and unbeaten, why did it take almost twenty years for the town to form a womens' team?

Following on from the award winning feature Demi, Caris Rianne forms her first documentary around the beloved sport of football and uncovers the unfortunate journey it can sometimes be for young girls who long to play the sport.

Unable to find coaches, teams folding on a yearly basis and the lack of career prospects available for them, it's no wonder that statistics show that many girls quit playing football between the ages of 12 and 15.
Harlow Town Ladies aren't the only team who open up about their experiences, Sumners Youth Football Club who have a large girls team speak about their struggle with confirming fixtures with the lack of other girls teams around.

Exploring the difficulty of being the only girl on a boys team, negative comments at school, homophobic slurs and the lack of supporters at their games, the two episodes highlight the frustration felt by these girls.

Featuring a variety of players aged 8 to 25 along with their coaches, the series doesn't just explore the negative side of women's football, but also the best part - being able to play the game that you love. With charming interviews and two talented teams, Like a Girl shows that if you believe in what you do, you can accomplish it.

The director also talked about the film here -
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