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Hello Everyone!

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Hi There!

This is JK from Vancouver. I'm really excited to be part of this forum. I don't know if you guys know this but this year, FIFA Women's cup is going to be in our city!

Best part . . . I'm going to Japan vs Brazil game (Well Japan vs something) lol.

Great to be part of this forum and women's soccer (Sorry football ;)) rules!

Hope everyone here is having a great day here as well :)

Hello and welcome to the forum !!

I was born there but that was long ago.  Beautiful city.  Not many places you can ski, golf and fish in the same day.  Enjoy the games out there.

Wow it's so rare to meet a Vancouverite that was actually born there :) - Yup Vancouver is GORGEOUS. Super excited for the games. Thanks!

Mackem Steve:
Welcome fifagirl. Good to see someone excited and enthusiastic about women's socc... FOOTBALL!  :D

Hope you enjoy your time here.


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