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Cup competition 2015
« on: April 27, 2015, 05:30:29 PM »
The second round of the Cup has been set up and Stabæk have drawn Bossekop in division-2 as their opponents, a club based in far-off Alta.  Bossekop came through round-1 by beating local division colleagues Porsanger in a tight match.  The Bossekop girls discovered that the Cup is the Cup and that it means nothing to be the favourites, and they needed extra time to win the battle.  

The winning goal came after 106 minutes when an old Stabæk friend, Therese Vollan Kristensen, popped up and scored.  Therese has previously been a guest-player with Stabæk U14s in the Norway Cup and she was able to take home a silver medal afterwards.  

We are looking forward to a trip to Alta.  Stabæk's players have been there before when Roger Finjord the provious trainer set up visits to his home region.  We know what is waiting for us whether the match is played in the Finnmarkshallen or the super Coop Arena right in Bossekop.

"I sat following yesterday's Bossekop match and had an inner hope that we would draw a match with them", said sports leader Richard Jansen.  "Now I hope it's at the Coop Arena, a good stadium where we have many good memories from matches with the U16 national team in 2012".

The match will be played on May 5 or 6.

Round 2:
Tuesday May 5, 18.00:
Lyn – LSK kvinner
Grei – Røa
Øvrevoll Hosle – Kongsvinger
Stoppen – Amazon Grimstad
Urædd – Kolbotn
Hinna – Avaldsnes
Sandviken – Haugar
Åsane - Klepp
Byåsen – Fløya
Medkila - Mjølner
Bossekop – Stabæk  

Wednesday May 6, 18.00:
Sarpsborg 08 - Vålerenga
Arna Bjørnar - Kaupanger
Hødd – Fortuna
Tynset – Trondheims-Ørn
Grand Bodø - Innstrandens
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Cup second round
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2015, 06:18:41 PM »
Grand Bodø v Innstranden 14-1
Goals: Cecilie Falch 4, Trine Tidemann 3, Ingeborg Nordheim 2, Stine Bøhler, Line Danielsen, Anne Marthe Birkeland, Hege Nordvik, Monika Hunstad.  Emilie Dahl scored Innstranden's goal.    
Byåsen v Fløya 3-1       
Bossekop v Stabæk 0-8, Schelderup 2, Cecilie Dekkerhus 2, Pernille Velta 2, Melissa Wiik 2    
Grei v Røa 0-1, o/g    
Hinna v Avaldsnes 0-5, Sævik 2, Magnusdottir, Pedersen 2         
Lyn v LSK Kvinner 0-6, Moe Wold, Herlovsen, Westerlund, Spitse, Sandvei, Sønstevold       
Medkila v Mjølner 17-0, Rasmussen 4, Fjelldal 5, Malone-Povolny, Hustad 3, Adams, Pedersen, Stockton, o/g       
Sandviken v Haugar 5-0, Thun, Knudsen, Bakke 2, Andreassen       
Stoppen v Amazon Grimstad 0-4, Ingvardsen, Glamsland, France, Eikeland   
Øvrevoll Hosle v Kongsvinger 3-1   
Åsane v Klepp 2-3, Tofte Ims, Risnes, Thorisdottir       
Hødd v Fortuna 1-4   
Sarpsborg 08 v Vålerenga 18.00       
Tynset v Trondheims-Ørn 18.00       
Urædd v Kolbotn 18.00    
Arna-Bjørnar v Kaupanger 19.00
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Medkila-Mjølner 17-0
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2015, 10:21:34 AM »
 There was an avalanche of goals at Harstad Stadium on Tuesday as Medkila met Mjølner who had made the trip up from Narvik for the second round of the Cup.  The team from division-2 did not score.  Cesilie Andreassen made her comeback for Medkila after some months off with an injury.

Anja Rasmussen scored the first goal after Maria Hustad worked the ball forward on the left wing and switched it across the 6-yard line.  Rasmussen ran in from the other side and broadsided it into goal.  She scored another three goals.

In the 11th minute Vilde Fjelldal was through, alone with the keeper.  Her shot went straight to keeper Halvorsen, but she went on to score five goals, starting two minutes later.  Keeper Erin McNulty then went into action at the other end to take a long pass in the penalty area before anyone else got it.  By half time the score was 7-0 and Medkila had not really had to exert themselves, while Mjølner had managed to get past the halfway line only a handful of times.  

At half time Maren Jakobsen came on as Medkila's keeper, and Silje Johansen replaced Dybvik.  Within two minutes Danesha Adam scored on the goal line.  Rasmussen started the move, Fjelldal's shot hit the post, and Adams was well placed for the finish.  A few minutes later Fjelldal scored her third. In the 55th minute Julie Voktor Pedersen added her name to the list of scorers.  Four minutes later came Hustad's second goal, a shot across the keeper from inside the box on the left.  Danesha Adams took the record for the highest shot in the 58th minute, an attempt that went about two storeys over the goal.

The dozen came up in the 62nd minute when a good cross from Silje Johansen was steered in by Vilde Fjelldal.  Cesilie Andreassen came on as a substitute, replacing Pedersen after an hour, having been off the field since the early winter.  Blake Stockton scored in the 67th minute to bring up 13-0.  Medkila played the ball back to keeper Jakobsen a couple of times to keep her in the game, but she had had no use for her gloves until the 69th minute.

In the 70th minute Adams tried to get Andreassen on the scoring list, playing her through a couple of times.  She had one good shot but the keeper made a good save.  The 14th goal came in the 71st minute when Rasmussen used her speed to come through and shoot via the near post.  Then Mjølner had a corner but it was too high and went over everyone.  Rasmussen made it 15-0 after a shot from Andreassen came back off a post.  The 17th and last goal came in the 85nd minute when Vilde Fjelldal rolled the ball in for her fifth of the afternoon.  

Medkila's win was the larget in the Cup competition since 2007 and it shows the gap between the regional division-2 and the Toppserien.  Medkila were without Ann Mari Dovland and Elisabeth Aasli, as well as some players with long-term injuries.  

Medkila-Mjølner 17-0 (7-0), Cup round 2, Harstad Stadium, 05-05-2014
Spectators: 82
Ref: Petter Minge, Santor
Goals: Anja Rasmussen 3, Vilde Fjelldal 11, Fjelldal 13, Katrine Winnem Jørgensen 27, Rasmussen 31, Rosie Maline-Povolny 36, Maria Hustad 37, Danesha Adams 47, Fjelldal 50, Julie Voktor Pedersen 55, Hustad 59, Fjelldal 62, Blake Stockton 13, Rasmussen 71, Rasmussen 80, Hustad 82, Fjelldal 85.  

Erin McNulty (Maren Jakobsen 46) -
Sigrun Linaker Dybvik (Silje Johansen 46), Katrine Winnem Jørgensen, Blake Ashley Stockton, Martine Hustad -
Maria Hustad, Julie Voktor Pedersen (Cesilie Andreassen 63), Rosie Malone-Povolny (capt), Anja Rasmussen -
Vilde Fjelldal, Danesha Adams.
Subs: Maren Jakobsen, Cesilie Andreassen, Louise Normann, Silje Johansen.

Øyvind Askevold Kaarbø


Anja Rasmussen interview:
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Stoppen 0 Amazon Grimstad 4
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2015, 05:53:03 PM »
It was a clear win to Amazon when we visited Stoppen, who took over from the old Liungen and Konnerud clubs.

Amazon rested Line Geltzer Johansen, Kristine Meland, Stina Kleppe and Heidi Eikeland from the start, but even so we had few problems.  After 11 minutes Gro Ingvardsen and the contest was killed off nine minutes later with the second goal, by Eline Glamsland.  Five minutes before half time our player of the match, Georgia France, made it 0-3.

We started the second half by substituting Heidi Eikeland for Silje Blakstad, and it took only nine minutes for her to score.  We pressed and pressed for more goals, but there weren't any more.  But we had full control of the whole match and could have had another four goals.  Olli was smart with the substitutions and replaced Kelsey Hood at 0-4 so we will be ready for the match against Sandviken who beat Haugar 5-0 at home.

Keeper Karoline Sævareid had very little to do and had a good view of the match.  "We made a lot of sloppy mistakes but not so serious that we couldn't put them right.  The tempo could have been higher but I think Stoppen thought it was high enough.  We combined well and that led to big chances and goals", she said.

Stoppen – Amazon Grimstad 0-4 (0-3), Cup second round, 05-05-2015
Goals: Gro Ingvardsen 11, Eline Glamsland 20, Georgia France 40, Heidi Eikeland 54.

Amazon Grimstad (3-4-3):
Karoline Sævareid –
Emma Salomonsson, Gro Ingvardsen, Rachel Breton –
Linn Christine Farbergshagen, Lisbeth Rothschild, Kelsey Hood (54 Stina Kleppe), Georgia France –
Silje Blakstad (46 Heidi Eikeland), Mona Lohmann, Eline Glamsland.
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Åsane 2 Klepp 3
« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2015, 07:21:29 PM »
Klepp narrowly won their second-round match on Tuesday against Bergen's no. 3 team on the women's side.

Åsane scored first after nine minutes. Gry Tofte Ims equalised later but the home team from division-1 took the lead back.  Klepp had to hunt for goals or take an embarrassing cup defeat.  Success came in the 67th minute with the 2-2 equaliser by Kristin J. Risnes, and then substitute Maria Thorisdottir put Klepp into the lead for the first time and the players could breathe out and start to think about Saturday's away match against LSK Kvinner.

"We could have scored more and the goals we conceded were simple ones.  Åsane were close to scoring at the end.  We could have played better but we did what we had to.  It was good to give some players a chance after they had not had much match time", said trainer Jon Pall Palmason.  Keeper Nicole McClure played her first official match for the club.   

Nicole McClure -
Ida Lillehammer, Tuva Hansen, Tonje Øfsteng, Anette Tengesdal (Maria Hiim 77) -
Maren Knudsen (Maria Thorisdottir 63), Gry Tofte Ims, Kristin J. Risnes, Therese Sessy Åsland -
Andrea Norheim, Birte Svines (Astrid Grøttå Ree 63).
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Tynset - Trondheims-Ørn 1-5
« Reply #6 on: May 06, 2015, 07:43:53 PM »
Wednesday May 6:  In the end it was a 1-5 away win against Tynset in the Cup.  We started well with goals by Kristin Jørgensen and Marthe Enlid.  After that Tynset came more into the match even though we steered most of the play.  In the second half they reduced the score to 1-2.  Lisa-Marie (Utland) was sent on and settled the contest with three quick goals.

Thanks to Tynset for good arrangements, and good opposition :)

Tynset - Trondheims-Ørn  1-5 (0-2), Cup round 2, Nytrømoen artificial pitch, 06-05-2015
Goals: 0-1 Kristin Jørgensen 7, 0-2 Marthe Enlid 9, 1-2 Janne Løkken 54, 1-3 Lisa-Marie Utland 73, 1-4 Utland 74, 1-5 Utland 80.

Mari Johansen -
Monica Smedhaug, Kristin Reistad, Inger Ane Hole, Mali Næss -
Guro Reiten, Guro Ramstad, Ingrid Engen (Maria Olsvik 46) -
Elen Melhus (Maiken Bakke 67), Marthe Enlid, Kristin Jørgensen (Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland).


Setting out this morning:

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Kolbotn narrowly through at Urædd
« Reply #7 on: May 06, 2015, 09:00:09 PM »
Urædd frightened the life out of Kolbotn and were close to a sensational result on Wednesday evening.  Tonje Pedersen scored Kolbotn's only goal from open play against the team from division-1.

It was a long afternoon on Urædd's artificial pitch in Porsgrunn.  The score was 1-1 after full time and the match had to go to extra time and penalties before it was decided.  It ended with a 4-5 win to Kolbotn.

"A collective off-day.  This was one of the worst I have seen.  The first ten minutes of the second half were OK but otherwise we were a long way under par", said trainer David Brocken.  He was disappointed with his players.  "I'm really embarrassed.  Urædd fought like lions, were well organised and deserved to win more than us today.  They should have gone through.  Not because they created very much but because of how we played.  But after saying that I'm pleased we are through to the next round.  And I have been a footballer myself.  I know there are days when nothing goes right.  We had one of those today".

Tonje Pedersen was the only player to be singled out by the chief.  "Tonje's the only only one who looked positive.  Now we must accept that we are through and focus on the match against Vålerenga at the weekend.  We will have to perform in quite a different way", said David Brocken.

Urædd - Kolbotn 4-5 (h/t 0-0, f/t 1-1, e/t 1-1, pens 4-5), Cup round 2, Urædd KG
Spectators: 30
Referee: Stian Magnussen, Borg IF
Cards: none

Kolbotn: Siiri Vilhelmiina Valimaa - Eirin Bjerkreim Kleppa, Ane Sund Walsøe, Ingrid Rokke Elvebakken, Inga Sofie Bakken, Marit Bratberg Lund, Michaela Wilhelmina Alida van den Bulk (capt), Tonje Pedersen, Synne Sofie Kinden Jensen, Fride Elise Bakken, Jenny Norem.    
Bench:  Charlotte Jakobsen, Ina Gausdal, Laura Stockdale, Eira Mørch-Thoresen.

Kolbotn played a poor match and I have never seen them play such a weak and uninspired match, and I have seen many Kolbotn matches.

Urædd were tactically good with skilful individual players and they all fought together.  Nora Eide Lie played well as did centre-back Ingrid Bergland (18), while right winger Siw Døvle had a strong performance.  In the eventual penalty shootout Kolbotn sank their first four in the net but Urædd missed two, so there was no doubt.

Kolbotn had taken the lead after eight minutes when Tonje Pedersen scored, but Urædd fought back and equalised with Ingrid Bergland's goal in the 13th minute.

2-1 Sandra Preus (Urædd)
2-2 Sheila van den Bulk (Kolbotn)
3-2 Veronica Amundsen (Urædd)
3-3 Synne Jensen (Kolbotn)
miss by Urædd
3-4 Tonje Pedersen (Kolbotn)
4-4 Ellen Wiersholm (Urædd)
4-5 Marit Bratberg Lund (Kolbotn)
miss by Urædd

Jan Reidar Vågsdalen
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Sarpsborg 08 - Vålerenga 0-7
« Reply #8 on: May 06, 2015, 09:40:11 PM »
May 6: Vålerenga won their away match 0-7 in Sarpsborg on Wednesday.  Frida Lyshoel scored her first official goal for the club after substituting for Maren Hauge after only five minutes.  Her first goal is recorded as a own-goal by a Sarpsborg player, but in the second half she thumped the ball into goal from 25 yards for 0-6.  

Goals: Emelie Erlandsson, Ellen Wang, o/g, Rikke Storrø, Lise Janbu Eide, Lyshoel, Janbu Eide.

Match photos from Fotballmagasinet:
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Arna Bjørnar - Kaupanger 3-0
« Reply #9 on: May 07, 2015, 04:42:36 PM »
Arna Bjørnar went through to the third round of the Cup with a 3-0 home win over Kaupanger.

In the first half Arna Bjørnar dominated and most of the play took pace on Kaupanger's half of the pitch.  Kaupanger's penalty area was full and attack after attack either ended up in the melee, was blocked or resulted in a long clearance.  But in the 25th minute Maria Brochmann volleyed the ball into goal from a corner, and there were no more goals before half time.

In the second half most of the spectators expected Arna Bjørnar to take over, but instead it was Kaupanger that moved up the pitch and made visits into AB's penalty area.  They did not create much danger but Arna Bjørnar for their part started to make inaccurate passes and poor decisions.  Then in the 62nd minute a debutante ran on to the pitch - Rikke Nygard in her first official match for AB.  Later Andrine Mo and Synnøve Arefjord also came on as substitutes to make their debuts.  It was debutantes who scored the other two goals.  After AB's best attack up the right side Andrine Mo put the ball directly into goal, and eight minutes later Synnøve Arefjord took a turn with a long shot that beat Kaupanger's keeper even though she got a hand to the ball.  So the match ended 3-0.

It was not a great match at Arna Idrettspark but in the Cup only the result matters.  Karoline Haugland was AB's best player while Vilde Bøe Risa worked well for the time that she was on the pitch.  From the first team, Tina Algrøy was not brought home for this match while Cecilie Kvamme was rested with a slight injury.  Kaupanger had a couple of periods of good play in the second half and showed they have plenty of development potential in their young team.  

Arna Bjørnar - Kaupanger 3-0 (1-0), Cup second round, Arna Sports Park, 06-05-2015
Spectators: 75
Ref: Jan Terje Erichsen, Bergen Nord FK
Cards: none
Goals: Maria Brochmann 25, Andrine Mo 80, Synnøve Arefjord 88.

Arna Bjørnar:
Hilde Gunn Olsen -
Karoline Haugland, Caroline Walde, Ingrid Stenevik, Åsne Takle Eide -
Maria Brochmann, Vilde Bøe Risa (Andrine Mo 72), Lisa F. Naalsund -
Amalie Eikeland (Synnøve Arefjord 82), Sigrid Heien Hansen (Rikke Nygard 62), Ine Marie Wedaa.
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Lyn v LSK Kvinner 0-6
« Reply #10 on: May 09, 2015, 09:25:42 AM »
Goals: Ingrid Moe Wold 30, Iabell Herlovsen 45, Anna Westerlund, Sherida Spitse 60, Marit Sandvei 83, Anja Sønstevold.

Nora Neset Gjøen -
Ingrid Moe Wold, Anna Westerlund, Mandy van den Berg, Marit Sandvei -
Sherida Spitse (Therese Ottesen 85), Anja Sønstevold -
Victoria Ludvigsen, Celine K. Pettersen, Mimmi Löfwenius (Ingunn Svestad 78) -
Isabell Herlovsen (Sine Tosterud 46).
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Re: Cup competition 2015
« Reply #11 on: August 01, 2015, 08:42:56 PM »
Tuesday's round of 16:

Klepp - Sandviken

Amazon Grimstad - LSK
Avaldsnes - Arna Bjørnar
Grand Bodø - Medkila
Røa - Øvrevoll Hosle
Stabæk - Vålerenga
Trondheims Ørn - Byåsen

Fortuna- Kolbotn 19:00

Fortuna and Øvrevoll Hosle are mid-table in Division 1.  Grand Bodø are top of the table.  Byåsen are just above the relegation zone but are surprisingly competitive against better teams.  Outside Grand Bodø they have not lost by more than a goal.

The interesting matches look like Stabæk/Vålerenga at Nadderud and  Avaldsnes/Arna Bjørnar out west.

In a one-game system anything can happen.  Someone like Medkila could find some fortune to makeup for their fateful luck in league.

The quarter-finals are August 26th, the semi's 12 September and the chilly final November 21st.
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Re: Cup competition 2015
« Reply #12 on: August 05, 2015, 02:14:36 PM »
And we have our quarter-finalists:

Amazon Grimstad 0 - 4 LSK
Avaldsnes 5 - 1 Arna Bjørnar
Grand Bodø 0 - 3 Medkila
Stabæk 2 - 2 Vålerenga (AET)
Trondheims-Ørn 6 - 1 Byåsen
Klepp 0 - 2 Sandviken
Røa 7 - 1 Øvrevoll Hosle
Fortuna 1 - 9 Kolbotn

Multiple goalscorers today:

Four Goals
Elisabeth Jeppesen (Kolbotn)

Three Goals
Lisa-Marie Karlseng (Trondheims-Ørn)

Two Goals
Cambria Privett (Kolbotn)
Kristin Jørgensen (Trondheims-Ørn)
Kine Kvalsvik(Røa)
Synne Skinnes Hansen (Røa)
Sofie Skjelstad Jensen (Røa)
Ingrid Altermark (Medkila)

Bit of drama in the Oslo derby between Stabæk and Vålerenga with Stine Pettersen Reinås red carded in the 90th minute leaving Vålerenga playing with 10 players in overtime.

The remaining eight teams are all Toppserien, including six of the top seven.  Only Klepp who was upset by Sandviken are not through.  The remaining six Toppserien front-runners will be relishing avoiding each other and a draw with 10th place Sandviken or 12th place Medkila.  Hope there's magic in the air and they can go on a run though.
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Re: Cup competition 2015
« Reply #13 on: August 06, 2015, 02:22:10 PM »

Avaldsnes - Røa
Kolbotn - Trondheims-Ørn
LSK Women - Sandviken
Medkila - Stabæk

To anyone watching the match broadcast there a couple weeks ago, Avaldsnes home on grass will be very difficult for Røa.  They will need to put in an A outing with some extra tricks up their sleeve and get some magic as well.

Kolbotn and Trondheims-Ørn are neighbours in the table and this will be a nervy match.  The Eagles can play when the chips are down as we saw last year, but Kolbotn has Tomter and Ose back who are both battlers and gamers.

Tough for Sandviken having to come east and play the runaway league leaders.  I think both Sandviken and Røa wish they could swap opponents.

Stabæk beat Medkila 6-0 in the second week of the season but the northerners are much better than their record.  It's actually not a bad draw for Medkila.