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The 2015 game will be based only on the 14 League games and to make it more interesting all teams will be able to have 11 substitutions available for the whole season. Changes can be made at any time during before the beginning of each matchday. Deadline will be advised before each matchday.

The ratings will be the same as in 2014  :

Player starting a game & play full 90  5
Player starting a game and subbed 3
Player coming on as a sub 1

Goal Scored 8
Assist 5
Scoring three goals in a game 50 extra points
Scoring five goals in a game 100 extra points
Own goal -5

Clean Sheet (keeper/defender) 15
Clean Sheet (midfielder) 3  
Conceded  goal (keeper/defender) -1 per goal

Penalty save (keeper) 15
Penalty miss -5

Sent off - 15
Yellow card  -5

A Captain will have to be chosen and the Captain's points will be doubled.

The maximum team value will be £250m and there is no restrictions in term of players from any team you can have 11 Sunderland players for example.

Same as last year 3-4-3, 5-3-2, 3-5-2, 4-4-2, or 4-3-3 formations only (no 9-1, 8-1-1 or 3-3-4 for example )

The player values can be found on this thread - http://www.womensfootball.eu/forum/index.php/topic,8121.0.html

Any question you can tweet me @wsldreamteam.

The winner will get a bag of sweets, same as last year.  

Deadline for Matchday 1

Tue 24 Mar 2359

Deadline for Matchday 2

Tue 31 Mar 2359

Team Froggie 242 M 4-3-3

H Lindhal 10
I Ryland 10
J Beattie 12.5
N Fahey 22
G Brougham 6.5
J So Yun 27
V Losada 10
J Nobbs 35.5
G Davison 29.5
N Sanchon 38
N Dowie 41

Captain N Sanchon

Team Kirkby Sock Robbers

L.Stout £33m
L.Bronze £51m
G.Bonner £48m
D.Stokes £10m
S.Murray £1m
K.Zelem £7.5m
J.Nobbs £35.5m
D.Spence £6.5m
N.Dowie £41m
L.Smorsgard £3.5m
L.Sanderson £10m

Captain J.Nobbs

Froggie and Kirkby Sock Robbers both ok.

You can change change any of your players until Matchday 1 of course.


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