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Mats Møller Dæhli, Cardiff player
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Footballer Caroline Graham Hansen has known Cardiff's Mats Møller Dæhli since they were both little.  They are now 19 but she could see his success coming many years ago.

"Mats has such an extreme mental strength that he can go as far as he wants.  He could have an effect on European football in a few years", said Hansen.  The two of them met at age 7 and have spent countless hours training together.  They know each other very well.  "He has a will to win in everything he does.  He was extremely good with the ball very early and no-one could take the ball from him once he got going.  Everyone wanted to be on the same team with him", she said.

Møller Dæhli went to Manchester United's Academy as a 17-year-old.  After that he came with Ole Gunnar Solskjær to Molde FC and now he is with the same manager at Cardiff.  So far it has been a sunny story which probably reached its top when the young player saved a point at the last minute against West Brom and was voted the best player.  

"We who know him know what Mats is capable of and have always wanted him to do well.  We couldn't have known it when he was young but I have watched success coming", said Graham Hansen, who makes an effort to watch every Cardiff match.  "I think he will be the next Norwegian player to take a big title and I think we will see him win one of the big leagues", she said.

She fully understands her friend's decision to go for Premiership football as a 19-year-old.  "He knows the trainer and gets to play under a manager who knows him and knows what he will get.  That gives security, which is extremely important at the age we are", said Caroline Graham Hansen.

Møller Dæhli has not yet started a match at Cardiff but has played seven games as a substitute.  "I think he has earned a starting place.  Every time he is near the ball something happens.  I think Solskjær has done everything right up to now", said the 19-year-old.

If Cardiff should be relegated she thinks that Mats will follow Solskjær.  "It might come down to choosing between staying with Solskjær or going for another Premiership team.  He must feel in his bones, if another big club comes along, that he would be given the same responsibility there.  It could be difficult for Cardiff to hold on to him", she thinks.

The two used to play for the Oslo club Lyn.  When Mats is home in Oslo he meets his old Lyn teammate for training.  "I have learned and continue to learn things from Mats because we have a similar role on the pitch.  It's very inspiring and fun when you see an old friend who has done so well.  Why not learn from the best?" said Norway's talented teenager with a smile.  

Graham Hansen came home to the Norwegian league and cup champions Stabæk after playing the autumn season in Stockholm with Tyresö, where she was a teammate of Marta and other top footballers, mostly Swedish.  She admits that in time she would like to go to foreign club again, one that is aiming for success in the Champions League.  And now she has a friend who follows her.  "The Olympics in Rio would be a lot of fun.  I hope Mats will sit and shout for me.  I know he is planning to watch me", said Caroline Graham Hansen.
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