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Under-15s win in Poland
« Reply #20 on: October 27, 2014, 07:11:31 PM »
Norway beat Poland away 2-3 this evening.

Poland - Norway 2-3 (2-2), Stadion Miejski w Ostródzie, 27-10-2014
Goals: 0-1 Camilla Huseby 16, 0-2 Ine Agnethe Aarskog 20, 1-2 Aleksandra Smigielska 25, 2-2 Klaudia Nogalska 32, 2-3 Synne Vatnem 75.

Frida Bergmann Thomas –
Ine Agnethe Aarskog, Camilla Huseby, Kristin Müller (capt), Emilie Raaum Closs (Malin Johansen Brenn 75) –
Rikke Bogetveit Nygard (Emilia Ruud 75), Ida Isaksen Giske (Helene Rædergård Schjelderup 75), Andrea Norheim (Tone Bettina Pirisi 41), Ine Sofie Leschbrandt Østmo (Synne Vatnem 64) –
Emilie Nautnes, Ingrid Olsen (Emilie Marie Aanes Woldvik 41).

Thomas Brekke Sæteren  
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Under-15s win again in Poland
« Reply #21 on: October 29, 2014, 04:19:24 PM »
Norway beat Poland away 0-6 this morning in their second match of the trip, having won 2-3 on Monday.

Norway had a good start to the match with a goal by Emilie Nautnes after only seven minutes.  Another goal by Ine Agnethe Aarskog and a penalty by Andrea Norheim followed, to give a half-time score of 0-3.  In the second half there were goals from Ingrid Olsen - twice - and Andrea Norheim, and Norway finished with a haul of six goals.
Trainer Roar Wold was naturally pleased.  "Today's match was a step up from the last one", he told afterwards.  "I am very pleased that so many players showed their skills.  We made many substitutions but we managed to keep the level up and created new chances all the time".

"We played fine football and created a lot, even though we were a bit slow in the box.  There were three fine goals and some good performances", said the trainer.  

In the second half Poland came more into the match.  "In the second half they tried to move the play forward but it gave us more room and gave us two more nice goals as well as one from a set-piece", said Wold.  "We had full control all the way.  We made six substitutions and steered in a good win without giving away a single scoring chance".

Wold says there was really not much difference bewteen the two matches.  "We made some mistakes that gave Poland a couple of goal in the first match, and struggled to convert our own chances.  Today everything was a little better, even though there was not a lot of difference.  But we scored from our chances in the first half and gained confidence that drove us on and made us give less away", he said.

The trainer has a lot of positive things to take home.  "We have many exciting players here, with a lot of potential to become really good", he said.  "It's an exciting year with most of the players showing good skills".

Poland-Norway 0-6 (0-3), Stadium Miejski w Ostródzie, 29-10-2014
Yellow card: Anita Bosak, Poland
Goals: Emilie Nautnes 7; Ine Agnethe Aarskog 27; Andrea Norheim 37 (pen), 72; Ingrid Olsen 50, 55.

Linn-Mari Nilsen –
Ine Agnethe Aarskog, Kristin Müller (capt), Andrea Norheim, Emilie Raaum Closs (Camilla Huseby 56) –
Synne Vatnem (Helene Schjelderup 41), Ida Isaksen Giske (Malin Johnsen Brenn 41), Emilia Ruud, Ine Sofie Leschbrandt Østmo (Rikke Bogetveit Nygard 56) –
Emilie Marie Aanes Woldvik (Ingrid Olsen 41) –
Emilie Nautnes (Tone Bettina Pirisi 63).

Espen Haugen
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Under-15s meeting in Stavanger
« Reply #22 on: May 19, 2015, 11:50:20 AM »
Norway's J15 chief trainer Børje Sørensen has picked the squad for a training meeting in Stavanger from June 17-21.  The squad was announced on Fløya's web page.

Dina Aas - Fossum
Oda Eide Arnesen - Kopervik
Vilde Austad - Inderøy
Thea Bjelde - Sogndal
Eline Bjørmark - Stoppen
Joanna Bækkelund - Lyn
Live R. Deila - Stoppen
Naomi Griffin - LSK Kvinner
Emma Fraser Hoff - Nøtterøy
Kristin Holmen - Fagernes
Sara K Lysen - Kongsvinger
Ingeborg Løvli - Nannestad
Andrine Mo - Arna-Bjørnar
Marte Sofie Ness - Grand Bodø
Rikke Nygard - Arna-Bjørnar
Jenny Røsholm Olsen - Lyn
Kristin Rage - Bryne
Mathilde Alsaker Rogde - Forus og Gausel
Karen Oline Sneve - Freidig
Malin Sunde - Fortuna Ålesund
Elin Sørum - Fløya
Marte Taugbøl - Kongsvinger
Ylinn Tennebø - Tornado Måløy

Rikke Nygard, just transferred to Arna-Bjørnar:

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