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Good advice for keepers everywhere
« on: March 21, 2013, 03:55:14 PM »
Ingrid Hjelmseth is in her fifth season as Norway's keeper after many years as a reserve keeper in the international squad.  She plays club football for Stabæk but last year she was injured, which left the way open for reserve keeper Guro Pettersen to play her first official match for Stabæk - on national TV, in the Cup Final!

Hjelmseth described how she had broken a finger in a league match and introduced her young deputy to NRK viewers, saying she had every confidence in her doing a good job.  21-year-old Pettersen said she was confident after being given some good tips by Hjelmseth, but they were a secret.  

But Hjelmseth revealed the tips on camera: "Stop the bloody ball!" . . it must have worked because Stabæk won the Cup, 4-0.

See the video:
Match highlights:
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