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Re: Norway's handball women
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It will be on France 3 in France as well, which means having a VPN or looking for a stream  ;D

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Re: Norway's handball women
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32-24. Rout  :P
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World Cup to Norway
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Norway took the handball World Cup tonight in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by beating France 32-24 and confirming their last victory of twelve years ago.

"I am extremely glad, proud and quite exhausted.  We really thought it would be an achievement for us to reach the semifinals.  Now I am very happy", said trainer Torir Hergeirsson to TV 2.

At the finishing signal the Norwegian substitutes stormed out on to the pitch to celebrate the win.  Norway had not started the tournament as favourites, with a lot of key players absent.  But scepticism was put on one side this evening.  "Fantastic! we played well - it was a delight", said Kristine Lunde Borgersen.  "Congratulations to the handball girls", wrote Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on Twitter.

The defeat by Germany in the opening match of the tournament in Brazil was forgotten.  The team has improved during the finals and reached their peak tonight against France.  Even though the European Cup has been won regularly by Norway, the World Cup has eluded them since 1999.  Tonight's title is their 20th since they entered the international arena in 1986.  Tonight the team was heading for the victory banquet in Sao Paulo as a start to the night's celebrations.

The match started even and tight but it appeared that Norway would take over midway in the first half.  Heidi Løke replaced Marit Malm Frafjord on the line and immediately what the French were afraid of happened.  L'Equipe had earlier in the day written about the 'Heidi Løke phenomenon'.  Out on the pitch, in the match of her life, Løke showed why she is so feared.  

Keeper Katrine Lunde Haraldsen let in eight of France's first nine shots, but raised her game.  "It's great.  It means more than I was expecting - it's a special feeling", Lunde Haraldsen told TV 2.

Karoline Dyhre Breivang made seven goal-assisting passes in the first half.  Kristine Lunde Haraldsen and Linn Jørum Sulland placed almost every shot into the net.  France had a tough time and were six goals down at half time.

In the second half any hopes that the Norwegians might relax were dispelled with Dyhre Breivang's goal before a minute had been played.  And when Kari Aalvik Grimsbø saved a French penalty five minutes later everyone on the bench jumped up.  They knew it was their evening.  At that point they led by eight and knew it was virtually impossible to be caught by the opponents.  And they were not, so 18th December 2011 will be written into Norway's history for all time.

France - Norway 24-32 (13-19)
4000 Spectators.
Norway: Katrine Lunde Haraldsen, Kari Aalvik Grimsbø - Mari Molid, Stine Bredal Oftedal, Ida Alstad 1 goal, Heidi Løke 4, Tonje Nøstvold 4, Karoline Dyhre Breivang 2, Kristine Lunde Borgersen 6, Kari Mette Johansen 2, Marit Malm Frafjord, Linn Jørum Sulland 5, Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth Koren 2, Gøril Snorroeggen, Amanda Kurtovic 4, Camilla Herrem 2.  Sin-bins: France 4 x 2 min., Norway 2 x 2 min.  Referees: Gubica/Milosevic, Croatia.

Anders K. Christiansen, Bjørn S. Delebekk

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Re: Norway's handball women
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For an English article, here's the International Handball Federation's version:

Heja Norge: Norway World Champion 2011!

Twelve years after their first World Championship title, Norway wrote handball history in Sao Paulo: By beating the brave fighting French team 32:24 (19:13) in the final they are the second team after Denmark (1996/97) to be World Champion, European Champion and Olympic Champion at the same time. For France it was the second consecutive defeat in a World Championship final after 2009, when they lost against Russia. Norway extended their huge title cabinet to eight Gold medals – twice World Champion (1999, 2011), once Olympic Champion (2008) and five times European Champion (1998, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010). Thanks to this victory of the Norwegians (current European Champion), Sweden has qualified directly for the 2012 London Olympic Games as European representative (Silver medallist at the EHF EURO 2010).

Final: France – Norway  24:32 (13:19)

When the Gold medals were handed over by IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa and Manoel Luiz Oliveira, President of the Brazilian Handball Federation, the Norwegians started to realize, what they had reached. On the top of the podium they continued their huge celebrations full of emotions, which had started with the final buzzer on the field – World Champion 2011!

The atmosphere among the nearly 8000 spectators  - with a huge Norwegian group, but also more than 200 frenetic French supporters, was fantastic. Singing and shouting they were standing behind their teams. And the final was – for a long time, as expected - a big defence clash by the physically best prepared teams of this tournament from the first minute on.

France started better, but was then beaten by their own weapons: The Norwegian defence was extremely movable, blocked the French shooters and did not give one centimeter to their opponent, whilst goalkeeper Katrine Lunde Haraldsen stood like a rock. And when the “Norge express” had started after the 6:6, it was unstoppable:  First Linn Sulland hit the back of the net from nine or seven meters, then Kristine Lunde Borgersen hammered the balls in the French net – and on the pivot position Heidi Löke was fighting as if she would for her life. So Norway increased the gap to four goals at 13:9 for the first time and to five at 16:11 in minute 27. As France had to fight extremely hard to score, Norway went through their defence like a knife cutting warm butter with a big scoring efficiency. And when Löke – the only member of the All Star Team present in the final – stroke to 19:12 in minute 30, France (still missing their injured top stars Pineau and Signate) knew that they need a miracle in the second half to raise the winner’s trophy.

And this miracle went out of sight and reach, as the number of mistakes could not be increased, goalkeeper Lunde Haraldsen shut the gate and Norway still pricked the French team with their pinhole attacks. The runners-up of the WCh 2009 lacked ideas in attack and power in defence, when Kari Mete Johansen scored the 24:17 in minute 40. The red dressed Norwegian spectators started singing their traditional “Heja Norge” song – but France did not resign. They took the profit of some missed Norwegian shots and returned to the match at 21:26 ten minutes before the end.

But this was the final wake up call for the Northern Europeans, who latest decided the game five minutes before the end with the 29:23 – and the rest was a huge “Heja-Norge-party” on then stands and on the field.

The All Star Team of the World Championship 2011:
Goalkeeper: Chana Masson (Brazil), Left wing: Emilia Turei (Russia), Left back: Andrea Penezic (Croatia), Centre back: Alison Pineau (France), Right back: Line Jørgensen (Denmark), Right wing: Carmen Martin (Spain), Pivot: Heidi Løke (Norway)


Final ranking of the XX Women’s World Championship in Brazil:
Gold: Norway
Silver: France
Bronze:  Spain
4. Denmark
5. Brazil
6. Russia
7. Croatia
8. Angola
9. Sweden
10. Montenegro
11. Korea
12. Iceland
13. Romania
14. Japan
15. Netherlands
16. Ivory Coast
17. Germany
18. Tunisia
19. Kazakhstan
20. Uruguay
21. China
22. Cuba
23. Argentina
24. Australia

If anyone cares: Heja is Swedish for "Go" as in "Go England". The Norwegian is Heia. And yes, the Norwegians do care. It's sort of like calling the Irish British.

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Re: Norway's handball women
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Heidi Løke world's best
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The International Handball Federation has voted Norway's Heidi Løke (29) as the world's best player for 2011.

The voting took place among supporters, the press and the IHF's group of experts.  "This comes as a big surprise to me.  It feels like an honour, and it's very very welcome", said Løke to NTB.

Heidi Løke won the Champions League with Larvik and was the league's top scorer.  She won the Norwegian league and cup competitions with Larvik and was central to Norway's World Cup win in November.  Before the present season she transferred to Hungary to play for Györ.

Løke took 28 percent of the votes, with Allison Pineau of France second with 22 percent.  Third was Norway's keeper Katrine Lund Haraldsen.

Løke is the third Norwegian in five years, and the fifth overall, to take this award.  Gro Hammerseng won in 2007 followed the year after (when Norway won the Olympics) by 'Linka' - Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth.  Trine Haltvik won in 1998 and keeper Cecilie Leganger in 2001.

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