Author Topic: Ailing WPS humiliated in court  (Read 3514 times)

Elee Timp

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Ailing WPS humiliated in court
« on: January 14, 2012, 04:43:48 AM »
RENEGADE team owner Dan Borislow drew first blood in his court battle with the WPS.

Borislow was booted out of the League when his lame "magicJack" franchise flopped.

But well-heeled motormouth Dan hit back hard, leaving WPS bosses facing legal humilation and financial ruin.

Now the League must attempt to limp on with just FIVE teams across the whole continent.

And the well-meaning-nincompoops of the WPS leadership must lick their wounds and calculate the scale of their defeat.

Meanwhile, the annual "draft" will go ahead amidst farcical scenes.