Author Topic: Nigeria: Falcons Fetch NFA N25.6m  (Read 1443 times)

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Nigeria: Falcons Fetch NFA N25.6m
« on: March 14, 2007, 08:54:34 AM »
With their qualification for this year's FIFA Women's World Cup in China, Nigeria's Super Falcons are guaranteed at least USD200,000 (about N25.6 million) with a potential USD1million (about N128 million) up for the grabs.

Mary Harvey, Director of FIFA's Development Division, disclosed that for the first time in the history of the Women's World Cup, the world football governing body will be paying out bonuses to teams.

"It a fantastic initiative by FIFA," Harvey told KICKOFF. "This goes to show how big and fast the women's game is growing and I have little doubt that this is just the first step. We hope that this will help the team's prepare better so we can have even better competition.

"The USD200,000 is guaranteed for all the 16 teams that qualify for the event. Quarter-finalists are guaranteed a bonus of USD350 000," Harvey said.

That US350,000 comes to about N44.8 million. But there is more. If the Falcons reach the semi-final, they will get a bonus of USD550 000 (about N70.4 million) and if they finish third it rises by another USD100,000.

Reaching the Final would net the Super Falcons USD800 000 (about N102.4million) and the big prize for winning the Women's World Cup itself is USD1million (about N128 million).

"With this kind of money, there is no reason why we cannot start early preparations," US-based star striker Mercy Akide-Udoh told KICK OFF.

The FIFA Ambassador for Women's Football insisted that this is the Falcons best chance ever to go for glory.

"We have a good blend of experienced players mixed with some talented young ones and this is our best chance.

"They need to open camp early, take the players on training tours so that they can play against the kind of teams they will meet at the World Cup. This will help the young players get confidence and also help the players understand each other better."

And she maintained that money cannot be an excuse. "