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Norfolk Child Board of England Regional League


I know Ive only been here 5 minutes (Actually to be precise 4 minutes) but Id like to make a suggestion.

Would it be possible to have a child board (Is that what it is) coming off "England Regional Leagues".

I have been in touch with "Womens Football Magazine" and I hope to be writing a regular piece for their magazine about the Norfolk Womens and Girls Football League. It will be a monthly round up, with a view of making it weekly if/when it picks up.

But Id like to do it on this forum too, if you will allow it.

I anticipate that it will be a slow start initially but as I write pieces, and hopefully gain the support from clubs it will become bigger and better.

I feel a seperate child forum might be better as then it wont get lost in amongst the other posts in that forum. It may also possibly encourage someone else to do the same.

I welcome discussion with a moderator/admin on this beforehand.

I have added a board for you...Is that what you had in mind ?

This is perfect. I have just written a match report before I read your reply.

Would you be a darling and move the following post into the new child forum please. :),6694.msg56622.html#msg56622

Moved  :)


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