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"The right moment for Ole Gunnar"
« on: November 09, 2010, 08:03:04 PM »
Manager Alex Ferguson has supported Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in his decision to move back to Norway.  Solskjaer has been manager for Manchester United reserves since giving up as a player in 2007, and he has now had support from the chief in taking the next step in his career as a trainer.

"Ole has had a good introduction to his training career.  I think his fantastic football career gave him a good basis for training, and that this is the right time for him to take his first job as a manager", said Ferguson in a press statement.  "Ole will do well at Molde and we wish him all the best for the future".

Ferguson and Solskjaer have worked closely and Ferguson is not parting with his 'student' with a light heart.  "It isn't easy, but he has been a fantastic trainer and I am certain he will do well.  This is the right decision for his career, and who knows how far it could take him as a trainer?", said Ferguson at a press conference on Tuesday.

Solskjaer said at the press conference that Ferguson's words had had a bearing on his decision to move home after 14 years overseas.  "The decision was not so difficult when the chief said I should go home", said Solskjaer.  Ferguson had also instructed him on the importance of doing what is best for his family, that he should go to a club with good owners and that he must be in a club where he has 100% support from the people
round him.

Solskjaer will receive £500,000 per year as the Molde trainer, which makes him the best-paid trainer in Norway's elite league.  Half is salary and the rest will allow Aker ASA use his name and picture in marketing.  "I will have a pay of £270,000 but if we win the league I will have an extra £110,000.  So I must work hard for the extra bonus", he said.  "But I am not coming home for the money, I am coming for the challenge".  He has signed a 3½ year contract.  His fortune is estimated at £11 million, mostly built up during his 11-year career as a player at Manchester United.   

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