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Man travels around world for free using Twitter
« on: August 03, 2010, 12:22:22 PM »

A British man called Paul Smith has travelled around the world almost totally free using only Twitter to get journeys from fellow users.  Mr Smith, 34, a freelance writer, came up with the idea while suffering post-holiday blues after spending his honeymoon in New York.

He decided he wanted to try to get to Campbell Island, 200 miles off New Zealand's coast, within 30 days.
Rather than argue about it, his new wife Jane, 40, backed him and told him to put the dates on the calendar, he told The Sun.

He posted his aims on Twitter 28 days before he wanted to leave but, at first, there was little interest.

That changed when Stephen Fry found out about him and mentioned Mr Smith to his many followers.

This is how he did it:

- Ferry ticket from Newcastle to Amsterdam (tweeter called Leanne)

- Train to Paris (two French tweeters)

- Free bed at a hostel

- Train to Saarbrucken

- Lift in car to Frankfurt (German tweeter Andrea Juchem)

- One-way flight from Frankfurt to New York (tweeter called Owen, using Air Miles)

- Spare bed in hotel room (tweeter from Yorkshire called Mark)

- Then travel to and stays in Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco by plane, train and car (US tweeters)

- Flight to San Francisco (Zurich-based tweeter)

- Car to Los Angeles

- Free flight from LA to Auckland (Air New Zealand)

- Ferry to South Island

- Lift to tip of South Island (tweeter called Smiley)

- Sailed to Stewart Island.

At this point, Mr Smith had hoped to find a sailor to take him to his intended destination but here, at the final hurdle, he failed.

However, he realised he had achieved more than he could have hoped for - and proven how kind and spontaneous people could be to total strangers.

He also managed to be interviewed for the Good Morning America television breakfast show and partied with actresses Liv Tyler, Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba in Hollywood.

After returning to his wife and nine-year-old twin sons Sam and Jack - courtesy of another free flight from Air New Zealand - he said: "I was almost there, but not quite.

“But my main aim was to get as far around the world as I could in 30 days. When I gazed across the sea towards Campbell Island I didn’t feel like a beaten man.

"People were bending over backwards to help me and the trip proved to me there is a lot of good in the world."

He has written a book called Twitchhiker, which is out now.

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