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Faye adapts to Finland
« on: August 21, 2009, 01:24:53 PM »
By Faye White - Friday, 21 August, 2009

In the first of her blogs, Faye White talks about settling quickly into a routine.

Hello from Finland!

We have now been in our new surroundings in the centre of Helsinki for two days and it’s surprising just how quickly we have settled into our hotel and new base camp for the next five days or so.

With a group of almost 50 people in our party, we take up the whole seventh floor, a meeting room, two physio/massage rooms, a games room and a dining room that comes with our own personal team chef.

Within an hour of arriving the games room, home to a table tennis table, Nintendo Wii and several computers with internet access, quickly became the main hangout for all players.

A leader board for the best ping pong player quickly became established, for which Casey and Brownie seem to be up the top of and hogging quite a lot!!! It’s even a place for Alex and Woody to practice and serenade everyone with their musical talents on their guitars.

We know that our three group games will be played in three different city’s and so traveling and quickly settling into new surrounding is vital in our preparations and some thing that the whole squad really seems to cope with well.

Last week back in England, we had a weeks training camp but its now we have arrived here in Helsinki, that the anticipation and excitement of what we are about to enter into is really starting to build and becomes real.

The Danish national team have also arrived early and share our hotel. Our coach, entrance to the hotel and training field are all branded in the officially UEFA Championship logos, all a permanent reminder that we are now in it and here to compete against the best teams in Europe and its what the last two years preparation has all been geared to.

Training on Tuesday started at a fast and furious pace, a clear indicator that everyone is up and raring for the challenges ahead. This was reinforced in a team meeting that evening that focused on discussing and sharing our individual and team expectations and how to handle them together.

For me personally training has been going well and I’m feeling stronger after the frustrations that I have had with various niggling knees injuries, over the previous few months. I now have a good routine that includes regular massage from the medics and ice baths after every training session that helps me to recover quickly.

But in general the atmosphere around the team seems relaxed and confident. Everything so far seems very similar to that in the lead up to the World Cup, in China, two years ago. And it’s those familiarity and experiences that so many of us in this squad now have, and will help us make sure we are ready come our first game, against Italy on 25th.

Bye for now.