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Mothers' Day and the USWNT
« on: May 11, 2009, 03:50:26 AM »
May 10, 2009 is Mothers' Day here in the States. (It took me 3 hours calling around to finally get my mom on the phone today! Her house, her cell, my step-dad's cell, his work number...she was "busy" shopping. Yuck) Anyways, here is a cute article from about the USWNT and their mommas. :)

 In commemoration of Mother’s Day, asked a few of our Women’s National Team players to share some memories from their youth involving their moms and soccer. Today, we honor those who were Soccer Moms before it was cool to be one.

U.S. midfielder Megan Rapinoe

A purple vest, Mom?
“Whenever I played bad, she always used to ask me if I was sick. ‘No, Mom, I just played bad.’ She would always ask crazy questions because she wanted to understand what was going on, but didn’t quite get it. She’s better now. My dad was my coach when we were younger and one time he kicked a ball into her head. She was ok; she’s tough. When I was in college at Portland, she showed up at one game wearing purple corduroy pants, a purple long sleeve shirt and a purple vest. She thought nothing of it. I was like, ‘Mother, what are you wearing!’ She’s a super fan.”

Thanks, Mom!
“My parents sacrificed a lot. They used all their free time to take us (Megan has a twin sister Rachel who also played at UP) everywhere. I am sure they didn’t want to drive two and half hours every weekend, but they did. Thank you mom, I love you!”

U.S. midfielder Lindsay Tarpley

A card a day keeps homesickness away!
“When I was younger, around 13 years old, I started traveling with the youth regional teams. While I was at national team camp, my mom would give me a card for every day I was gone. That was really cute. It was my first time traveling and it was a whole new thing, so it helped me get used to the experience. She would also drive me from Kalamazoo to Detroit, two hours each way. She never just sat and watched training. If she stayed, she would always have a book. Sometimes she would go shopping. She always kept herself busy.”

Thanks, Mom!
“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the never-ending support of my mom and my whole family. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

U.S. defender Rachel Buehler

Cheerleader Mom!
“One funny memory is that we were playing in our back yard, she said, ‘I’ll play goalie for you guys.’ It was all the neighborhood boys and me. The goal mouth was these brick stairs that led up to the driveway. I rocket the ball at her, she caught it and fell back onto the stairs and broke her tailbone! Poor Mom! Occasionally, for Surf Cup or the State Cup finals, both teams would do the international walk-out and lineup. Every time we walked out, she would do cheerleader kicks and bounce up and down and cheer for us, and make our team crack up! After a while, all the players wanted her to do it. It became sort of our good luck charm.”

Thanks, Mom!
“She’s my role model. She’s helped me became the person I am today. She’s taught me so much. She was there for every soccer game, drove me everywhere, never pushed me in a bad way. She was my girl scout leader, our classroom mom, and always planning our school parties. She was there for everything and always loving me. I appreciate everything she’s done. She is ultimate soccer mom.”

U.S. defender Lori Chalupny
Race Car Mom!
“I remember one time I left my cleats at home and I was playing an hour away. I got to the game and opened up my bag to get my cleats out for warm-ups and I didn’t have my cleats! My mom got in the car and raced back home. I don’t know how fast she was driving, but somehow she got home and back to the field in 45 minutes. I only missed five minutes of the game.”

Thanks, Mom!
“Both my parents played a huge part helping me get where I am today, but what I really appreciated about my mom was that she always had such unconditional support. I don’t think I’ve ever played a bad game in her mind. She’d bring out her lawn chair and she enjoyed watching me play whether we won or lost, she was just happy to be out there watching me.”

U.S. midfielder Heather O’Reilly

What’s that flag for!
“My mom has always been a huge fan of whatever team I was playing for, whether it was PDA, UNC or the national team. She also has been known to go a bit overboard, like wearing stick-on tattoos on her face! What’s amazing is that after watching all these games, she just figured out the offsides rule about two years ago. Of course, what’s more a sign of love for your daughter than thinking she is never offsides?”

Thanks, Mom!
“My mom and dad have always enjoyed going to my games and hanging out with the other parents. I swear my mom is better friends with some of the parents than I am with their daughters, and I am talking about some of my best friends. But I always love when my parents can get to one of my games and I am sure they are loving me playing for the Sky Blue in New Jersey. So Happy Mother’s Day mom!”

U.S. forward Amy Rodriguez

Run, Amy, Run!
“Back in the old days at my club games, whenever I would look over to the sidelines my mom would always do this thing with her hands where she was rolling them around in circles trying to get me to run faster. I remember having her as a cheerleader over there and I would look over and be like, ‘I’m trying to focus on the game. Mom!’ But maybe I did run faster?”

Thanks, Mom!
“My mom has always played the supportive role for me. Even though sometimes she can get on my nerves, I love her to death! She’s the reason I am where I am today.”

U.S. midfielder Angela Hucles

Note: Angela’s mother is a psychology professor at Old Dominion

Mom says: See the ball, be the ball!
“When I was younger, my parents were never ones to just console me and tell me I had a good game even if I didn’t. We would go on our trips in ‘Large Marge,’ our conversation van, and after the games we would all pile into the van and after a few minutes, my mom would ask me to analyze the game and tell her how I felt I did. She would basically force me to do some self-analysis. It was very psychological. Before the game she wanted me to mentally visualize my performance, and this was before sports psych and visualization were all the rage. So one time I finally blew up at her because I was sick of analyzing myself! Now, years later, we have our sports psych people asking us to do the same things, and she’s like, ‘See! I had you prepared and doing the same things!’”

Thanks, Mom!
“She’s supported me throughout my whole career. She has allowed me the freedom to evaluate and learn things myself, but has also given me that extra push when I needed it. She had the perfect balance.”