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Seattle Synergy
« on: April 22, 2009, 11:04:27 PM »
New Seattle league team takes women's soccer to new level

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
by Katherine Sather - KING 5 News

The buzz around Seattle soccer just keeps growing.

Not only is Seattle now home to its own Major League Soccer team, but now the women's soccer scene is getting a boost.

The Women's Premier Soccer League, an independent amateur league and springboard for professional play, is recruiting for its first Seattle team. The team will be called the Seattle Synergy FC.

"It's one heck of an opportunity," said Issaquah resident Jay Jones, who has been brought on as the team's head coach and general manager. "We're really pushing for players who want the chance to play at the professional level. This is where you start."

Synergy has been in the works for several years. Jones said an Argentinean sports equipment company will sponsor the Seattle team as they compete in the Pacific division, which includes a Portland, Ore. team and five teams from California.

The Synergy has a 16-game schedule and the season starts in May. They'll have the opportunity to advance to national playoffs, where the best in the league face off.

The Women's Premier Soccer League boasts 54 teams in the United States and Puerto Rico. The organization was formed in 1998 and is a major supporter of the Women's Professional Soccer league (WPS), which is the highest level of play in North America.

"Nine of the first 11 picks from the inaugural 2009 WPS draft had WPSL connections," Jones said.

Linda Rimmer, president of the Washington State Women's Soccer Organization, believes the Seattle area could be only a couple years away from having a WPS team of its own.

"It could be in Portland or Vancouver, B.C. or maybe even here," she said "Soccer is huge here."

Her organization boasts roughly 100 teams that compete in the greater Seattle Metro area, including the Sounders Women, who play at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila.

"We have teams at all levels of play for women that are 17 to 70+," Rimmer said.

The Synergy is still heavily recruiting.

"It's been kind of a grassroots type of system," Jones said. "For the last few months I've been beating the pavement trying to get the word out there."

An initial tryout was held this month, and additional tryouts are planned for March 21 and March 28. Tryouts are open to international players, former professionals, high school athletes, college athletes and amateur youth players. Just about the only requirement is that team members must be at least 16 years old. They'll fill a roster of 25 to 30 team members.

"It's going to be an exciting season," Jones said. "We're a new club, starting up competing against well established, excellent teams."

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Re: Seattle Synergy
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2009, 11:13:25 PM »
Seattle Synergy join local soccer scene and WPSL in 2009

In a big year of firsts and new clubs in the Puget Sound area you can now add the Seattle Synergy to your soccer radar. This fledgling club will play in the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) in 2009 and give local female players a stepping stone to the W-League and Women's Professional Soccer (WPS.)

I spoke with Synergy head coach Jay Jones about the (latest) new team in town.

How did Seattle Synergy come into being? Who is involved in the start up?

This is an exciting story! It all was started by a private company with international ties in order to promote quality women’s soccer on a US and international basis. The owner has Olympic history as a world class athlete and is really thrilled to provide a forum for our local women athletes. I am so ecstatic to have the honor to be apart of this organization and Coach at this level with world class talent!

What are the main goals for the club in year one? How about beyond that?

Our main goals for this team this year are to gather an exceptional group of women athletes who want to further their soccer development and careers. There are a lot of quality athletes that did not make the WPS combine and are now looking for some where to go. At the latest WPS draft 9 of the firstt 11 drafted players had WPSL ties. This just proves the amazing talent out there in this league and the need for a team here in Seattle. The Puget Sound area has great depth in its elite clubs, high schools, colleges and former pro players. Our area has the right players pool for this level of play. I have been contacted from collegiate players as far as California, that are originally from Washington, that want to be a part of this exciting team.

Where will your first tryouts be and what will you be looking for in your players?

Our 1st tryout was announced yesterday. It will be February 16th from 3-5pm, with registration beginning at 2pm, at Starfire Sports Complex. The Seattle Synergy Staff will be looking for highly talented high school, collegiate, and former collegiate players. Attitude, drive, and skill will get you a chance to get on the team.

Where will the club play its home matches in 2009? Will you have a front office and sell tickets?

Most matches will be at Starfire Stadium. The WPSL requires all games be played in a stadium setting with ticket sales on site. I am extremely thrilled that Starfire is willing to work with the Seattle Synergy by allowing us time at this world class facility. They welcomed us and I am really excited about that. The 2008 WPSL National Championships were held at Starfire last summer and got rave reviews by the entire league, Commissioners and players! Tickets will be on sale at the venue. We will be offering youth club sponsored nights to help promote the youth in our community. Stay tuned for more info…

Talk a little bit about the WPSL. Why did the Synergy want to get involved? How high is the level of play as compared to the W-League (USL)?

This league directly promotes players to the next level of play. The definition of your team in this league is dependent on who is on your roster. It is not uncommon for players with “pro” status to be moved up and down from W-League and WPSL league teams. It’s also for players that don’t make the “cut” at a WPS combine, and want to still develop and compete at a really high level. This team will provide that medium in our local Seattle area. I attended the WPSL Meetings a few weeks ago and I am extremely impressed with the league business plan. This league has a great structure and is very sound. The league staff, Commissioners and team owners are very serious about promoting women’s soccer in this county and want well-run organizations. I admire that motivation. This league is 54 teams strong nationwide. Top names like Tony Diccio have coached in this league (Connecticut) and now he's with the WPS team the Boston Breakers. This league is serious women’s soccer! This can create a great WPS feeder system.

Will you have any connection to the W-League Sounders team that the Tacoma Tide just bought?

I hope to schedule expo games with the Women Sounders! I have admired that organization and team for years. The Seattle Sounders are a “Seattle staple” in the soccer community. They have a top notch coaching staff and organization.

Will you be working in any way with the new WPS? Do you think Seattle could support a WPS club some day?

This would be truly exciting indeed to provide a feeder system to a WPS team. My job is to promote any Seattle Synergy players to the next level and that would be a WPS team. I think again with the dense population of the Pacific Northwest I would love to see our organization become a local forum for players in order for them to get to the next level of play.

How will you get most of your players? Local colleges and clubs?

This team is really designed for elite high school, collegiate, former collegiate players and those wanting to play professionally some day. The season for the WPSL is formed around the college season to enhance the college players' training in the off season. All players must be at least 16 years of age and hold “amateur” status.

How did the club decide on the logo and team colors?

The Seattle Synergy logo and colors are an important choice to reflect our local Pudget Sound area. It also encompasses the local feeling of “synergy” in Seattle Community. There are over 130,000 youth and 100,000 adult soccer players in WA. I can’t think of a better name!

What do you think the Synergy can/will add to the Seattle soccer community?

I really think there is a movement with women’s sports in the US right now. My favorite women’s soccer team was the “99ers.” This team really paved the way for all women’s coaching, and sports in the US! It showed the world our women athletes were on a mission to compete on an international level. I think this playing forum in Seattle will provide a stepping stone for the youth on their way to the pro level.

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Re: Seattle Synergy
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2009, 01:33:22 AM »
The Synergy went through a baptism of fire when they met up in a pre-season friendly with local rivals and fellow new WPSL starters from Portland last weekend. The new Portland Rain side ran out convincing winners by four goals to nil on Sunday.