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WPS: Seven? Eight? Nine?
« on: July 09, 2008, 07:26:05 AM »
So you read in today's story that Women's Professional Soccer may add an eighth and ninth team for its 2009 launch. Which cities are in the running? Let's ask WPS commissioner Tonya Antonucci:

- San Diego: "We’re really actively involved in conversations with a group in San Diego. They’ve signed a letter of intent. We have a group of owners. They’re looking to bring one or two more investors based in San Diego. Some of the guys involved in this group are based in LA and Orange County, and they want to make sure they have a strong local investor presence. They’re working on a stadium deal with USD."

- Bay Area: "We’re also actively talking to a number of different potential investors in the Bay Area. We’re either trying to bring them together in a syndicate, but we’re looking for one lead investor – an individual or a smaller group. We’re in discussions with Santa Clara (where the Earthquakes are playing). The Earthquakes are supportive of our efforts to play there. Conversations are going quite positively, both with the Earthquakes and the university. An investor group could have a viable home and viable option to play in 2009."

Philadelphia is already on board for 2010.

The seven confirmed teams are
- Chicago Red Stars
- Jersey Sky Blue
- Boston Breakers
- Washington Freedom
- St. Louis
- Dallas
- Los Angeles

I covered a few other topics in talking Tuesday with Antonucci:

- Before the Olympics, WPS will roll out a social networking platform. Fans can tell players why their city is so terrific. In other words, now is your chance to lobby Abby Wambach. But bear in mind it's not completely her decision.

- Chicago will have viewing parties for the Olympics.

- Don't be thrown by the word "allocation." WPS' structure isn't quite the same as the one you see in MLS. The core of the player contract will be hammered out at league level, but the contract itself -- and the salary paid -- is at team level.

- WPS is working with MLS and its affiliate Soccer United Marketing on "almost a day-to-day basis" in terms of finding marketing partners. Perhaps we'll see a combined MLS-WPS sponsor, but it might not work that way.