Author Topic: Loisel ignores e-mail sacking  (Read 716 times)

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Loisel ignores e-mail sacking
« on: March 26, 2008, 07:24:59 AM »
China's women's soccer coach Elisabeth Loisel is scheduled to arrive in Beijing today to learn about her future despite reports that a recent e-mail from the China Football Association (CFA) to Loisel released her from her contract and asked her not to return to China.

"It is impossible for us to continue the commitment of your contract, and we are sorry to inform you that you do not have to come to China and coach the team again," the e-mail said.

The electronic message also expressed hopes that the contract dispute could be settled in a "peaceful" and "friendly" way.

Reports said the e-mail was sent to Loisel with the authorization of CFA vice-president Xie Yalong.

But the unrelenting Loisel, who failed to improve the team since taking the job last October, expressed doubts about the e-mail's authenticity, insisting she and her coaching staff should come to China to assess the situation themselves.

"There is no signature and no stamp (on the e-mail). I have no idea about the e-mail's credibility," said the embattled coach, who has been in deep water with Chinese officials for several weeks. "As I did not receive the official decision about my future, I will fly to Beijing according to my original schedule.

"I want to make the right decision (after discussion with CFA). I also hope they would respect my job and the contract."

But a string of moves made by the CFA shows there is little possibility it will reconsider its decision to sack the Frenchwoman - the association even released the new training list for the team on Monday without consulting the coach.

Loisel did try to stay in touch with the CFA while she was in France following China's terrible showing at the Algarve Cup earlier this month and submitted her own training list.

But the CFA ignored Loisel's list, omitting veteran winger Zhang Ouying, a player strongly backed by Loisel, and called up some new faces.

It is a strong sign the coach's tenure has indeed come to an end. Despite Loisel's arrival in Beijing today, it is unlikely she will attend the training session that begins tomorrow and ends May 8.

Veteran coach Chen Jingang has emerged as the favorite to replace Loisel. The CFA has been actively searching for a replacement since the Algarve Cup.

Loisel was the seventh head coach and the second foreign coach for China in four years.

Her public row with team official Zhang Jianqiang, her sour relationship with some of her players and a number of sub-par performances all contributed to her dismissal.

Tensions escalated after the Algarve Cup when Loisel urged CFA officials to replace Zhang, threatening to quit if Zhang remained.