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Rockin' in Rosedale
« on: March 18, 2008, 07:15:04 AM »
The Rosedale Rockers love their soccer, and they would love it even more if they could play against opponents their own age.

The Rockers soccer team consists of women from their mid-30s to mid-40s. When they formed last year, most had never played organized soccer before. They found themselves playing against much younger and more experienced teams in Chilliwack's regular seven-a-side women's spring league.

"We enjoyed the games and had a lot of fun and got better as the season went on," comments team manager Cheryl Hagen. "While the regular league will continue this year, we'd really like it if we could inspire a few more over-30 teams to form so that we can have a separate spring league for older women."

The Rockers didn't win a game all season, but they did score a few goals and won the team spirit award at the end of the season in recognition of their sense of fun, sportsmanship and irreverence.

The Rockers are all soccer moms used to watching from the sidelines, but the tables turned as their kids came out to cheer them on. And the advantage of playing in a women's soccer league: escaping family responsibilities two nights a week.

In addition to the fitness, fun and healthy outlet for aggression the Rockers say they valued the chance to put themselves first for a change--making friends and being role models for their kids. Emma Blaschek, a devout Rocker, says the experience enlivened her spirit and helped fill a void in her life.

"Being on our soccer team has been rejuvenating for my soul," she said.

"I have treasured every minute of being a stay-at-home mom for nearly 12 years, but there have been times that I felt I lost a little of my own self. Now the kids are older and since I joined the Rockers I feel that I now have something that is all about me. There is something special about being on a team with such great women."

"I hadn't played in 21 years and didn't think I'd ever play again," said Anne Russell. "It was amazing and very satisfying to return to soccer over the age of 40 and find that I still had some of my old moves and could blast the ball up the field and have fun doing so."

The Rockers are currently recruiting players aged 30 and over for a proposed spring seven-a-side league. Each team may have one player under 30.

Games will be played Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting early May. Organizers are hosting an open house/scrimmage session 1 p.m. March 30 at Vedder middle school. Drop by and ask questions or come in cleats and shin pads and kick a ball around.