Author Topic: Soccer: German superstar hails Future Stars  (Read 693 times)

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Soccer: German superstar hails Future Stars
« on: February 02, 2008, 09:45:00 AM »
German football superstar Steffi Jones will be among the spectators at the Future Stars tournament which ends at North Harbour Stadium today.

Youth teams from Germany, the United States and Australia are here as part of their build-up for the Fifa Under-17 World Cup in New Zealand from October 28-November 16.

Dubbed the "Queen of German Football" Jones, who is the head of the local organising committee for the 2011 Fifa Women's World Cup in Germany, has been a star-turn on the sidelines of the tournament.

The highly decorated former German international has been involved in many high-level meetings and promotional activities during her week-long visit.

"It is difficult since I was an active player and now I have to talk politics and that sort of thing. It is a change but it's a great challenge and I'm happy that I can get this experience also. I now see the other side," the World Cup winner and three-time European champion said.

"As a young girl I always wondered if it was possible to make it on the national team and I did it - it was just like a dream and I did it. But hosting a World Cup and being the head of it that is something in another realm so I'm very honoured."
Jones is also keen to boost the profile of women's football around the world. It does not seem to matter which area of the world she visits, the concerns appear to be the same with the women's game struggling to attract anything near the advertising and sponsorship dollars that the men's game commands.

"I'm trying to be a good role model and try to help any nation that is maybe still a little behind and have stubborn people on top that are not willing to support women's soccer."

As far as support in this area of the world is concerned, Jones hopes the World Cup at the end of the year gives the women's game a much-needed boost.

"I just wish that this World Cup is a start for the New Zealand team and that many, many fans come and they get what the players have been working hard for."

The Future Stars tournament wraps up with United States taking on Germany this afternoon.

New Zealand face off against Australia at 6pm.