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Re: W.P.S. - Women's Professional Soccer
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Thanks for that, I'd be likely to get to boston thursday and leave sunday the day after the game

I'm hoping to see kelly smith or alex scott before then at an arsenal game

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Re: W.P.S. - Women's Professional Soccer
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SAN FRANCISCO (September 22, 2009) – Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) announced the results of its WPS International Draft for expansion teams on Tuesday, officially assigning the WPS-playing rights of those selected by the Atlanta Beat and Philadelphia Independence. Each expansion team was allowed to draft the rights to five international players, providing them with the opportunity to begin a formal negotiation process with each selected player upon receiving permission from that player’s current club. For the 2010 season, teams will ultimately be allowed to sign up to five international players per roster while holding the WPS-playing rights to a sixth international player.

Of the 10 picks in the draft, eight European players were selected including three from Sweden, two from England and one apiece from Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.  The results of the 2010 WPS International Draft:

Selection  Player Position    Country
 1.) Philadelphia    Caroline Seger  M  Sweden
 2.) Atlanta  Ramona Bachmann  F  Switzerland
 3.) Philadelphia  Charlotte Rohlin  D  Sweden
 4.) Atlanta  Johanna Rasmussen  F  Denmark
 5.) Philadelphia  Hólmfrídur Magnúsdóttir  M  Iceland
 6.) Atlanta  Mami Yamaguchi  M      Japan
 7.) Philadelphia  Fara Williams  M      England
 8.) Atlanta  Maurine Dorneles Goncalves  M  Brazil
 9.) Philadelphia  Lianne Sanderson  F  England
10.) Atlanta  Therese Sjögran  M  Sweden

The draft does not reflect any intent or commitment on the player’s behalf to sign with a WPS team or that any offer has been made to the player. Rather, it signifies the beginning of the process by which each team will move forward according to the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. These regulations govern the relationships between players and clubs around the world.

Long time, no see, everyone!! I think Sanderson and Williams would do really well in Philly. Philadelphia also just got A-Rod, so a pairing of A-Rod and Sanderson at the top would be terrific.