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New MySpace tribute pages
« on: December 07, 2007, 11:14:20 AM »
Noticed a couple of tribute pages on MySpace for Woody and Rachel U.  They're not too bad either with lots of pictures and bio etc.... ... orum.php?2


Team Toad

GK: Bardsley (Lincoln) £10m

DF: Weston (Birmingham) £22m
DF: Schroeder (Liverpool) £2.5m
DF: McCatty (Bristol) £10.5m
DF: Greenwood (Everton) £16.5m

MF: Little (Arsenal) £50.5m
MF: Da Costa (Liverpool) £2.5m
MF: Staniforth (Bristol) £15m
MF: Nobbs (Arsenal) £28m

ST: Fors (Liverpool) £7.5m
ST: Natalia (Bristol) £10m

Total Value £175m

Team Captain: Kim Little


Have a look and see what you think.....

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