Author Topic: The fastest century of international caps  (Read 1098 times)

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The fastest century of international caps
« on: December 05, 2007, 07:18:19 AM »
"As Cristiano Ronaldo approaches an astonishing 54 caps at the age of 22," writes Nick Byrne, "who is the youngest player to reach his hundred?"
Cristiano Ronaldo could still become the youngest player to reach 100 caps, Nick, but only if he can notch up another 46 appearances in the next year. The honour, in actual fact, goes to US women's striker Cindy Parlow who, at 23 years, one month and 26 days, brought up her ton while captaining the American side in a friendly against Canada. So impressive was the team's performance under her leadership that day, coach April Heinrichs claimed: "My emotions and arousal level were as high today as they were for any game in the Olympics." Maintaining the run, Parlow is also the youngest person to have won both an Olympic gold medal and a women's World Cup.

In the men's game, however, Parlow's 25-year-old US counterpart Landon Donovan is edging towards his 100th cap with 96 appearances. But even he is already older than ex-Wolves man Sami Al-Jaber was when he reached his century. "Al Jaber was 25 years, four months and 16 days old when he picked up his 100th Saudi Arabian cap against Norway on May 27 1998," writes John Morrow, adding that the nearest challenger is another Saudi: keeper Mohamed Al-Deayea. Not only does Al-Deayea now hold the all-time record for most international appearances (181), he also earned his 100th cap just a week after Al Jaber - against Mexico on June 3 1998 - at the age of 25 years, 10 months and 1 day.,,2221768,00.html