Author Topic: Elisabeth Loisel named as head coach  (Read 709 times)

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Elisabeth Loisel named as head coach
« on: October 29, 2007, 07:07:52 AM »
And just five days after Marika Domanski Lyfor's called it quits, China's National women's football team have found their new coach. She's the former head coach of France's football team: Elisabeth Loisel. The Chinese Football Association are putting their faith in Loisel to make sure the girls are ready in time for the Beijing Olympics. 44-year-old Loisel appeared to be full of confidence at a CFA press conference. The former head coach of France's football team arrived in Beijing on Saturday before completing her negotiation with the CFA. Loisel looked like she was in good spirits when she mapped out her ambitions with her new side. Loisel says she can lift China to the world's top six. She is the seventh head coach of the Chinese side in just over four years. She also talked about next year's Olympic Games.

Elisabeth Loisel, China head coach, said, "My primary goal is to make the young team progress. Most of them have a lot to improve. Next, when all the players have matured, we'll try our best to contend for an Olympic medal. My objective is focused on the Olympic Games. I need to build a strong team who are able to compete among world's top teams. It's not an easy task. I need time to develop greatest potentials in all the Chinese players."

Loisel will set up the first training camp on Wednesday when 35 players are expected to attend.