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No League sponsor for WFA
« on: January 18, 2007, 01:40:32 PM »
SOCCER - THE Women’s Football Association (WFA) is without a league sponsor despite having signed a two-year contract with NASHUA Swaziland.

The association signed a contract of E75 000 with effect from the 2004/5 season. It was agreed that the first part of the sponsorship was to remain at E50 000, with half of that catering for soccer kits. This season, teams were to compete for E25 000 and games were set to kick off on September.

WFA Secretary General Aaron Mavimbela yesterday said only three games were played in the first round and thereafter, teams stopped playing saying they could not continue with the games because of the sponsorship problems.

He mentioned that before the league kicked off they approached the sponsors and they were assured that they would definitely sponsor the league as per the agreement.

He stressed that by approaching the sponsor they were reminding them about the new season kick off.

“As we speak, teams are inactive and we do not know what to do, we are just confused. The teams’ point (that of stopping playing) was valid and there was no way we could have forced them to play because the association did not have money to give them after the league,” he said.

He further mentioned that they had on numerous occasions tried to contact the sponsor’s representative and whenever they called they would find his mobile phone on the voicemail mode and he also never returned the calls.

Mavimbela stated that so tough was the situation that they were even considering hosting stokvels to keep the players fit and busy more than anything.

He, however, lamented that the association does not have money and was still to meet and discuss on the next step.

A total of nine teams are affiliated to the WFA, namely, Imbabatane, Mbekelweni, Manzini Wanderers’ Ladies, Green Mamba Ladies. Other are, Muchachas, Kappa Ladies, Nkwene Ladies, Mhlume and Young Buffaloes Ladies.

“We do not have money and teams must know that we are feeling the pinch they are feeling,” said.

Mavimbela concluded by stating that they had approached the National Football Association (FA) and asked them to talk to the sponsor on their behalf.

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Re: No League sponsor for WFA
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2007, 10:02:20 AM »
Sponsor mad at WFA report

SOCCER - WOMEN Football Association (WFA) major sponsor African Access Holdings, a company based in South Africa, is threatening to withdraw their sponsorship for ever.

The company’s major Shareholder, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Thabo Mpama revealed the latest developments yesterday.

In an interview conducted yesterday night, Mpama said he was mainly irked by a report published by one of the local newspapers to the effect that NASHUA had failed to keep the two- year contract they signed in 2005.

“I am expecting anyone who published the report to withdraw it or I withdraw the sponsorship. I was very irritated by the report such that I decided to come to Swaziland to clear the air. Basically we were partners with NASHUA before we engaged in an agreement with WFA and as time goes on we realised that we did not have the same ideas and thus we parted ways. As we speak NASHUA is an independent company and the same with African Access,” he said.

He further stated that he understood that sponsoring the games was a social responsibility not that he was forced to do so.

Mpama also indicated that the reason he came into the country specifically to attend to the matter was that he was the one who influenced NASHUA to provde the sponsorship and since they (NASHUA) bought them out of business, he found it his responsibility to attend to the matter.

He also stated that he was expecting the WFA to educate him on the balance of the sponsorship so that he could clear it but that would be provided they withdrew the report they published yesterday.

“I do not want to feel ashamed to be associated with the country’s football but these people are now forcing me to feel exactly that way. I was approached by Dudu Dube (then president) for the sponsorship and because I had influence I talked to my partners but then look at the situation I am in now. I can easily hold back my money now if they are taking me for granted,” he said.

Mpama also indicated that he was yet to consult with the Prime Minister’s wife, Sibongile, because she also approached him on the sponsorship.

He stated that he would rather sponsor OVC than give out his money to sports. He insisted that if WFA failed to come out with a clear explanation today during their meeting he would decide on the next step.

He said WFA were aware that African Access was no longer one of NASHUA partners.