Author Topic: Women's football launches 'Adopt a girl' program  (Read 897 times)

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Women's football launches 'Adopt a girl' program
« on: September 19, 2007, 07:50:08 PM »
The Women's Football Committee has launched the “Adopt a girl” program that aims to help public school girls get the chance to learn and play the game in time for the Women's Recreational Football League.

WFC director Divya Sharma said it has been one of their goals to provide young girls the opportunity to learn football.

“We have been thrilled by how fast women's football has taken off on our island. However, we are still not satisfied with how few public high school girls are participating in our league.”

Sharma said one of the barriers they see that prevents these girls from joining is the cost of registration for the league and the necessary equipment, such as shin guards, needed to play.

The registration fee is $33 while shin guards costs $12 for a total of $45, which is quite pricey for some public high school girls.

Sharma said one solution they found to break down the financial barrier is to launch the “Adopt a girl” program. “These girls are an asset to our community and by providing them with an opportunity to gain self-confidence through athleticism we are laying the foundation for a very positive future for the CNMI.”

Sharma said they are hoping through individual sponsorships from various community leaders that they would be able to send one or two high school girls to join the women's recreational league.

“They could help by paying for their registration fee of $33 and an additional optional donation of any amount to go towards purchasing of the shin guards.

“If this program is a success, then our entire community can feel proud in the part that we have all played in creating positive opportunities for all of the young girls on this island.”

Sharma said they [Women's Football Committee] thought of the program when the CNMI Women's All-Stars played against Guam on Sept. 1 and 2. “One of the things that amazed us when our women's national team played against Guam's national team was how young and fast the girls on the Guam national team were.”

Sharma said it would be wonderful to see CNMI's local talent be at the same level as Guam's in the near future.

Sharma added that a large part of the success of the “Adopt a girl” program lies in the generosity of the community to support them with their goals. “We hope that [the community] will see the importance of this program as well and will play a very significant part of making it successful.”