Author Topic: LINDFIELD DOUBLE IS HARD EARNED  (Read 2085 times)

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« on: January 17, 2007, 09:02:43 AM »
LINDFIELD LADIES FC achieved the league double over Haywards Heath 1st team with a hard-fought 1-0 away win on Sunday.
The opening half-hour was fairly even, with each team working hard but defences generally on top. The visitors gradually started to look more dangerous and the loss of their keeper Sarah Chappell on 35 minutes with an injury sustained in the warm-up did not disrupt their flow.
Emma Wickham and Amy Pelling both went close for lindfield, who finally broke the deadlock six minutes into the second half with a solo effort by Katherine Chappell.
After that Pelling went close again but Heath, who lost Karen Bridgewater with a bad ankle injury just before half time, showed plenty of spirit despite a lack of match fitness after only one game in eight weeks. Newcomer Charlie Whittaker was the player who replaced Bridgewater.
The match became a fairly tight and tense affair although in the latter stages there were a few chances for both. Heath nominated Katherine Chappell as Lindfield's GoM but mention must also be made of Serena Everett, who proved to be a sound replacement goalkeeper. For Heath, Debbie Johnson was the star performer, while Mel Bramley and Penny gittins ran themselves into the ground.

Heath: Kelly Lambert; Eve Todhunter, Debbie Johnson, Julie Hawthorne, Karen Bridgewater (Charlie Whittaker, 40), George Thomas, Mel Bramley, Penny Gittins, Mica Saunders, Fran Pritlove, Mel Broome.
Lindfield: S Chappell (Amy Pelling, 35), Megan Godber, Kim Strong, Lucy Taylor, Sarah Smart, Michelle Fahey, K Chappell, Emma Perkins, S Everett, E. Wickham (Donna Cox, 60), Jenny Greenfield.