Author Topic: Women's eleven in shock loss  (Read 979 times)

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Women's eleven in shock loss
« on: September 06, 2007, 08:29:12 PM »
FIJI received a devastating blow when its brilliant women's football team was deprived of a position in the final following their loss in the semi-final against Tonga.

Fiji lost to Tonga 1-0 through a penalty shot ten minutes into fulltime.

Tonga was awarded two penalties much against the flow of the game in what the majority of the people at the ground believed was a very poor standard of decision making on the part of the referee who was out to get Fiji. Fiji women's coach Farook Janeman cried foul over the loss and said they were robbed of the win.

"I'm disgusted and very disappointed with the referee who made numerous one-sided decisions," he said.

"We worked so hard and ensured Oceania that we'd bring a strong team to compete and referees are the ones creating the blunders, it's a disgrace for Oceania Football," he said.

He said for any team to be belittled by a referee is really cheap and unjust.

"Oceania Football should start reacting and this type of referee must be immediately sent home," the former Fiji rep said.

"He's not only cheated women's soccer of Fiji but he's also done disgrace to Oceania Football. It's a shameful act, if he wants to favour somebody which is natural, let it be but do it smartly but he just did it blindly for everyone to see."

"He also caused a hit up in the men's match between Tahiti versus Cook Islands."

Janeman who has 21 years of coaching experience called on Oceania Football to review its referees.

"What I saw today (yesterday) is pathetic and unbelievable. Are we just trying to justify by running women's soccer competition because it's a requirement of FIFA," he said.

After the match the Samoan referee Fiti Aimaasu is believed to have spat towards Janeman who was raising a point.

"It was really shameful to see the referee spitting when Farook who was standing from the coaching arena queried him about his decision," Fiji soccer manager Mohammed Hussain said.

Devastated after the loss, the team accepted the defeat and now focuses on their bronze playoff. The team has an immaculate record, remaining undefeated in their pool.