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Jody Handley
« on: September 06, 2007, 10:54:57 AM »
China World Cup diaries

No trivial pursuit
By Jody Handley. Wednesday, 05 September 2007.

After reading the diary of Sue Smith and Siobhan Chamberlain, Jody Handley has stepped up to bring you another unique view of life in China with England.

As with all good stories, I guess I should start at the beginning. In the context of the World Cup, the beginning for me was the day that the players found out whether they had made the final squad of 21 players or not.

I'd put it to the back of my mind for a while, but when the day came, I just wanted Hope to phone me early and let me know the news. Whilst I was waiting, Woody [Emily Westwood] texted to say that she hadn't made it, and then panic set in.

When I got the call to say I was in, I don't think I can describe how I felt. Then I heard that Johnno [Lindsay Johnson], my room-mate for the last three years had been omitted too, and suddenly the emotional rollercoaster was set off again.

Fortunately for Johnno, Steph Houghton's leg break two days before we set off for Macau saw her called back up. She wanted to get involved with the diary, but she had to go to the gym instead; bad call!

Whilst we were in Macau I didn't play against China, but did get game time in the two other practice matches, and all the while we've been analysing the games, watching our player clips, and striving to improve our own games, as well as the team performances.

This weekend I have my parents, sister and a friend arriving in Shanghai and that will be a massive boost. Around the city and at the training ground there are more billboards promoting the World Cup, so it's going to exciting for them to be here too.

I was in the squad for Euro 2005 but didn't feature in the three games, so my aim over the next few days is to do everything possible to either get into the starting eleven, or prove to the Coaches that I can do a job from the bench.

My dream as a kid was to feature in a World Cup, and if I do get on, I want to make an impact, as we're at the biggest tournament there is.

Whilst Japan and Argentina are becoming more familiar as we study DVD's, the Germans are always go to be a tough opponent. In my first two games against them we lost at Crystal Palace and then away in a very heavy 4-0 defeat.

I think we can take great heart from how we played in January, and we shouldn't fear anyone at this tournament; if you go into a game with that mentality, you're half beaten already.

Away from the football and training, last night there was a draw for the player and staff doubles table tennis competition.

In the first round I will partner Phil Worrall, the Performance Analyst and we'll take on Casey and Brent Hills.

I'm also a bit of a Trivial Pursuit fan, and myself, Johnno and Brownie all play a lot at night. Jill [Scott] keeps walking into the room saying it's boring - mainly because she can't get any of the answers - so we've started calling her 'Kevin the Teenager', after the character in the Harry Enfield sketches.

If I get any other time at all, i've become Johnno's unofficial IT technician. She brought a computer before we left and can't use it at all. She also bought a load of DVD's but didn't buy a disc drive. Still, at least she can look at the pictures on the front cover!

That's it for now, and another player will no doubt rise to the challenge ahead of our first game against Japan on Tuesday. Make sure you turn onto BBC Two and cheer us on, even if it's via their website and you're at work.

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Re: Jody Handley
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2009, 11:19:54 AM »
Not been bumped by the Everton fans for quite a while although there have been some mentions on the England and Everton threads.

Jody suffered a double fracture at an Umbro tournament game in summer 2008 and didn't return to action for the Toffees until the cup tie against Manchester City at the end of January. Came back on to the England scene when she was called up for Hope's squad for the recent game against Norway and for the training camp prior to the Cyprus tournament.

Always good to see any player coming back from a bad injury. Must be good for her to be part of the scene at Everton right now.

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Re: Jody Handley
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2009, 04:47:27 PM »
God we missed her 1st half of season  :'(
Now we miss her shouting  from the stands   ;D
Finland was amazing!  Wish we were still there!